Julie of the wolves characters

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  • 1. Characters Julie of the Wolves
  • 2. Miyax a n d Kapugen
    • Miyax- Daughter of Kapugen and wife of Daniel. She is also known as Julie. She is an Eskimo beauty. She has been accepted into a pack of wolves. She wants to live with her pen pal Amy in California. She is thirteen years old and is already filled with millions of hopes and dreams.
    • Kapugen- Miyax’s father. An Eskimo hunter. He was wealthy and had the riches of life ( intelligence, love and fearlessness). He was accepted into a pack of wolves by watching them night and day. Went out into the Bering Sea to hunt for seals and never returned.
  • 3. Nails and Kapu
    • Nails
    • Amarouq’s serious partner.
    • Can kill animals like no other.
    • Babysits and helps out with pups.
    • Takes Amarouq’s place when he is not around.
    • Second dominate. Has never tried to rise agaisnt Amarouq.
    • Serious, strong, stern, and strict.
    • Kapu
    • Brother to Sister, Zit, Zat, and Zing.
    • Son of Amarouq and Silver.
    • Confident, Playful, and mischievous.
    • The leader of the pups.
    • Very fond of Miyax.
    • Does not respect Jell-O.
    • Sister is one of his main playmates.
    • Always has energy. Never seems to tire.
  • 4. Amarouq and Silver
    • Amarouq
    • Leader of the wolf pack.
    • Deals with the wolves problems, concerns, and worries.
    • Father of Kapu, Sister, Zit, Zat, and Zing.
    • Nails serious partner.
    • Can also kill animals very well.
    • Defender of the pack and deals with any predators.
    • Supplies food for his pack.
    • Very regal, courageous, and brave.
    • Silver
    • Third dominate in pack.
    • Mother of Kapu, Zit, Sister, Zat, and Zing.
    • Very protective.
    • Very much a girl.
    • Always brings Jell-O down.
    • Sweet yet strict with her pups.
    • Beautiful in her own way.
  • 5. Zit, Zat, Zing, Jell-O, and Sister
    • Zit, Zat, Zing, Sister
    • Sister is Kapu’s playmate.
    • Zit, Zat, and Zing still drink a lot of their mother’s milk.
    • Zit, Zat, and Zing don’t have much personality at all.
    • Sister is the second dominate of the pups.
    • Their father is Amarouq and their mother is Silver and their brother is Kapu.
    • Jell-O
    • A lonely wolf.
    • Last on the totem pole. Even behind Zit, Zat, and Zing.
    • Very supicious and not trustworthy.
    • Has tried to rise agaisnt Amarouq and take over.
    • Is not very well liked by both Miyax and Silver.
    • Kind of scrawny looking.
  • 6. Thank you for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • This Book
    • Was written by
    • Jean
    • Craighead
    • George
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