How to do PR - A PR planning tool, by Debbie Leven


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A PR planning tool - setting out what you need to consider to do your own PR. Public Relations is much more than just media relations. So, if you want to take the broader view and plan it out this will help you to focus on the important elements and the questions you will need to address. More resources available at:

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How to do PR - A PR planning tool, by Debbie Leven

  1. 1. Planning out your PR(Public Relations)By Debbie @debbieleven
  2. 2. AuditAspirationAimsAudiencesMessagesResearchIdeas/activityChannelsToolsResourcesTimeframeConsensusAssessment/evaluationStart here
  3. 3. AuditAuditWhat do ouraudiences thinkof us and ourservices?How are webeing portrayedin the press andmedia?Whatcommentscome back incustomerfeedback/viathe website?Whatqualities, understanding, experience, skills andtools do wehave?How do staffdescribe, andspeakabout, theorganisation?Where are we now?
  4. 4. AuditAspirationLeapforward, whatdoes successlook like in ayear, in two?What are thewords andphrases we wantto be associatedwith?How do we wantto be perceivedby clients andpotential clients?How do wewant to beperceived byotheraudiences thatmatter?Where do we want to be?
  5. 5. AuditAimsEducatingInfluencingEstablishing/buildingreputationEnhancingreputationRepairingreputationCreating newpartnershipsBuildinggoodwillStimulatingdebate/interestMotivatingemployeesStimulatingdemandBuildingtrustInformingRaisingawarenessWhat do wewant, specifically, toachieve?
  6. 6. AuditAudiencesWho do we wantto communicatewith?Can we breakdown ouraudiencesfurther?What’s importantto our audiencesand who/whatinfluences them? Are ouraudiences justexternal or arewe includingstaff?Where do ouraudiences go toget informationabout what weoffer?Who do we want tocommunicate with, and to?
  7. 7. AuditMessagesWhat do wewant to say?Do we havetailoredmessages fordifferentaudiences?Do keyspokespeopleknow the keymessages ?Do we havesupportingproof for keymessages?Is timingrelevant forour audiences/keymessages?What are the key messageswe want to get across?
  8. 8. AuditResearchWhat is theprofile for theaudiences wewant to target?What are thebestcommunicationchannels?What are therelevantpress andmedia?Whatopportunitiesare available forus to get ourmessagesacross?What isimportant to ourkey audiencesand how can weuse that?What do we need to knowto develop our plan?
  9. 9. AuditIdeasLaunchingsomethingnewHosting aneventBeing thefirstRunningan awardsscheme Launchinga guideCarryingout someresearchPositioningas anexpertWhich ideas are best suited forwhat we want to achieve?
  10. 10. AuditChannelsEventsDirect/face-to-faceTraditional print–newspapers, magazines,in-housepublicationsTelevisionand radioOwnwebsiteOnlinepublications/websitesOnline –blogs, forums, podcastsSocialnetworksWhat are the appropriatechannels of communication?
  11. 11. AuditToolsNewsreleases/media kitNewsletterWebsiteBrochure,flyers, leaflets InformationguideArticles, letters to theeditor, commentsBlogWhat tools do we needto support our PR?
  12. 12. AuditResourcesWhat timedo we have?Who will beresponsible?Do we havethe rightskills?Do we haveenoughknowledge?What is ourbudget?Do we have theresources we need orwill we need help?
  13. 13. AuditTimeframeHave wedefined atimeframe forour work?Have we beenspecific aboutwhat we want toachieve in thetimeframe?Do we have asystem forchecking activityagainst timeframeas we progress?Is ourtimeframe partof a biggerplan i.e. yearone of three?What is our timeframe?
  14. 14. AuditConsensusWho do weneed toengage aboutour plans?How do wego aboutengaging?How will wereport backonprogress? Who willinfluenceour plans?Are weengagingstaff aboutour plans?Do we have consensus?
  15. 15. AuditAssessment/ evaluationHave webenchmarkedwhere we arenow?SurveysCoverage inthe pressand mediaFeedbackvia thewebsite How do staffspeak abouttheorganisation?DirectresponseEngagementand profileHow will we know if wehave been successful?
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