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You Tube Presentation


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Presentation on YouTube, it's history, impact, and how it correlates to The Book of Jer3miah, an online web series.

Presentation on YouTube, it's history, impact, and how it correlates to The Book of Jer3miah, an online web series.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. User-Generated Content
    As seen through YouTube
  • 2. A (very) Brief history
  • 3. Beginnings
    YouTube was founded by these guys:
    Originally employees of Paypal, the three founded YouTube in 2005 as a way to share videos easily via the internet. The company began in a garage.
    Chad Hurley
    Steven Chen
    Jawed Karim
  • 4. YouTube’s Growth
    The very first YouTube video was uploaded by Jawed Karim in April of 2005, and can still be viewed today.
    In May of 2005, the site was opened up to the public.
    By July of 2006 YouTube was ranked the 5th most popular website, with over 65,000 new videos uploaded, and over 100 million views daily.
  • 5. Still Expanding
    YouTube is only growing more and more every day.
    It is estimated that around 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute. That’s almost a day’s worth of videos!
    As of right this minute there are approximately NUMBER videos on Youtube right now, and counting.
  • 6. Ask yourself this question…
  • 7. Internet: Not Just for Intertainement?
  • 8. Responses:
    “[It is] really powerful, and it really brings the country to the presidential candidates in a very visual and contextual way.”
    –Steve Grove, Head of PR for Youtube
    the new world order has hijacked our country, wake up if u value freedom and liberty!!
    - DirtyMill08
  • 9. Smashing the Walls of Corporate America?
    It reads like a scene in Empire Records. The big guys are going down. The little guys, cool and hip, are winning.
    Through the grassroots movement, we are seeing fans respond and requesting more from small, unrepresented artists.
  • 10. The playing field, so to speak, has been leveled.
  • 11. Humanity and the Internet
    Ze Frank had “King of the Comments” and “FabulosoFriday”
    Molls does Q & A with her followers
    Youtubereaction videos are vastly popular
    People are engaging in public dialogues.
  • 12. Like Socrates or Aristotle…
  • 13.
  • 14. Popular Categories of User-Generated Content
    On Youtube
  • 15. FMVs
    Fan Made Videos!
    Essentially a rehash of popular segments of TV shows, Celebrities, or Video Games
    Often set to an unrelated song
  • 16. Fan Reviews
    Users become fans or critics by using Youtube to broadcast their opinions
    Simplest fan reviews shot on webcams with no editing whatsoever
    Elaborate reviews produced by actual companies with their own websites
  • 17. Mashups/Remixes
    Mashups refer to videos created by users that splice together different videos for a cool or comical effect
    Remixes refer to Mashups that focus mostly on the audio mashing, often turning regular speech into singing or rapping
  • 18. Memes
    Rhymes with “creams”
    Internet Memes are any form of media that quickly gain high levels of popularity and recognition
    Many of the most well-known memes were spawned or distributed through Youtube
  • 19. How Does this Relate
    To The Book of Jer3miah?
  • 20. Fan Contest
    A Fan Contest would give the fans of Jer3miah a chance to show their love of the show through YouTube. They could be allowed to make any kind of video they’d like, as long as it incorporates the show.
    In order to create more hype, we can have a minimum “views” requirement, so that they’ll be sure to share it with their friends
    For a prize we could give them merchandise (because there should be) and/or a chance to make a small appearance on the show.
  • 21. Examples of Jer3miah Fan Videos
    A Remix:
    An FMV:
    A Fan review:
    And some Fan Fiction: