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Presentation 10 Presentation 10 Presentation Transcript

  • the reproductive system
    by Debbie Cornish
  • gynecology-the study of the female reproductive system
  • gynecology means "the science of women" 
    the female reproductive system includes the breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, and vuvlva.
    gynecologists perform diagnostic tests such as pap smears (screening test for cervical cancer) and  pelvic exams.
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  • gynecology
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  • ovum (egg)-the female sex cell
  • ovum
  • ovum
    Eggs are produced by the ovaries.  They are the largest cells in the human body.
  • ovum
    Eggs contain 23 chromosomes and all contain X chromosomes.  Sperm cells contain either X or Y cells and therefore determine the sex of the fetus.
  • 3 stages of labor and delivery
    Dilation stage-Uterine contractions dilate the cervix.
    Expulsion stage-Birth of the baby.
    Placenta stage-Delivery of the placenta.
  • Labor and delivery-dilation
    The dilation stage occurs from the time true labor begins, until the cervix is completely dilated.  This is the longest stage.  In first time moms this can last 12-16 hours.  For subsequent births it usually lasts around 6-7 hours. There are 3  phases to the dilation stage.
    Phase 1-early labor.  This is the longest phase with irregular contractions.
    Phase 2-acive labor.  Here there are regular contractions that become longer and closer together.
    Phase 3-transition.  This is the shortest but most difficult phase.  The cervix opens and stretches, and the baby descends from the birth canal.
  • labor and delivery-dilation stage
  • Labor and delivery-Expulsion stage
    In this stage the baby is born.  The placenta is cut, and the baby will take its first breath.
  • labor and delivery
  • labor and delivery-placental stage
    This is the shortest stage, lasting 5-15 minutes.  The 3rd stage begins with the birth of the baby and ends with the delivery of the placenta.