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getting into groups presentation

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Assignment 9

  1. 1. By Debbie, Maria and MilkaASSIGNMENT 9: GETTING INTOGROUPS
  2. 2. Colour codes Milka Debbie Maria
  3. 3. Milka The grade I got for assignment 1 is a C What I learnt in that assignment is different ways to lay out my blog, how to examine peoples blog, what I need in my blog, to get the highs grade possible and what I need in my blog
  4. 4. Skills I bring to the group leadership originality hard group worker.
  5. 5. What you will see,in the opening sequence Girl walking through a quiet round She hears stuff, and starts to get scared We see her boyfriends jacket that she was wearing on the floor, and know sign of her We she a car driving off The girl roped up, in a bath
  6. 6. What went well Courses enigma Ending makes people want to watch the the whole film Very clear and understanding
  7. 7. What have I learned ?My grade : B+From assignment 1 I learnt : Different possible ways of laying out my blog How to analyse blogs What is right or wrong with the blogs How to compare two students’ blogs
  8. 8. My skillsSkills I bring to the group: Communication Leadership Confidence Care and application Creativity
  9. 9. TargetsMy own targets: Re-read task and check if anything is missing Start using the clear (P.E.E) layout After each presentation remember to post on blog with the feedback given.
  10. 10. My idea Genre : Romantic dramaOpening sequence Close up shot of wedding rings Slow motion of the husband seeing the guy for the first time Wife’s reaction as he leaves home with suitcase Despair of wife looking at pictures of when they were together Leaves house running after him
  11. 11. WWW & EBIWWW Close up shot of wedding rings Idea of wife looking at old pictures of when they were both happyEBI Not use a homosexuality as it is not very realistic
  12. 12. What grade did you receiveand what did you learn fromassignment 8?• I learnt that I have to go over different genres and learn what the conventions are.• Also I learnt that I have to look over my themes and fit them with what my ideas are.
  13. 13. What skills do you bring tothe group? Creativity Energy Leadership Good ideas Helping all time. Always be there when we need to shoot.
  14. 14. Targets I have set for myself Research about different genres. Be more careful about my work, and how I present it. Give more time to media and to produce very good work and not just satisfactory Achieve higher than a C in all presentations
  15. 15. What was my theme? My theme is drama.
  16. 16. 5 main ideas for my openingsequence I’m going to firstly show the needles on the floor with the broken bottle and just a little bit of the girls hand on with blood coming out of it. Then it is going to jump on to the next shot of the her best friend and the boyfriend in the park but i will not show the girls face. Lastly i am going to show the boyfriend and the mum entering the toilet. They are going to have a shocked look on their face, but however i will not show who died. Girls face remains a mystery.
  17. 17. WWW and EBI WWW: Creating enigma EBI: Make the opening sequence just a bit shorter and not too reveal too much.
  18. 18. The End