Tinker tailor soldier spy poster analysis


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Tinker tailor soldier spy poster analysis

  1. 1. The Overall PictureThe poster for ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is suitable for the film’s storyline and title. The title isslightly ambiguous and this is reflected in some of the images in the background. The entirebackground are letters and numbers and could be argued that its some sort of code and this,in itself leads to mystery and highlights the spy theme/genre. The colour scheme usedwithin the poster is white, blue and red and these are very effective as there are only a fewcolours so it doesn’t over complicate the poster. These colours could suggest a tie with theUSA/UK as these are the colours seen in both countries’ flags. The use of these colours alsoshows a clear brand identity for the film as the majority of the writing (except the film title)is in white and this demonstrates the continuity with the whole poster.
  2. 2. The main man  Connotation/Denotation:The male protagonist is the only character in colour, his position on the page andhow you can see of him on the poster shows his importance. His stance dominatesthe poster and suggests he is the lead character.
  3. 3. The OthersThe majority of the poster is taken up by the characters who are in the background,which I find a nice twist as if something or someone is placed in the background they’reusually of less significance. However, in this case they take up quite a lot of the poster sotherefore are considered still important.Most of the characters themselves are placed in the darkness of shadows and this couldbe a key clue into the film’s storyline or insight of these characters. All the backgroundcharacters except one are also not making eye contact with the viewer and this lack ofdirect audience address could suggest these characters’ guilty consciences.
  4. 4. The Others This is a long shot This image shows a image of a man in close-up of a man a library. He is the holding a gun. From a middle of the spectator’s point of picture and view this already suggests he is the suggests several most significantThis image is of two men things about the figure within thefrom a medium shot. The character such as hi picture. The fact he This is another This is a close-up ofmise en scene is of them being a man of a is in a library close-up, but the actor Colin Firth.standing as if they’re in a violent nature and shows that he is this time of a From his costume, itconversation in front of an probably a killer. The inquisitive and woman. She is implies that he is aaeroplane. The man to the position of how he is possibly the only woman professional man asleft is holding a briefcase holding the gun researching on an present in the he is wearing a suitand the man to the right is shows that he is issue of poster and this and tie. However, hisstanding with his hands in comfortable and importance. implies that she facial expression ishis pockets, similar to the probably experienced holds some one of sadness orpose of the main male at in handling weapons. significant perhaps worry likethe centre of the poster. he’s just found out status. OnceThe plane and overall mise some bad news. He is again, thisen scene suggests that the the only character out character avoidstwo characters met up for of all the characters in direct audiencea quick meeting before the background which address bydeparting or using the make direct audience focussing herplane as a ‘getaway’ address as he is gaze elsewhere.perhaps. making eye contact.
  5. 5. The Others This image is of a man from a close-up shot. He has a worried facial expression This is a long shot and is and this could make the of a table full of men audience wonder if he is a accompanied by other troubled character within This shot is a close-up of yet objects on the table. TheThis is an image of a man the film, or if he could break another man. Similarly to his fact that all men are atfrom a long distance shot. He typical film conventions by fellow male characters, he is the table suggest thatis holding a briefcase and being a man and playing the wearing a suit, suggesting he they’re participating in awalking down the street. ‘damzel in distress’ role. is of a high class, has some meeting and dealing withThis mise en scene raises a However, the mise en scene wealth and has a important business. Thevariety of questions from the shows an object in professional career. He too, chosen shot wasaudience viewing this poster background that is quite is not making any eye deliberate and thereforesuch as “what is he doing?”, close to characters so contact with the viewer and could be a way of keeping“where is he going?” and maybe the character was therefore breaks typical the viewer at arm’s“what is in his briefcase?”. carrying out a task on the poster conventions by not length of what actuallyThe type of shot in regards object and was called and making direct audience happens within thatto the rest of the poster is startled, hence his fearful address. His facial expression scene in the film. Theyquite unusual as most of the facial expression. and the manner at which he could want the viewer toother characters are seen is looking implies that he is ask questions andfrom close-ups. This could be talking to someone and wonder what isinsight into this characters having a conversation which happening.and could show that he has perhaps angered himdoesn’t like to be close to due to his lack of smiling orpeople and prefers to be cheerfulness.kept at a distance.
  6. 6. What’s what?! Billing Box Review Actor’s names Certificate