Social Media - 21st Century Promotion
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Social Media - 21st Century Promotion



Presentation for City of Greensboro's "Spring Into Success" Workshop

Presentation for City of Greensboro's "Spring Into Success" Workshop



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Social Media - 21st Century Promotion Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media 21st Century PromotionCity of Greensboro’s “Spring Into Success Series” 2011
  • 2. Real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting…and useful…• Follow people and have Followers• You ‘Tweet’ and ‘Re-Tweet’: RT and ‘Reply’ and …• ‘DM’ –direct message• Based in San Francisco, CA• 5th Birthday• 190 million worldwide Tweeters/65 million Tweets per day/460,000 accounts opened per day
  • 3. Who’s on Twitter? Friends and industry peers you know. Celebrities you watch. Businesses you frequent. Companies hiring.
  • 4. JOBS! Jobs!
  • 5. CEOs@richardbranson
  • 6. Business Icons@jack_welch
  • 7. Celebrities@russellcrowe
  • 8. Companies@EarthFare
  • 9. @GreensboroBear
  • 10. Journalists in the field @richardengelnbc
  • 11. National News @foxnews
  • 12. Local News @digtriad
  • 13. Political Figures
  • 14. @MittRomney
  • 15. The President
  • 16. Facebook helps you connect andshare with the people in your life.51% of Americans on Facebook600 million users worldwideBased in Palo Alto, CA7th Birthday (2004)
  • 17. you:• ‘Friend’ people on Facebook• Send ‘Friend Requests’• ‘Like’ businesses, companies, causes• ‘Join’ groups• Update your ‘status’ on your ‘Wall’• Post on other ‘Friends’ Wall’s• Send ‘Messages’, i.e. like email• ‘IM’, instant message, or chat with Friends
  • 18. Who’s on Facebook:
  • 19. Jobs!
  • 20. The President
  • 21. Keep up with favorite shows
  • 22. Companies
  • 23. More companies..
  • 24. Even more companies..
  • 25. Causes
  • 26. National News
  • 27. Local News
  • 28. Inspirational
  • 29. Advice/Public Figures
  • 30. Celebrities/Public Figures
  • 31. And, lots and lots of Friends
  • 32. On LinkedIn you:Of the 3, oldest socialnetworking site (but just Build a ‘Profile’barely)…2003; 8th Birthday ‘Share an Update’ Add ‘Connections’90 million worldwide users in Invite people to ‘Connect’ with you200 countries Accept ‘Invitations to Connect’ Are shown ‘People You May Know’Top place employers visit to Ask for ‘Introductions’find out info about potential Join ‘Groups’candidates… Join ‘Discussions’ ‘Answer’ questions……
  • 33. Connect, Power, Get Answers• Who’s on LinkedIn?
  • 34. Who’s On• Previous/Current Colleagues• Previous/Current Bosses• University networks• Company networks• Who’s Who of This and That• Headhunters• HR Directors• …and just about everybody else that can impact your career….
  • 35. Only Social Media Site With Jobs Tab• Only Social Media Site with Jobs Tab:
  • 36. Only Social Media Site You Can SearchCompanies…and find out Who You Know…
  • 37. How To Get Started on Social Media?
  • 38. Show Up• Show UP• Teach Yourself• Use online tutorials & webinars• Take advantage of free seminars• Set aside time to LEARN; this is a new skill• Use it or lose it• No dumb questions…If all that doesn’t work…• Ask (or bribe) close friend, teenager and 2nd grader to show you the ropes
  • 39. Find a job, network to improve your chances of finding a job, build your social mediaskills, connect with friends, reconnect with old friends, spy on your kids, get specialoffers, seek support, give support, tell people what you’re doing, find daily inspiration& motivation, find a job, build your social media skills, central photo sharing spot,Charlie Sheen’s meltdown, follow the Royal Wedding, eliminations on AmericaIdol/Dancing With the Stars, seem ‘with it’ to your kids, seem ‘with it’ to potentialemployers, look at Prom pictures from 1985, get movie & dining recommendations,find out if school is delayed/closed, spy on your kids, find a job…..
  • 40. Brand Yourself• Be yourself (with filters)• Be your best• Share your best• Respond with your best• Make friends and say thank-you, welcome and please.• Remember to close windows, lock doors and turn out lights – PRIVACY SETTINGS!
  • 41. How To Be a Great Social Networker• Consistency – use a great picture! That’s what Photoshop is for…• Complete – Work history? Awards? Schools? Certificates?• Correct – 2nd, 3rd, 4th set of eyes• Complimentary – ‘like’ updates, ‘share’ links, ‘comment’• Congratulate – accomplishments of other people• Engagement – be a gracious ‘host’, offer interesting links and make people feel welcome on your social media profiles.• Reciprocity – What can YOU do for others?
  • 42. Final thoughts• If it doesn’t work, count to 10… try again…• Install Windows/Explorer/Firefox/Java/Adobe Updates• You must invest in updated equipment• Ask for help• Be patient with yourself, you’ll never know it all• And once you know most of it, it’ll change….be flexible….• Social Media is not a FAD. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn make not be around in 10 years but something like it will.• Approach how social media can make your life easier or cheaper not how it’s a time waster…