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  1. 1. Northwest Quadrant KS
  2. 2. Rowe house and round barn – pre-cut buildings ordered from Sears Roebuck in 1914. Private property. On Osage Road east of 6th Road.
  3. 3. PIC? Immanuel Lutheran school marker . Located in an area where many Germans settled over 100 years ago. The so-called “South School” here as well as a “North School” were established in 1888 when the original Immanuel Lutheran parochial school became too crowded. Some teaching in these schools was in German as late as the 1940s. On Harvest Road ½ mi east of 2nd Road. Contact: Leland Holle, 785-337-2569. PIC? Danish Lutheran Church and Cemetery . Organized in the 1870s. The present building was used from 1879 until 1955. In the cemetery, which is also called "Evergreen," unusual decorative grave markers crafted in iron by early blacksmith Hans Hanson. On 3rd Road between Limestone and Matador Roads.
  4. 4. Bremen School . This former one-room public school is now a community center. At 2nd and Granite Roads Contact:  Leland Holle, 785-337-2569. Hollenberg Pony Express Station . The station house (1857) is now part of a 7-acre state park. Open April through August, Wed. - Sat. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun. 1 - 5 p.m. 785-337-2635. In Washington County 4 miles north of U.S. 36 and K-148 and 1/4 mile east on K-243.  Or, from Marshall-Washington County line at Granite Road go 2 miles west on 23rd Road.
  5. 5. Hermansberg Immanuel Lutheran Church . Built by German settlers in 1901,  this is the largest of several Lutheran church buildings in this area. On 3rd Road north of Eagle Road.  Contact: Leland Holle, 785-337-2569. Stateline Lutheran Church . The church here was organized in 1883. The present building was constructed in 1904. The steeple is lighted at night year-round. Located ¼ mile west of Hwy 77 at the Nebraska line.  Contact: Leland Holle, 785-337-2569.
  6. 6. Moore house , 1904. General store and quarry owner Z. H. Moore and his wife Lavinia could not agree on whether to build a stone or frame house, so the first story is limestone and the second is frame with shingle siding. 15. Oketo Cut-off . A shortcut used for several months in 1862-63 after the owner of the Overland Stage line had a falling-out with Marysville and decided his stagecoaches would bypass that town altogether. Just south of the marker is the grave of Louis Tibbets, who died in June 1861. On 12th road .3 mi south of Cherokee Road. 16. Oketo stage line marker . On Cherokee Road just west of 11th Road. 17. Redtop/Scully School . “Scully” was the name of a wealthy Irish family which owned and rented out thousands of acres in Marshall County and elsewhere in the Midwest. This building was used from 1898 until 1953. At 14th and Cherokee Roads.
  7. 7. Southwest Quadrant , KS
  8. 8. Don’t like interior
  9. 9. Opera House (1903). Restored and in frequent use for community gatherings and performances. Named to the National Register of Historic Places in October 2008. Ride on the Central Branch Railroad , one of the oldest tracks in Kansas. Contact: Ann Walter, 785-363-2343, Annlwalter@bluevalley.net
  10. 10. Samuel Powell house . Queen Anne style, restored in 1990’s. National Register of Historic Places. Local contact: Ward Alan Minge, 785-363-2498. 29. Game Fork School . Rural school, closed in 1952 and later moved to northwest corner of the Waterville City Park. Now a designated Scouthouse headquarters. Local schoolchildren recreate activities of a one-room school here one day a year. 30. Keefover/Mount Pleasant School and cemetery . In 1893 a woman who had died after the birth of her eighth child was buried here where her older children attended school. The grave is in the northwest part of the schoolyard and is marked by rocks. Private property. On Sunflower Road ½ mile west of 2nd Road.
  11. 11. Southeast Quadrant
  12. 12. Frame schoolhouse . The first school building in Frankfort, used from 1870 until 1880. Moved to the city park in recent years and now houses a small museum. Open on request; call 785-292-4336 or Frankfort contacts. 2nd and Oak Streets.
  13. 13. New Brookville Hotel in Abilene, KS Too modern
  14. 14. Old Abilene Town
  15. 15. Great for second hotel but does it have interior? Old Abilene Town
  16. 16. Interior? Old Abilene Town
  17. 17. Original Brookville hotel in Brookville- has no interior
  18. 18. Old Abilene Town Interior?
  19. 19. Cow Town
  20. 24.                                            
  21. 28.                      
  22. 29. Interior to hotel? Rooms?
  23. 31.