The Revolution from Inside: Welcome to Open Source


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Presentation for the 13th International Free Software Forum by Deborah Bryant, designed to highlight the social and civic benefits of open source around the world to a young audience and to introduce them to the Open Source Initiative. (

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The Revolution from Inside: Welcome to Open Source

  1. 1. The Revolution from Inside Welcome to Open Source! Deborah Bryant Bruno Ferreira de Souza Open Source Initiative SouJava presented to theJuly 26, 2012 13th International Free Software Forum FISL 13
  2. 2. Now more than ever,FOSS is making an impact around the World
  3. 3. Crisis Management CrisisCommons Sahana SoftwareFoundation Ushaidi Jasmine Phua, Crisis Commons Project Management Team, Washington D.C.
  4. 4. Health Care IT
  5. 5. Government Gets More Open
  6. 6. Government-Funded Centers Brazil Germany !Italy !India !Japan !Malaysia !Spain !Sweden !Venezuela
  7. 7. Government Operations Significant use of open source is happening even in countries whereproprietary software has dominated. Palmetto, South Carolina regional open source conference
  8. 8. Enabling Open Data Bill McCluggage Director of ICT Strategy & Policy Office of the HM Government CIO, Belfast Northern Ireland
  9. 9. From Fromwithin,practice to a to public public policydebate.
  10. 10. Economic DevelopmentDeborah Bryant, Shimane Japan Open Source Salon
  11. 11. Celebrate Open Source! Open Source Software Day Awards Presentation Seoul, South Korea
  12. 12. FOSS + Open Government & eParticipation Forum Belfast, Northern Ireland OpenIsland Series
  13. 13. Democratic Process
  14. 14. Increased Academic Research Bergen Community College Poster SessionHumanitarian Free and Open Source Software Conference (HFOSS) Dallas, Texas
  15. 15. FOSS Events are Plentiful Bruno Sauza, SouJava Community Leader, Brazil Open Source for America booth at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) Portland, Oregon
  16. 16. Some challenges remain. • Public Policy Challenge • Government makes a difference. Procurement for large public sector projects is still out of reach for many. • Balanced Interest Challenge • Community, industry, academic, and investment stakeholders are some times at odds. • Investment Challenge • Global financial crisis represents more opportunity for open source, but less resource for those implementing.
  17. 17. We Need Your Help
  18. 18. OSI’s Starting Point•OSI founded 1998 by key figures in free and open source software• Steward of the Open Source Definition• Making open source licenses simpler for developers and businesses
  19. 19. Building Bridges tothe World of FreeSoftware
  20. 20. The OSI Mission: More than Licenses"to educate about and advocate for thebenefits of open source and to buildbridges among different constituenciesin the open source community.”
  21. 21. OSI Membership ProgramsGive Voice to a World of Stakeholders • Affiliate MembersNew Non Profit Organizations with a shared interest and support for free software • Individual Members Free Software enthusiasts who want to show their support Free Software • Corporate Members A future program to allow commercial interest a balanced opportunity to support free software (winter 2012)
  22. 22. OSI Affiliates as of 07.2012
  23. 23. Individuals joining together helpus reach places we can not alone.
  24. 24. You can add your voice        
  25. 25. Find Your Passion |Get Involved • join a community • write your experience! • write code • ask someone what • document! you can do • help your school or • find someone you local government respect and learn something new • help teach a class • change a policy
  26. 26. Obrigado! ¡Gracias!Thank you!
  27. 27. Moreinformation? Deborah Bruno Sauza Mark Prutsalis of Sahana Foundation at First International Crisis Congress Washington, D.C. USA