Learning in the Open with OOE 2013: Webinar Slides

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How to Maximize your Learning Experience: …

How to Maximize your Learning Experience:
Learn how get the most out of this Open Learning Experience. Explore the tools that will help build your own personal learning network and, strategies to make it grow. We’ll discuss how to make sense of the resources and materials that will be part #OOE13, how to participate and make connections, and most importantly, how to meet your own personal learning goals.

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  • - Learning is informal
  • Google Doc of Twitter Tags provides more info on image above: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnJ3hv1B8VO1dHhEY05SNGd1MU9TRnRfTkVERXdwUXc#gid=113
  • -- Another resource: http://www.slideshare.net/Downes/connectivist-learning-and-teaching – Slideshare by Stephen Downes, Teaching and Learning in a Connectivist environment


  • 1. Learning in the Open with Open Online Experience 2013 BY DEBBIE MORRISON ONLINE LEARNING INSIGHTS WEBINAR ON SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
  • 2. How does one LEARN in OOE 2013? • Goal of this Webinar: develop strategy for personal learning • Agenda : 1) theory - principles of connectivist learning - 5 step strategy to success 2) application - tools to use - examples of tools in action
  • 3. With Open Learning there is… • No set curriculum • No established process • No particular method
  • 4. What are the Challenges when learning in Connectivist environment?
  • 5. Connectivist learning might look like this… Image Credit: ‘January 18 analysis of #etmooc’, Alec Courus, Flickr
  • 6. And may feel like this…. Image credit: Binkiexxx http://www.flickr.com/photos/8596221@N07/2923434507/
  • 7. How can one learn in a Connectivist format? • Image credit:YouTube, ‘Success in a MOOC’, Dave Cormier
  • 8. 5 Steps to Success as per ‘Success in a MOOC’ by Dave Cormier 1. Orient 2. Declare 3. Network 4. Cluster 5. Focus
  • 9. Steps to Success… 1. Orient
  • 10. Steps to Success… 2. Declare
  • 11. Steps to Success… 3. Network
  • 12. Steps to Success… 4. Cluster
  • 13. Steps to Success… 5. Focus
  • 14. More Tips …. • Organize knowledge • Create a system for building your own database of links, articles (connections) • Use one, at the most two applications for a personal database • Summarize content before organizing into personal database • If it’s not worth summarizing, it’s not worth keeping • Convert content, using your own words, into the context of your own knowledge base – only then does it become relevant and valuable Reference: http://www.downes.ca/presentation/326
  • 15. Application Tools to use Actions • Blog • Share • Convert • Summarize
  • 16. Example of connecting … Screen shot of Google + community for OOE 2013,
  • 17. Example of connecting… Screen shot of Blog post, jeannette marianne @ http://jeannettemarianne.com/
  • 18. Example of sharing… Screen shot of twitter feed for #OOE13
  • 19. Example of organizing… Screen shot of my notebooks using Evernote:
  • 20. Suggestions for next steps … • Establish and Share your personal learning goals • Review steps for success in a MOOC (i.e. watch Dave Cormier’s video) • Develop your own strategy for learning (i.e. dedicate time in calendar) • Blog, share, comment
  • 21. Questions?
  • 22. References & Credits • ‘Success in a MOOC’, Dave Cormier: http://youtu.be/r8avYQ5ZqM0 • ‘What are Cultures of Learning?’, Stephen Downes: http://www.downes.ca/presentation/326 • Open Online Experience 2013: http://www.ooe13.org/ • How to Organize a MOOC, Stephen Downes:http://www.slideshare.net/Downes/how-to-organize-a- mooc • #etmooc image, Alec Couros:http://www.flickr.com/photos/courosa/8400361742/#
  • 23. Thank you! Contact Info • Twitter: @OnlineLearningI • Blog: Online Learning Insights • Google +, OOE 2013 Group Community