European quarterly kukai  results of the european quarterly kukai #5   spring 2014 edition (colors)
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European quarterly kukai results of the european quarterly kukai #5 spring 2014 edition (colors)



European quarterly kukai results of the european quarterly kukai #5 spring 2014 edition (colors)

European quarterly kukai results of the european quarterly kukai #5 spring 2014 edition (colors)



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    European quarterly kukai  results of the european quarterly kukai #5   spring 2014 edition (colors) European quarterly kukai results of the european quarterly kukai #5 spring 2014 edition (colors) Document Transcript

    • EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI The objective of this competition is to develop closer ties across the European community of haiku creators (although haiku authors from other parts of the world are welcome to submit entries as well). We are planning 4 separate competitions yearly, one for each season of the year. The competition is led in cooperation with the Publishing House KONTEKST from Poznań. Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Dear Haiku Friends, A year has passed since the first edition of the EQK. Thank you for your participation and we are glad that the competition has more and more participants. Fifth edition attracted a record number of authors fromall over the world. We regret that we can offer such a small number of points becouse we received a lot of very good haiku. This time, the first place won Kashinath Karmakar fromIndia. Second place was won by Romanian Frăţilă Genovel-Florentin and third prize went to Veronica Zora Novak fromCanada. Congratulations to the winners and all participants. The next edition of EQK will begin at the end of May and then we will informyou. You are already welcome. Robert Kania and Krzysztof Kokot The European Quarterly Kukai team 5th edition: 179 authors, 41 countries: Australia (9), Austria (1), Bangladesh (1), Belgium (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4), Brazil (2), Bulgaria (10), Canada (5), Colombia (1), Croatia (8), Denmark (1), France (3), Germany (12), Greece (1), Hungary (4), India (17), Iran (6), Israel (2), Italy (3), Japan (2), Lithuania (7), Malaysia (1), Mongolia (2), Montenegro (3), The Netherlands (2), Nepal (1), New Zealand (3), Philippines (6), Poland (5), Portugal (1), Romania (15), Russia (3), Serbia (7), Singapore (1), Switzerland (3), Trinidad and Tobago (1), UK (5), Ukraine (1), United Arab Emirates (1), USA (16), Yemen (1) FIRST PLACE: #139 Kashinath Karmakar, Durgapur, India (10-8-5) = 51 pts (from: IND,SGP,AUS,USA,GER,UK,ROM,CRO,BEL,ROM–GER,BUL,ISR,UKR,AUS,IND,ROM,PHI– LIT,GER,GER,IND,SRB) faded album- all the missing colours of my childhood SECOND PLACE: #34 Fratila Genovel-Florentin, Rm-Sarat, Romania (7-6-7) = 40 pts (from: BUL,BGL,BRA,BEL,CRO,BRA,GER-IND,ROM,BIH,BUL,CRO,IRN-ROM,AUS,IND,USA,USA,CRO,HUN) springtime again - the blind man breathing deeply the green color THIRD PLACE: Results of the European Quarterly Kukai #5 - Spring 2014 Edition (colors) co-editors: Krzysztof Kokot Robert Kania Caribbean Kigo Kukai Indian Kukai International Kukai (April 2012 - July 2013) Shiki Monthly Kukai other kukai Krzysztof Kokot - Haiku Euro Top Robert Kania - bliskomilczenia other links Polish International Haiku Competition haiku contest ▼ 2014 (2) ▼ March (1) Results of the European Quarterly Kukai #5 - Sprin... ► February (1) Blog Archive
    • #73 Veronika Zora Novak, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (7-4-6) = 35 pts (from: IND,PHI,ISR,UK,NZL,BUL,AUS–CAN,AUS,YEM,UK–RUS,IND,POL,UK,USA,USA) preening the edge of twilight . . . black swan v 31 points – 4th place: rainbow skies-- teaching colors to her blind child #63 Yesha Shah, Surat, India (7-5-0) = 31 pts 29 points – 5th place: spring blossoms .....all the colours of her laughter #38 Arvinder Kaur, Chandigarh, India (6-3-5) = 29 pts 25 points – 6th place (2): first grass waiting for the last chemotherapy #94 Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lithuania (3-6-4) = 25 pts v how little I know of thorns … red roses #108 Asni Amin, Singapore (2-6-7) = 25 pts 20 points – 7th place: rainbow flag the father pretends not to see #64 Roberta Beary, Bethesda, Maryland, USA/Ireland (4-1-6) = 20 pts 19 points – 8th place: one little child counts on his indexfinger over the rainbow #12 Yuko Igarashi, Velbert, Germany (6-0-1) = 19 pts 18 points – 9th place: ► 2013 (14) announcements (6) EQK #1 results (1) EQK #2 results (1) EQK #3 results (1) EQK #4 results (1) EQK #5 (1) EQK e-diplomas (4) summaries (1) Labels European Kukai Krzysztof Kokot and Robert Kania View my complete profile About Me Total Pageviews 1 8 8 8 5
    • pale winter sun a woman adorns a grave with plastic flowers #84 Brigitte ten Brink, Konstanz, Germany (3-4-1) = 18 pts 17 points – 10th place: snowy morning one of my toes sticks out of my colorful sock #161 Petya Popova, Sofia, Bulgaria (4-1-3) = 17 pts 16 points: the iridescence of dragonfly wings here and gone #35 Simon Hanson, Allendale, SA, Australia (1-4-5) = 16 pts 15 points (5): poppies the dusk sucked in the red #25 Detelina Tiholova, Kustendil, Bulgaria (2-4-1) = 15 pts v after black and white – on rice paper a cherry branch in bloom #49 Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă, Galaţi, Romania (1-5-2) = 15 pts v spring rain… coloured umbrellas sprout on the roads #93 Anitha Varma, Kerala, India (2-2-5) = 15 pts v a crayon rainbow on the shattered wall - bomb site #123 Paresh Tiwari, Hyderabad, India (4-1-1) = 15 pts v first buds- my child abandons the crayons #152 Dan Iulian, Bucharest, Romania (3-1-4) = 15 pts
    • 14 points: playful wind - following petals a butterfly #48 Mihail Buraga, Bucharest, Romania (3-1-3) = 14 pts 13 points (4): cleaning the paint-box all the pictures she told me #5 Ralf Bröker, Ochtrup, Germany (4-0-1) = 13 pts v those red tulips – the color of the kisses that never came #60 Eduard Tara, Iasi, Romania (1-4-2) = 13 pts v white tulip field around the single red one- you in my life #61 Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania (3-1-2) = 13 pts v a new patch on the scarecrow's shirt yellow leaf #171 Liudmila Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria (3-2-0) = 13 pts 12 points (2): pool after rain the no colour of grandma’s eyes #141 Lynette Arden, Adelaide , Australia (2-2-2) = 12 pts v #145 Candles on my cake Every flame is a rainbow in mom's tears of joy Marcell Domonkos, Celldömölk, Hungary (3-1-1) = 12 pts 11 points (4): sunshine after raining small yellow rubber boots
    • in forget-me-nots #76 Marta Chociłowska, Warsaw, Poland (2-1-3) = 11 pts v communion class - she asks if his Jesus is black #78 Sara Winteridge, New Forest, England (1-3-2) = 11 pts v trailing her gown over the black inlet mandarin moon #83 Mark Miller, Shoalhaven Heads, Australia (2-2-1) = 11 pts v he peels an orange awake #106 Sondra J. Byrnes, South Bend, Indiana, USA (2-2-1) = 11 pts 10 points (7): love note... a bouquet of roses in the bedroom #4 Mr. Willie R. Bongcaron, Manila, Philippines (2-1-2) = 10 pts v yellow butterflies swooning in the morning glow... spring sunshine #16 Keith A. Simmonds, Rodez, France (2-1-2) = 10 pts v spring wind – in the color of her heart a shy kiss #31 Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploieşti, Romania (3-0-1) = 10 pts v a kaleidoscope of pills on my tongue ... the rain #86 S.M. Abeles, Washington, DC, USA (2-1-2) = 10 pts v
    • willow buds adorning bare twigs I shave my pale legs #124 Maureen Sudlow, Dargaville, New Zealand (2-2-0) = 10 pts v sunset recoloring the mountains a long road home #158 Catherine J.S. Lee, Eastport, Maine, USA (2-1-2) = 10 pts v biting an apple its color in her cheeks #174 Anusha Tennakoon, Osaka, Japan (1-3-1) = 10 pts 9 points (6): petrichor — o'er the lea, the fragrance of a rainbow #18 Vinay Leo R., Bangalore, India (2-0-3) = 9 pts v snow melts off the eaves – inside each drop of water light shows its colors #19 Liliana Negoi, Bucharest, Romania (1-1-4) = 9 pts v The ladybird is a red brooch on the blouse of green grass. #21 Dušan Đurišić , Podgorica, Montenegro (1-2-2) = 9 pts v just before Easter froman open drawer the smell of paint #24 Wiesław Karliński, Namysłów, Poland (1-2-2) = 9 pts v spring wind last year’s prairie grass bows to new splashes of color
    • #26 RD McManes, Kansas, USA (0-3-3) = 9 pts v The door opens - the smile of my husband and the first violets #178 Milena Drpa, Modrica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-0-3) = 9 pts 8 points (6): echerry trees blossom my skin more white under the bandaid #1 Hélène Duc, Bichancourt, France (2-1-0) = 8 pts v winter games - winners again the six colors of flags #6 Nicu Stopel, Bucharest, Romania (2-0-2) = 8 pts v summer vacation my daughter draws a rainbow on the wall #39 Billy Antonio, Laoac, Philippines (1-2-1) = 8 pts v fingered citron~ what incentive is there to change? #46 Ernesto P. Santiago, Solano, Philippines (2-0-2) = 8 pts v spring airplane and stork are landing #47 Nelly Dobrinova, Sofia, Bulgaria (1-2-1) = 8 pts v light rain - the road's fall-leaf palette brightens #50 Tomislav Maretic, Zagreb, Croatia (2-1-0) = 8 pts 7 points (5):
    • glades flamingos pinker than the dawn oil-stained beach #2 Ignatius Fay, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (1-2-0) = 7 pts v a blushing sun washes the river with light – breakfast odors #17 Paul Mercken, Bunnik, The Netherlands (2-0-1) = 7 pts v dawn glow... the red road appears before me #66 Nadalsuren Purevdorj, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2-0-1) = 7 pts v sunday noon my child coloring herself all over #99 Ramesh Anand, Bangalore, India (2-0-1) = 7 pts v After the rain Rainbow bridge Sea to sky #169 Vida Moazzami, Vancouver, Canada (1-1-2) = 7 pts 6 points (8): Indian sky emerald on a gold crown of oak forest #9 Smajil Durmisevic, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1-1-1) = 6 pts v wife in beauty shop half day choosing hair color spring is late #28 Dainius Dirgela, Vilnius, Lithuania (0-2-2) = 6 pts v some red the sky sheds star by star #37 Alegria Imperial, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2-0-0) = 6 pts v frommuddy water
    • a green frog peeps two bright eyes #69 Vladimir Šuk, Oroslavje, Croatia (0-2-2) = 6 pts v last spring memories - red, green, yellow, purple, blue now black and white scars! #70 Munia Khan, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2-0-0) = 6 pts v my other foot arches striped stockings double rainbow #74 Karin Anderson, Adelaide, Australia (1-1-1) = 6 pts v butterflies on a flower field— colour upon colour #91 Bruno Coelho, Évora, Portugal (1-1-1) = 6 pts v out of the cave where the rebels used to hide - blooming wildflowers #142 Hana Nestieva, Jerusalem, Israel (1-1-1) = 6 pts 5 points (9): new year- rangoli* pattern in courtyard attracts peacock (Rangoli-traditional Indian decoration and patterns made with ground rice, particularly during festivals... This is a true incident that happened at Ramanashramam, Tiruvannamalai, India) #30 Hema Ravi, Chennai, India (1-1-0) = 5 pts v how could she kill herself while the daffodils were still so yellow? #68 Ed Bremson, Raleigh, NC, USA (1-0-2) = 5 pts v street artist the colour of her eyes goes unmatched
    • #80 Poornima Laxmeshwar, Bangalore, India (0-2-1) = 5 pts v spring -- a glimpse of color in the rubble #89 Angie Werren, Amelia, Ohio USA (1-1-0) = 5 pts v windy reverside downstreamby handful grains of mandala #127 Artūras Šilanskas, Vilnius, Lithuania (1-1-0) = 5 pts v New Year. The calender sparkles with brighter colours. #131 Zornitza Harizanova, Sofia, Bulgaria (1-1-0) = 5 pts v mountain rapids carry the colours of the rainbow through dusk #159 Predrag Pera Čikarić, Kruševac, Serbia (1-0-2) = 5 pts v roof edge sun... the old alzheimer man discerns blossoms #164 Mandana Mobki, Teheran, Iran (0-2-1) = 5 pts v not quite blue, not quite green... his five o'clock shadow #172 Sanjukta Asopa, Karnataka, India (1-1-0) = 5 pts 4 points (18): The wood full of snow in my garden snowman and I without an overcoat #11 Ruzica Soldo, Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina (0-2-0) = 4 pts v
    • open book on a bench in the garden "The Blue Butterfly" #15 Janina Kołodziejczyk , Poland / Pavullo, Italia (1-0-1) = 4 pts v spring in her eyes – to change black ribbon on my suit with another pink #36 Adrian-Nicolae Popescu, Radauti-Suceava, Romania (1-0-1) = 4 pts v sunrise colors a hare leaps in the blooming flax #41 Vitali Khomin, Mukachevo, Ukraine (0-2-0) = 4 pts v ladybird on the last page red dot on #53 Maya Kisyova, Sofia, Bulgaria (0-1-2) = 4 pts v jump over a new puddle-- snowman gone #62 Vania Stefanova, Bulgaria, Sliven (0-1-2) = 4 pts v water droplets – the rainbow vanishes within the sunshine #67 Francesco de Sabata, Pescantina, Italy (1-0-1) = 4 pts v this blue morning full of hope and joy buying a gingerbread heart #82 Danica Bartulović, Podstrana, Croatia (0-2-0) = 4 pts v funeral feast: on my black pantaloons white castor sugar
    • #90 Ferenc Bakos, Siófok, Hungary (0-1-2) = 4 pts v March in my bones the whiteness of melting snow hides many hopes #101 Anne-Marie Labelle, Montréal, Canada (0-2-0) = 4 pts v Our woods are half dressed in fragile buds as dandelions sprout fromnowhere. #102 Joan McNerney, Ravena, NY, USA (0-2-0) = 4 pts v #105 cold shiver, red sweater Brenda Harsham, Boston, USA (0-2-0) = 4 pts v faded roses - the florist ties a colorful scarf #116 Radka Mindova, Sliven, Bulgaria (0-1-2) = 4 pts v blackout through the open window new moon #119 Kuheli Santra, Midnapur, India (0-2-0) = 4 pts v blood orange -- all the sunsets yet to taste #126 Carole Harrison, Jamberoo, Australia (0-2-0) = 4 pts v rain of petals years burden falls off my back such easiness #132 Nijolė Kerušauskienė, Kaunas, Lithuania (1-0-1) = 4 pts v the blues-- viewing stars and stripes
    • on the casket #162 Padma Thamptty, Wexford, PA, USA (0-1-2) = 4 pts v rising sun fromthe bottomto the top the colors of snow #173 Irena Iris Szewczyk, Warsaw, Poland (0-1-2) = 4 pts 3 points (18): Blue Hour - in full clarity the seas of the moon #8 Silvia Kempen, Apen, Germany (0-1-1) = 3 pts v with empty embrace and the solar year the sun was born #10 Tatjana Debeljacki, Uzice, Serbia (1-0-0) = 3 pts v a peacock butterfly spreads its wings over a peony... widower's morning #14 Rita Odeh, Nazareth, Israel (1-0-0) = 3 pts v deep pools the vivid blues and greens of his mismatched eyes #32 Tracy Davidson, Stratford-on-Avon, UK (0-1-1) = 3 pts v first grass I ammastering in colours definition #40 Pavel Vorontsov, Novosibirsk, Russia (0-1-1) = 3 pts v Spring green and ginger – that cat lolls under the fern surely on purpose #44 Valeria Barouch, Geneva, Switzerland (0-1-1) = 3 pts v
    • autumn drizzle — along the roadside dahlias’ radiance #54 Minh-Triêt Pham, Paris, France (0-1-1) = 3 pts v digging into cold soil I smell the colors of next summer's bloom #92 Benjamin Bläsi, Wünnewil, Switzerland (0-1-1) = 3 pts v a soft ticking - the sun bleached chair in front of a window of rain #95 Bouwe Brouwer, Emmeloord, The Netherlands (1-0-0) = 3 pts v the sun in the sea. whether out of jealousy the red sky? #96 Damir Damir, Kotor, Montenegro (1-0-0) = 3 pts v dormant beauty- the poet planting his words on a gloomy day #97 Wolfgang Beutke, Barum, Germany (1-0-0) = 3 pts v Arrested birds - condemned to the zoo because of their colors. #110 Franklin Magalhães, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1-0-0) = 3 pts v sunny day - on the river bank colorful dresses #112 Andrzej Dembonczyk, Zbroslawice, Silesia, Poland (1-0-0) = 3 pts v at dawn the red horizon portends coming of a son
    • #140 Tuvshinzaya Nergui, Tsetserleg city, Mongolia (0-1-1) = 3 pts v Bleeding liberty, Flags, dying leaves in autumn, Clouds cleaning the sky. #143Marieta Maglas, Suceava ,Romania. (1-0-0) = 3 pts v red boots jumping into a rainbow daffodil pot #147 Marion Clarke, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland (1-0-0) = 3 pts v beneath the windmill acres of tulips open to blue #156 Julie Warther, Dover, Ohio, USA (0-1-1) = 3 pts v a hunter returns through the colours of dawn-- he purrs #175 James Dobson, Prudhoe, UK (1-0-0) = 3 pts 2 points (13): blood moon― listening to spoken word and bamboo song #3 Santiago B. Villafania, Pangasinan, Philippines (0-1-0) = 2 pts v green pods swollen on stem bring forth butterflies #55 Anne Hollier Ruddy, Auckland, New Zealand (0-1-0) = 2 pts v night of thaw— the white wings fluttering above the Black Sea #77 Dan Doman, Bucharest, Romania (0-1-0) = 2 pts v birds twittering
    • bright flowers swaying to cosmic rhythms #79 Praveen Menon, Bangalore, India (0-1-0) = 2 pts v my parents' time lingering on in the garden ... plumblossoms #81 Helga Stania, Greppen, Switzerland (0-1-0) = 2 pts v streaks of deep pink light up the dark skies dawn's blush #98 Sandra Martyres, Mumbai, India (0-1-0) = 2 pts v orchard in bloom wrapped into a rainbow hailstones on the ground #107 Marija Pogorilic, Rovinj, Croatia (0-1-0) = 2 pts v absorbing the red of your tail . . . blue mountains #109 Sasa Vazic, Batajnica, Serbia (0-1-0) = 2 pts v cold westerlies sheltered by the forest edge rainbow bee-eaters #111 Petrus Heyligers, Curramore, Queensland, Australia (0-1-0) = 2 pts v quietly cuckoo call - one - two - three there breaks a bough #122 Margareta Hihn, Bockhorn, Germany (0-1-0) = 2 pts v winter land a snow cloth wiping up the evening sky #129 Angelica Seithe, Wettenberg, Germany (0-1-0) = 2 pts
    • v The sky at dusk Fire paints the river ~ Flowing flame #146 Biljana Kitić Čakar, Prnjavor , Bosnia i Herzegovina (0-1-0) = 2 pts v marigold borders in the park- sun shines #160 Asma Khan, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (0-0-2) = 2 pts 1 point (6): pencils askew... colors everywhere except the page #51 Shloka Shankar, Bangalore, India (0-0-1) = 1 pt v flowers in the wind - yellow painting fooling the untimely bee #121 Miruna Covor, Bucharest, Romania (0-0-1) = 1 pt v pinwheel moon – her satin ribbon flutters #125 Jayashree Maniyil, Melbourne, Australia (0-0-1) = 1 pt v bare forests among the brown trees saffron coloured #134 Štefanija Ludvig, Dubravica, Croatia (0-0-1) = 1 pt v rubbing ink... in the colors scent of cherry blossoms #136 Christa Beau, Halle/Saale, Germany (0-0-1) = 1 pt v departing cries
    • high up in the heavens flights of swans #153 Hidenori Hiruta, Akita, Japan (0-0-1) = 1 pt no points this time (45): enrosadira diminishing before I reach her door #7 Barbara A. Taylor, Mountain Top, NSW, Australia v thoroughbred country the young colt rests on velvet turf #13 Margaret Beverland, Katikati, New Zealand v shades of gray longing and pain remain fading colours of dreams #20 Jens-Christian Kjær AKA Ashi, Brande, Denmark v Cadbury Gems I dupe my daughter in her dreams #23 Ajaya Mahala, Pune, India v branch by branch the entire spring palette as her hair leaves #27 Joann Grisetti, Winter Springs, FL, USA v thousand tiny blooming pansies turn their pretty faces to receive the golden blessings #29 Tahera Mannan, Nagpur, India v a line of breath drawn through new colors glazed with rain old locomotive #33 Heike Gewi, Aden, Yemen v in the fields a banded white stork and a single girl
    • #42 Djurdja Vukelic Rozic, Ivanic Grad, Croatia v among all that snow a yellow winter jasmine a strong mark of hope #43 Jef Ector, Genk, Belgium v Rainbow in the eye- runing along colorful bow in the unknown #45 Mirjana Ranković Matović, Čačak, Serbia v carefully around edges of melting snow expectation colours #57 Goda V. Bendoraitiene, Klaipeda, Lithuania v vernal rainbow over the roaring torrent... no more global floods? #58 Natalia Kuznetsova, Moscow, Russia v a red bite – but what color is the flea? summer evening #59 WilliamSeltzer, Gwynedd, PA, USA v ara the festival of colors #65 Vladimir Ludvig, Zaprešić, Croatia v Memory of seeds Refrains prismatic array Spread fore laughing eyes #71 Marck Riggins, Temecula, USA v circles of peace blue, yellow, black, green, red olympic dream #72 Janko Dimnjaković, Zagreb, Croatia v The Sun’s wound bled dry, dyeing the darkling sky with a crimson-red glow
    • #75 Anna Földeáki-Horváth , Budapest, Hungary v spring slowly dabs colour ...spattered palette #85 John McDonald, Edinburgh, Scotland v Motley woodpecker World even more diverse Welcome,my spring #87 Virginija Sakalauskiene, Raudondvaris, Lithuania v tourists in the poplar forest fits after fits of sneezing #88 Stanka Boneva, Varna, Bulgaria v a drop of blood falling fromthe wound silence broken #100 Rosa Clement. Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil v Oh sweet past - her hair was shiny and black, her attire silver #103 Ilka De Bisschop, Kalmthout, Belgium v A big desert mountain With a white ice in his peak Cry into the blue lake #104 Fabián Padilla Hernández, Bogota, Colombia v You see three colours, And in your mind appeares- The national flag! #113 Gyorgy Vermes, Budapest, Hungary v Carnival Saturday... early blooming pink poui colours the scene #114 Gillena Cox, Trinidad and Tobago v even plain flowers some hints of colors displayed
    • our lives entertain #115 Paul Amoz Tan, Melaka , Malaysia v Mixing the rainbow I could create new colors Shining like gemstones #120 Francesca Mereu, Cagliari, Italia v Rainbow On stormy nights Love is not blind #135 Maria Isabelita de Cello, Manila, Philippines v broken car - ploughland after the rain full of shine #137 Branka Vojinović Jegdić, Podgorica, Montenegro v Holli Festival life is beautiful happy wishes to you #138 RamSharan Maharjan, Kathmandu, Nepal v Scent of evening stock, Getting drunk without wine in the spring nights. #144 Mojgan Soghrati, Isfahan, Iran v #148 Indian summer evening sunshine last golden year Horst Ludwig, St. Peter, USA v hundreds of buds… don’t want to unfold myself to everyone #149 Natalia Sedenkova, Samara, Russia v Hopes and hate and flags everywhere - these and those #150 Heinz Schneemann, Berlin, Germany v
    • red copses both sides the border a rainbow #151 Ali Beik, Fereydun-Kenar, Iran v blossomtime over greener the green Beethoven's Pastorale #155 Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Viersen, Germany v left crayons... the color of my spring flowers winter violet #157 NeelamDadhwal, Chandiarh, India v colours of the day washed grey slip into the dark #163 Samar Ghose, Perth, Australia v Lingering winter - oh, to see the forsythia's beaming gold! #165 Zhanna P. Rader, Athens, Georgia, USA v snow angels still absorbing their shed blood #166 Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Botosani, Romania v blossoms make their inside again naked #167 Hengameh Ahmadi, Shiraz, Iran v bunch of fresh snowdrops on the mother’s grave – the child recites one poem #176 Maria Tirenescu, Cugir, Romania v flowery shawl in the garden on the dryer the first blossoms
    • #177 Asta Čižiūnaitė, Vilnius, Lithuania v The sun struggles to extract the yellow hue fromthe first daffodil. #179 Marija Drpa, Belgrade, Serbia v snowmelt the brook white #180 Hartmut Fillhardt, Martinsthal, Germany no results (authors who didn’t vote – 10): his mint lips whispering spells for her… bloody moon #22 Diana Teneva, Haskovo, Bulgaria v death is not white the paleness devoured into nothingness. #52 April Mae M. Berza, Taguig, Philippines v RED a boiling blood flows wildly through pulsating veins ~ taste of strawberry #56 Sky Vani, Čačak, Serbia v black white and red mixed with green and blue create a colorful chaos #118 Marios Schismenos, Agrinio, Greece v on the birch bark furrows of rainy tears - hardened #128 Jovanka Božić, Valjevo, Serbia v decay of the cherry blossom Waiting for red #130 Janina Weidholz, Wiesbaden, Germany v
    • Older PostHome Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Prancing steps magic in Black & White Spanish Riding School #133 Cornelia Hondt, Vienna, Austria v lacrymatory sky transparent colors of grey streets #154 Zbigniew Myslowiecki, Warsaw, Poland v Spring noon, A pigeon visible and dark In the whitish sky #168 Amir Hasanvandi, Shoush, Iran v Hidden In the spring of my skirt Pink flower #170 Shokraneh Ghasemi Moafi, Bandar Anzali, Iran ----------------- haiku #117 has been withdrawn fromthe kukai Posted by European Kukai at 11:27 PM Labels: EQK #5 Enter your comment... Comment as: Google Account Publish Preview No comments: Post a Comment
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