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How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
How to join Skype
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How to join Skype


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  • 1. The beginner’s guide to Skype
    by Debra Darbyshire
  • 2. The benefits of Skype
    Free calls to anyone in the world who also have Skype
    Free software application to download and easy to use
    Video calls and instant messaging so that you can see friends and relatives anytime you wish
    See your grandkids every week and watch as they grow
  • 3. Before you install Skype
    You will need speakers and a microphone (inbuilt or separately connected to the computer) to make standard voice calls
    To make video calls, you will need a webcam (inbuilt, or a camera separately connected to the computer, as shown below)
    Alternatively, you can send instant messages which do not require any additional hardware to your computer
    External camera’s can be purchased from most electronic stores
  • 4. How to install Skype 5.1 for Windows
    STEP 1:
    Type in in the URL bar and click on the tab “Join Skype” as shown below
  • 5. How to install Skype 5.1 for Windows
    You will need to create an account and press ‘save file’ to save the Skype setup application
  • 6. How to install Skype 5.1 for Windows
    Follow the 4 step process as shown below
    STEP 1
    Save Skype Setup Application to file of your choice
    STEP 2
    Click the Skype Setup file in the Downloads window.
    STEP 3
    Complete steps in the Setup Wizard to complete the installation.
    STEP 4
    Open Skype and sign in with your Skype Name and password.
  • 7. How to contact friends and family
    You are now a member of Skype and can start looking for the people you want to contact.
    Double click the Skype icon on your desktop and type in your Skype name and password, you will then be taken to your main page of Skype to begin searching for contacts.
    At the Skype main page you are able to add a profile picture that people can see when in their contact list, add contacts, make video calls, voice calls and send instant messages.
    Let’s get you started in adding a contact.
  • 8. How to add a contact
    Click on ‘Contacts’ then ‘Add a Contact’ and enter the details of the person you are trying to locate. Once you have located the person, you need to press ‘Add Contact’
    Follow these steps for every contact you wish to locate and then you are ready to get in touch
  • 9. How to contact friends and family
    Your contacts will appear in a column at the left hand side of your screen
    Arrange a suitable time for both you and your contact to be on Skype and then contact them through ‘Video Call’, standard voice ‘call’ or send an instant message
  • 10. Remember, you will need a microphone and speakers to make voice calls and also a webcam or an in-built camera to conduct video calls
    Skype enables us to talk, view and chat- FOR FREE
  • 11. Are you ready to Skype?
    WITH Skype you can:
    See the grandkids with the click of a button
    Contact other friends from around the world, FREE OF CHARGE
    Be involved with your relatives lives more actively, even though you are not in the same country:-
    The kids can show you what they have done at school
    Show off a new haircut!!
    Show off new things in the home, garden when using a laptop with Skype
    WITHOUT Skype you can:
    Send photographs in the mail that can take up to two weeks to arrive
    Email photographs that are too big, or the wrong file, to be able to open
    Miss out on seeing the grandkids on a regular basis and not seeing their achievements as soon as they are completed.
  • 12. There are too many reasons to join Skype
    Start looking for your Contacts now
    If you are ever unsure, refer to the Skype main page