Woman in black poster analysis


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Woman in black poster analysis

  1. 1. Mise en sceneThe mise en scene shows a close- Cold spots are a commonup of male protagonist with only type of haunting type ofhalf his face in the foreground, haunting activity and iswhile in the background are the actually the ghostfilm details and smoke in which attempting to manifest. Dueanother face appears from. This to the face seen in thismise en scene clearly suggests potential ‘wind’, the posterthat the genre of the film is does follow thesehorror due to the close-up of the conventions which will addsmale character as it allows us to familiarity to the viewer.see his feared facial expression. There is minimal text whichOne could argue that the smoke pushes the main focus ofis in fact a vivid wind which is not the poster onto the mainonly a film convention but a real- male character showing helife ghost encounter story will play a significant role inconvention. the movie.
  2. 2. Text + Font There is minimal text on the poster and only the crucial details such as the film title, release date, actor’s name and tag line are featured on the poster. The tag line is “Do you believe in ghosts?” which suggests that the figure in the background is in fact a ghost. There is a consistent design on the text as you can see a rugged line that looks like it has almost been scratched on the film title, release date, tag line and actor’s name. This gives continuity throughout the whole poster and builds a strong brand identity for the film.
  3. 3. Facial ExpressionThe majority of the poster is taken The second facial expression is more subtle andup by the male protagonist’s therefore more profound for the viewer to realise.incomplete face as you can only This facial expression looks like that of a womansee just over half of it. This was who is screaming perhaps. One could argue thatdone deliberately and for an this is the figure of a dead ghost who is stickingeffective reason as it raises around to haunt people due to her frighteningquestions and suspicions from the expression. The fact the film title is smudged in thisviewer, ultimately asking “why face could imply that this in fact is the face of thedidn’t they show his full face?” Woman in Black. Also, both faces present on thisFrom my personal spectator view, I poster are cut off and therefore only half isassumed that the lead male could showing. This common feature on both charactershave a facial disfigurement of shows that there is some kind of connectionsome sort, hence why part of his between both these characters. Both charactersface is concealed and this could be also make direct audience address by havingrevealed later on in the film as a extraordinary considering half of the characters intwist. the poster are eyeless!
  4. 4. Colour Scheme The colour scheme within this poster is very basic. There is largely the colour grey used throughout the poster but just in different shades, along with the additional colour of white. This basic colour scheme is in strong connection with the 1800’s time period the film is set in because people’s clothes for example would’ve been very plain and most likely either black or grey.