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Assignment 8

  1. 1. By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Questions  What documentaries have you watched ? One born every minute, peter andrey’s bad boyfriends, cat fish  What documentaries have you enjoyed ? Katie: the science of seeing again, big fat gypsy wedding, undatables, jersey shore  What documentaries have you not enjoyed ? The world’s largest snake, natures wild feast  What are some interesting or current debate topics in world today would you like to learn more about? IVF, the cures of cancer, animal testing  What kind of topics would you like to see a documentary about ?  IVF Female Age: 22 Lives : UK Working class
  3. 3. Questions What documentaries have you watched ?One born every minute, supersize vs superskinny,jersey shore, big brother What documentaries have you enjoyed ?Cat fish , man vs food , the kardashians, extreme A&E What documentaries have you not enjoyed ?56 up, bank of dave What are some interesting or current debate topics in world today would you like to learn more about?Genetic engineering, euthanasia What kind of topics would you like to see a documentary about ?Genetic engineering Female Ages : 17 Lives: UK Working class
  4. 4. Questions  What documentaries have you watched ? Up in smoke, john snow’s Paralympic show, best of British, knockout scousers  What documentaries have you enjoyed ? Secrets of pickpockets, undercover at the news of the world, the secret millionaire  What documentaries have you not enjoyed ? My transsexual summer, bank of dave  What are some interesting or current debate topics in world today would you like to learn more about? New cars in the market, new technologies, the movement of technology  What kind of topics would you life to see a documentary about ? The movement of technology/ cinema Male Age : 39 Lives: UK Working class
  5. 5. Questions  What documentaries have you watched ? My big fat fetish, up in smoke, secret millionaire, my kidney and me, extreme A&E  What documentaries have you enjoyed ? Extreme A&E, secret millionaire, up in smoke, bums, boobs and Botox  What documentaries have you not enjoyed ? The ancient skeletons of Peru, the royal history of pop  What are some interesting or current debate topics in world today would you like to learn more about? Plastic surgery, how to keep a healthy diet, dead bodies after 5 years being buried  What kind of topics would you life to see a documentary about ? The whole process of plastic surgery Female Aged: 39 Lives : UK Working class
  6. 6.  History documentaries are not as popular as contemporary issues Males prefer to watch documentaries to do with sport and technology Females enjoy documentaries to do with their bodies and society Young people enjoy documentaries about contemporary issues and mysterious cases (cat fish ) Young males do not find documentaries interesting and therefore do not watch as many as females. People tend to watch documentaries that link with their kind of lifestyle
  7. 7. Should children be What is meant my allowed to watch tv Is gender created feminine and from an early age? biologically or by masculine society? identities? Do animals think like Teenage pregnancy Topics us? How is life seen as a celebrity ? TeenageIs aborting social life Does genderalwayswrong? always have an What is the impact on the difference What causes school subjects between and how to chosen by someone’s stop a heart children? gender to attack someone’s sex?
  8. 8.  Is aborting always wrong? Should children be allowed to watch tv from an early age Is gender created biologically or by society?
  9. 9. What would people learn about it ?  Advantages and disadvantages of abortion  What could take a women to have an abortion  Statistics of abortion in the UK  The religious view of abortion  What society thinks about abortion  What the foetus looks like week by week of pregnancyWhat style of documentary ?  This documentary would be mostly informative  A little persuasive to those who think abortion is always wrong as some positive sides will also be mentioned.What would each episode be about?1. Advantages and disadvantages of abortion.2. Statistics and Testimonials of women who have carried and abortionwhy they did it ? Do they regret it?3. Religious and social view of abortion.  interviews of priests, pastors,sociologist
  10. 10. What would people learn about it?  the influence media has on children  Advantages and disadvantages of tv in children’s life  Statisctics about the dependence on tv children have today  What makes tv attractive to children  Does tv help children learn new things ?What style of documentary ?  InformativeWhat would each episode be about?1. Statisctics of children dependent of tv and what makes it attractive tothem2. Advantages and disadvantages of tv in a child’s life  interviews ofparents and children3. The influence media has on children, does it help them learn new things? interview of sociologist, psychologist
  11. 11. What would people learn about it?  Family, school and media have an impact on our gender  Some sociologists see it as a social construction and others argue that it is formed during primary socialisation (family).  Gender is used to describe the ways in which men and women are expected to behave in society.What style of documentary ?  InformativeWhat each episode be about?1. What is gender and how family, media and school has an impact on it ?2. How is gender a formed  interview people on street,sociologists
  12. 12.  Is abortion always wrong ? Should children be allowed to watch Tv from an early age?
  13. 13.  Definition of abortion : Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Arguments against abortion : Killing people is wronga foetus is a personkilling potential people is wrong Causing pain is wrong Increasing tolerance of killing is wrong Arguments in favour of abortion: The foetus is not necessarily a person with the right to live It is not always wrong to end the life of an innocent person (in case of having to choose, conjoined twins) Potential human beings dont have rights (only active) The pregnant woman has moral rights too Is it better to have an abortion or have the baby for it so suffer and have no conditions?
  14. 14. atch?v=TCifpbfQlOM&featu Abortion is re=related Obama and wrong abortion /watch?v=us_y9GP_-DA om/watch?v=sHWFLu Priest talking EBP_E&feature=relate about d Overview of abortion abortion
  15. 15. Advantages : • Children may learn new things • Entertainment for them • Learn a language • Have family time together • Keep the child company Disadvantages: Children under 2 • Children may becomem/watch?v=81M2JUfcd should not be allowed antisocialuA to watch TV. • Mix fantasy with reality • Have a different image of the world • Bad for their eye sight • Affect their attention in school
  16. 16. Use of interviews Aim : One born every minute • Make it clear to audience Supersize vs super skinny • Informative • Clear aim Lifers • Be aware of the different points of view These particular interviews made the documentary very informative and clear of what the aim was. Therefore I would like to use this particular technique in my work. All from channel 4
  17. 17. Aim : • Audience understand the topic • Make each point clear • Backup each point given with picturesUse of supportive images • Inform the audience • Get the audience engaged with Undatables the images Supersize vs superskinny One born every minute Supportive images were very important in the documentaries I watched because it showed the audience what the topic was really about and also the information was sent out in a clearer way.
  18. 18.  Female Aged: 15-25 – average age in which girls may think about having an abortion Interest- religion, education, society, facts and statistics about abortion Social class : w/c and m/c, mostly w/c as its mostly these who think about abortion as they may not have enough money and time to have a child Channel 4 Time shown: 21:00
  19. 19.  Male and female Aged : 25-45 – average age that have young children. Interest- society, children, influence media has on young people Social class: m/c – usually m/c people have more time and are more interested about the education media may give their children. Channel 4 - real life issues Time shown : 12:00-03:00pm
  20. 20. Channel 4  Contemporary life and relationships  Provocative series  Shown in series  True stories  ConventionalTime : 21:00  likely to become talking point television  Target audience
  21. 21. Channel 4  Sociological  Real life issues  Conventional  Contemporary topic in UKTime : 12:00pm  Target audience  time that parents are home, waiting for time to pick up children from school.
  22. 22. Use  Interviews Informs audience Shows different points of view Priest/ pastor Female who has had an abortion Sociologist Include experiences and perspectives
  23. 23.  Use Interviews Informative to audience of who is the person speaking Parents Sociologist Psychologist Aim : Listen to different point of views
  24. 24. Use  Titles Informs audience : name and vocation Gives a little more information about the character being interviewed Audience take information into consideration Used to help audience not get confused
  25. 25. Use  Supporting images Use it as evidence Get our point across Show footage of celebrities speaking about the topic (Obama & Madonna) To get a clear aim of documentary
  26. 26. Use  Presenter/ voiceover Guide the audience Inform what is happening Make documentary more clear Have introduction to what is coming next Explain each point given
  27. 27. Use  statistics Informative Interesting to the audience Number of abortions made in the uk Persuasive – may change people’s opinion
  28. 28. Use  Statistics Informative Number of children dependent on Tv Showing what children do during their free time What channel is the most popular
  29. 29. Use  natural lighting Making it more conventional Realistic Believable to the audience Audience take the topic more seriously
  30. 30. Use  establishing shot Informs audience where it is taking place Gives audience a hint of what it is expected Sends image of what it is like to be there Introduction to the topic
  31. 31. Establishing shot Establishing shot of a See presenter talking hospital, voiceover starts with about the topicof a church and introduction to the topic outside a church Shot of presenterInterview of a outside church Interview withsociologist introducing religious priest views
  32. 32. Shot of contraception Presenter introducing Show interviews and voiceover about the public’s opinion it. about it with the publicShow interview with a Interview with a Statistics ofperson who has had an psychologist informing the mother’s feeling for her to abortion in the UKabortion do this.
  33. 33. Establishing shot of a Presenter walking by aEstablishing nursery with voiceover school and talking about theshot of the bbc introducing the topic aim of the documentaryInterview of the public, Statistics of children Show more images ofshowing images of who are dependent on children just watchingchildren watching tv TV tv
  34. 34. Presenter talks about Statistics showing that tvthe parents’ opinion Interview with is the most popularabout the topic parents technology that a child uses today. PresenterShow parents Interview of a interviewing childrensupporting their childusing technologies sociologist to hear their point of view