Second draft toc production process pdf


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Second draft toc production process pdf

  1. 1. Second Draft Production Process By Debbie Onyemelukwe
  2. 2. Adding the torn page effectThis was quite a challenging task as on Photoshop, I triedlooking through the Cookie Cutter Tool to see if they had the‘torn page’ effect…but they didn’t.The next step I took was to search for this effect through theinternet and then work on it from there but my searches wereunsuccessful. Instead, with the assistance of my teacher theLasso Tool was used to hand make a ‘rip’ effect. This was made ona new page on Photoshop, and then I used the RectangularMarquee Tool to select the jagged line and pressed ‘Edit, Copy’and ‘Edit, Paste’.The final steps were to stretch the effect in order for it to bedown the whole page and to add a low drop shadow.
  3. 3. Adding the editor’s noteThe previous step in making the rip in the page was toaccommodate the editor’s note. An editor’s note is a shortmessage from the editor briefly explaining the contents ofmagazine in that issue. From my own experience, as well asresearch, I have realised that people often do not care to read theeditor’s note, they just go straight to looking at page numbersand images.So in order to engage my reader, I added the ripped page effectand then embedded my text to entice them to want to read thefull note.Having this feature is important as I believe it adds authenticityand if my magazine was to be a professionally published, I’d havean editor’s note each week as this is a common technique used inmagazines. It will also add continuity between the various issuesand can be known as part of my magazine’s branding.
  4. 4. Adding the page numbers andchanging the layoutI received feedback from my teacher which helped me to produce my second draft.The biggest and most obvious part of the feedback was to add page numbers as this is the wholereason of why the contents page is present. As seen below, my second draft now has numberspresent in the images and explanatory text.The next step I acted on was to sort out the spacing of the words and overall layout. In my seconddraft, I added an editor’s note with an editor’s picture and so this played a big role in the layoutchange of my contents page. I re-arranged the images into a structure that more suitable andinteresting for my audience and made sure things were clear for the reader. New layout