Media Profile Audit - To Help Identify Why You Are Not Getting Media Profile


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Finding it difficult to get the media profile your business deserves?
Concerned that your lack of visibility in the media is damaging your business?
Worried that your low media profile is undermining your credibility with prospective customers?

Concerned that your competitors seem to be getting all the media spotlight?

If your PR isn't working, or not working as well as you want it to, then you need to diagnose what is holding you back.
This audit will help you do just that. Take action on the areas identified and get your media profile back on track.

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Media Profile Audit - To Help Identify Why You Are Not Getting Media Profile

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 – Debbie Leven 1
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 – Debbie Leven 2 Struggling to get Media Profile? Complete the audit to Identify what’s holding you back from achieving the media profile you want and that your business deserves. Then call me to chat about what you can do next. Yes No 1. Have you set down defined objectives for your PR? 2. Are your objectives different for the range of audiences you want to communicate with? 3. Are your PR objectives differentiated for raising your profile online, offline and in the media? 4. Have you identified the audiences you want to raise your profile with aside from customers and potential customers? 5. Have you defined the key messages you want to get across to your different audiences in your media activity? 6. Have you carried out research to identify where your key audiences go now for their information online, offline and via the media? 7. Have you carried out further detailed research for each of those channels to identify the media profile raising opportunities available to you? 8. Do you have a 12 month calendar of activity in place setting out your monthly profile raising actions? 9. Have you posted profiles on the free media databases journalists use for finding sources of information and comment? 10. Do you have a media kit available on your website for journalists to access and refer to? 11. Have you identified at least 12 newsworthy stories that you can use to raise the profile of your business over the next six months? 12. Do you have up-to-date profiles on social media networks, that your website links to, to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with you?
  3. 3. Copyright © 2013 – Debbie Leven 3 13. Do you have at least six other ideas, aside from forthcoming news stories, for raising your profile in the press and media over the next three months? 14. Have you identified the 20 or so key journalists covering your specialist area? 15. Have you researched your key journalists to get an overview of the different outlets they work for and the topics that interest them? 16. Have you liaised with each of your key journalists to identify how they like to be contacted, and the deadlines they work to, so you can tailor your approach? 17. Have you identified what social networks those journalists use and how? 18. Do you tailor each of your news releases for the different, relevant, press and media to give maximum appeal? 19. Do you speak to your key journalists before sending them any press releases, to identify whether the story is of interest to them? 20. Do your press releases adhere to all the standard guidelines i.e. do you ensure you never embed or attach logos or photography unless agreed? 21. Do you use a press release checklist for ensuring that the content of your press release gives journalists everything they want? 22. Do you have a ‘boilerplate’ written i.e. standard information about your business that you include in all press releases in the notes to editors section? 23. Do you test every news story for its level of human interest and the other ‘ingredients’ of news that journalists look for? 24. Have you written a ‘expert positioning’ statement and pitched that direct to journalists to highlight your expertise and availability to comment? 25. Do you post comments online regularly and send letters to the editor to present views on news stories and articles? 26. Do you have a media handling policy so that staff know what to do when a journalist calls? 27. Do you use a media enquiry checklist to help handle unexpected calls from journalists?
  4. 4. Copyright © 2013 – Debbie Leven 4 28. Do you use a media interview checklist to help prepare for media interviews? 29. Do you review your media interviews to identify how you might improve them in the future? 30. Do you have a monitoring system in place to pick up mentions of your business, key topics relevant to your marketplace and mentions of competitors? Count up your responses Total Are you happy with the number of ‘no’ responses you have given? Call me now for a free chat about what you can do to get the PR your business deserves: