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Every Tool You Could Ever Need To Rank In Every Search Engine Is Revealed! SEO Secrets Are Exposed With The Tools The Pros Use.

Every Tool You Could Ever Need To Rank In Every Search Engine Is Revealed! SEO Secrets Are Exposed With The Tools The Pros Use.



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20 seo secrets 20 seo secrets Document Transcript

  • Search engine optimization is not about skills. It’s about tools. There are tools all over the internet that will help you optimize your sites and truly conquer your competition in the major search engines. The amount of tools available is totally and completely staggering. This report eliminates the guesswork. These are the tools to best optimize your sites and get the results necessary for your online business. It is a fact that people inherently trust natural search engine rankings. This equates to more purchases and more money. If Google likes your site than you must be trustworthy! This report is short and sweet. It gives you all of the information you need to use the astounding tools provided here. Enjoy! www.20SEOSecrets.com Published By: Neil Harvey 2007 All Rights Reserved 1
  • Tool #1 - Spyfu This is the best keyword research tool I have ever seen. Pay Per Click advertising gives you an immediate source of traffic. Since it costs money, people take care to ensure they have the best keywords and are only paying for the ones that drive in the customer with a credit card in hand. This website gives you all of their research! You have two options when using Spyfu to hijack the research of your competitors: Type in a keyword term – this gives you the average cost for the term, daily budget, similar terms, adwords results, organic results, directory categories, and more. By checking the similar items, you can get other terms that companies are paying for along with your main term. Type in a URL – By typing in the URL of one of your competitors, you can find the exact keywords they are using in their pay per click campaign. It literally hands you their months of keyword research for FREE! By combining Spyfu with other keyword research tools, you will know exactly what to optimize your site for. The information you get at Spyfu will blow away all other tools, though. All you have to do is find someone in your industry that has been around for a few years. You can be sure that they have adjusted and tweaked their campaigns to the fullest over time. Now you get to take their research and save yourself years of time! Combine Spyfu with Keyword Elite and you have all of the keyword research tools you could ever need. Keyword Elite blows away all other tools I’ve seen. 2
  • Tool #2 & 3 - W3C HTML Validator & Google Ranking Factors W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium. They are the code validation specialists. The tool they offer will check all of the html, xml, or other code on your web page and tell you what is wrong, missing, or incorrect. It even shows you what to do to fix it. Search engine spiders will stop reading a page if the code is horrible. Check your code and fix any errors you can. The page provided for Google Ranking Factors tells you exactly how to set up your coding on and off your websites and pages to ensure the best results in Google. The other engines pretty much follow what Google decides, so this is the SEO Bible as far as I’m concerned. It gives you a ton of information regarding every aspect of SEO and could easily be something that this company charged for. The largest problem with SEO information is how outdated it normally is. This page is constantly updated and you can trust that what you find there is accurate and worth listening to. While search engines change their algorithms constantly, this page will keep up with the changes and ensure that you’re informed. 3
  • Tool #4 - WebCeo I use WebCeo mainly to monitor my sites rankings in the search engines. Here are some of the things that it can do: • Get the list of keywords and keyphrases that will bring most targeted visitors to your site. • Optimize your Web pages for top-10 positions and superior visibility in major search engines all over the globe. • Submit your site to search engines that bring so much traffic to your competition. • Analyze and build links by performing a profound link research and then finding and contacting the best of potential link partners. • Manage pay-per-click campaigns from a single unified workspace. • Track your positions in search engines and know for sure how effective your Website promotion efforts are. • Get a ground-breaking insight into site, its visitors, and the origins of traffic. Who are they? Where do they come from? And 100 more reports! • Easily edit your Web pages in Visual and HTML views. Get instant access to important tags without striving through HTML. Change anything on your pages with one click. • Upload any file or folder to your host without getting through sophisticated FTP routines. • Monitor the availability of your website to know when your server or host goes down to immediately react. Web CEO comes in a free version that is completely full featured and ad free. The paid edition is even better and has no limitations at all. 4
  • Tool #5 - Hittail Hittail is a free analytics tool that tells you what keywords your visitors are using to find your website. It is actually far more intuitive than that simple statement. It is focused on longtail keywords. It gives you a list of keywords that your site ranks for and lets you know if you’re in the top 10 for those terms. It tells you how many times someone has clicked on that specific term to visit your site. It gives you the exact URL that your visitors came from. This is helpful because you can visit the URL to see where your link is. It gives you SUGGESTIONS of what you should optimize your site for. Longer, more focused search terms normally have a higher rate of purchase. Some of these terms would simply require being used in a <h1> or <strong> tag and you would rank very highly for them. Side note: Nobody has a direct understanding of why search engines rank websites for certain terms. Research has been done and there are assumptions, but the proof is in your personal experience with search engines. I have friends that have ranked for words that are never even mentioned on their pages. If you search the term “click here”, it leads to adobe’s website. This is because people use that term in the anchor text links pointing to their website. This tool helps you use what you never knew you had. 5
  • Tool #6 - Wordpress & Blogger A blog is a mandatory piece of your online puzzle. Search engines love blogs because they are easy for their spiders to read, they are updated often with content, and are very easy to modify. You should post to your blog at least twice per week. If you are talking about something on your main site, link to it. You have a link list on the sidebar of your blog. Use it to link to all of your sites that have a common subject with your blog. Avoid posting links to sites you don’t own. Your goal with your blog is to rank well for your main terms and funnel your customers into your website. This means no adsense and no affiliate links for your main blogs. Creating a blog for adsense and affiliate sales is easy and should be held separately from your main blog. Your posts should be from 200 – 1000 words and contain truly valuable information for your potential customer. This gives them a reason to come back and see what you’re talking about next. Every time you blog, you must ping. Wordpress has an auto-ping feature and it will ping for you automatically. Hosted blogs do not. These pings will have you listed in the largest blogging directories online. Here are the ping services I use: Ping-o-matic Pingoat Feedshark 6
  • Tool #7 & #8 - Submit’em Now & RSS Feed Creator Every blog comes with RSS feeds. This is a way for your readers to get updated every time you update your blog. For SEO purposes, RSS feeds are amazing. The tool called Submit’em Now is an RSS feed submission tool that you can get for FREE at their site. It is a Firefox browser plugin and is very easy to install, the browser basically does it for you. It comes loaded with 113 RSS directories that you can submit your feed to. This results in great backlinks for your blog. The first thing you do is set up your project. Then you simply click the next button to begin the submission process. Some sites take longer than others, but I’ve been able to complete a submission in 30 – 40 minutes. Remember that RSS feeds are on ALL blogs. This includes Myspace, Wordpress, and Blogger. There are a few sites that you may not think of that have RSS feeds, as well. Squidoo and Social Bookmarking sites have RSS feeds for you. This will increase the backlinks to your sites and the power of the links that point to you from them. These simple things will separate you from the competition. You should have an RSS feed for your regular website. I recommend an article feed, it works well. You can go here to make one with ease. 7
  • Tool #9 – Social Bookmarking Tools - Onlywire & Socializer Social Bookmarking is basically saving a website to your favorites, but posting it to the internet instead. Many of these sites us a “no-follow” attribute for links, but not all of them. It will help with traffic and SEO by using the tools above. Onlywire is an automated social bookmarking tool. It has 18 sites built in to it. You take a bookmarklet and add it to your toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox. You click on the bookmarklet and it takes you to Onlywire. Onlywire takes the URL and the title information from the page. Feel free to modify the title, as that will be the anchor text linking to your site. You then choose tags that describe the page you are bookmarking. Onlywire has you separate tags by a space, so you need to cover all your bases when it comes to phrases. I normally create one word with no spaces (affiliatemarketing) and separate with a hyphen (affiliate-marketing) to ensure proper coverage. Each tag has its own page. That page will contain a link back to your site! I recommend using 10 – 20 tags per bookmark. You need to include a description of the link in the comments box. Your description should include any valid keywords you can include, while continuing to make sense. Click on the submit button and you just created over 100 backlinks! The Socializer is a website that helps you bookmark over 50 sites. Be sure to look at each site individually to make sure you separate your tags properly. Some use commas, while others use spaces. Make sure you don’t double bookmark your sites. I keep a small post-it with the sites on Onlywire to make sure I don’t waste any time double bookmarking sites. 8
  • Tool #10 - Social Websites List This is quite simply the most complete list of Web 2.0 link building sites available online. It is constantly updated and accurate. This site will make it very easy for you to find niche bookmarking sites that will be great for SEO and generating traffic. Tag and Ping taught me how to utilize these sites properly. Tool #11 - Squidoo Squidoo is basically a blog on crack. It incorporates tons of features to make what they call a “lens”. This lens can consist of tons of different content. Here are some of the options they offer you: Link lists RSS feeds Youtube Videos Plexo link lists (visitors can vote for their favorites). Text fields Image Fields Del.icio.us posts A Guestbook and much more The key to setting up a good Squidoo lens is content. You cannot simply add a bunch of links and expect to do well with Squidoo. Add some videos, your blog RSS feed, a guestbook and some articles. In between content, add things like link lists and Plexo lists. These are great for SEO as Squidoo lenses rank very well in the search engines. Post in the guestbooks of others and post a link to your sites in your comments. Join groups of lenses like your own to increase the traffic to your lens. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories using Submit’em Now. 9
  • Tool #12 - Wikis A Wiki is a user written encyclopedia. The link above is to the first Wiki ever made – Wikipedia. The link is there for you to see, but for SEO benefit Wikipedia is useless. They use “no-follow” tags for links. Take a look at Wikipedia and you’ll find a TON of information on literally any subject. The thing with Wikis is that you have to use “deep linking” to get any benefit. If you are focusing on the parenting niche and post a link on the parenting page, it will get deleted almost instantly. You must find a more targeted page. It will help you with your efforts by using a more focused page anyways. Search in Google for your main keywords with the term “wiki”. There are literally thousands out there and I’m sure there is one for your type of product and business. 10
  • Tool #13 - Article Directories Writing articles and submitting them to directories is one of the best methods for search engine optimization and driving traffic to your websites. There are some key tactics you must use to be most effective: Vary your anchor text with the largest directories. I recommend changing the anchor text and layout of the links in your resource box for the top 4 article directories – ezinearticles, goarticles, articlecity, and articledashboard. This will get you the best results as these are the sites that most people take articles from. Watch your conversion for which site directs the most traffic to you, and use that resource box for your widespread distribution. Keep your articles between 400 and 600 words. Any shorter is not effective. Any longer can be OK in the right situation, but don’t write a book. Use words that are easy for everyone to understand. Write about what you know. If you are in a niche that you don’t understand, outsource the writing of your articles. You can find freelance writers all over the internet. Submit a few articles per week and you’ll find that your reputation will spread very quickly. I still receive phone calls regarding a niche that I conquered in the past. You’ll find that helping people will generate a level of trust that you can’t get elsewhere. Use Article Post Robot to submit articles on a completely automated basis. Also there is Content Spooler to make articles unique. Excellent benefits from using these tools. 11
  • Tool #14 - Myspace & Other Networking Sites Myspace is the most visited site on the internet. This gives its member profiles a very powerful tool. The first place you must post your links is on your own profile. I use the “About Me” box to talk about my products a little, but focus on talking about you. The SEO benefit won’t change if you become a spammer. You can use their search function to find others that deal with your niche and comment on their profiles. You need to use html, so format your links like this - <a href=”url”>your text</a>. Make sure that the member profile you’re posting on allows html, or you’ll look like an idiot. Myspace groups are a great place to post your links, as well. Respond to posts related to what you know, with good information and you’ll get traffic from it too. I use Myspace Mastership to make my Myspace Marketing effortless. There are many other social networks, but my favorite is Stumbleupon. Following the same tactics above will work great for Stumbleupon. Your profile page can contain links to your website. There are groups as well. Stumbleupon lets you drive targeted traffic to your websites by submitting them to a category and allowing other “Stumblers” to wander through to your page. MyBlogLog is becoming one of the most used blogging tools online. Most major internet marketers are using it on their blog. Their widget actually shows pictures of who has been reading your blog. Again, this site consists of the same types of interaction as Myspace. There are communities and your own profile page. This gives you the ability to gain great exposure for your blog. 12
  • Tools 15 & 16 - Craigslist & EBay Craigslist is great for SEO purposes. The ads actually produce results too! Post a simple ad for your website, but avoid the “for sale” section. It is heavily policed and you’ll get caught very quickly. I post my ad in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Dallas. These are the most populated Craigslist sites. I post every 7 days with an ad that includes my URL (http://www.url.com). It generates traffic and can get your site indexed by the search engines within a few days. The backlinks it creates are very powerful, as well. Ebay is a link building tool that must be handled carefully. They do not want you linking to your websites in most spots. There are a few instances where you can get away with it. Your “ME” page is one spot you can use to link to your websites. Another method is to link to your website in an auction to a “non-sales” manner. For instance, you can post a link to a page of images for a product. You type – click here for more images and make it link to the page on your site. I recommend setting up a store there, as auctions only last a week. Store listings last at least 30 days. Ebay offers a bunch of features to direct traffic from within their site to your listings and profile. They have a wiki, blogs, forums, and chat rooms. Use these! Post articles to their wiki, blog using their service, chat in the forums and chat rooms. Brand yourself on Ebay and your business will benefit greatly. There are tons of Ebay products available that will help you understand how to earn money on the world’s largest internet marketplace. Easy Profit Auctions blows them all away with the most current and complete content available. 13
  • Tool 17 - Press Releases Press releases are designed to generate press interest in your business. This gives you greater exposure. It works very well for SEO. You create a press release around a press worthy subject. You include links to your website in the release. The links are very powerful. Here is a very well structured press release. Find other releases in your niche and make yours better. To get your release to be truly powerful, you need it to show up on Google News. I use Press Equalizer to submit my releases automatically and they always end up on Google News. Tool 18 – Forums Forums are discussion boards where like minded people discuss topics related to their interests. The key to forum marketing and link building with forums is to post good information. You respond to questions with good answers and ask questions that cause discussion and people will want to know more about you. In a forum, you get what is a called a signature. Your signature contains links to your websites. Be sure to check how many links you are allowed. Be sure to use anchor text links whenever possible. In a forum signature, you make your links in html or BB code. Here is what they look like: Html - <a href=”url”>text</a> BB code - [url="url"]text[/url] Do not spam forums, or your posts will get deleted. 14
  • Tool 19 – Web Directories I have mentioned many types of directories up to this point, but there are many more. Website directories are a source of one way inbound links that will make link building very easy for you. There are directories for Ezines, Affiliate programs, Websites of all kinds, and many others. To find directories, type your main keywords into Google with the term “directory”. Here is the kicker – Don’t just search the first few pages. Go as deep as 10 pages and look closely at the websites. There will be diamonds in the rough there. Remember that these sites will change ranking over time, so submitting only to the top directories is very stupid. Do you offer an Ezine? Submit it to directories. Do you have an affiliate program? Submit it to directories. Do you offer a free Ebook? Submit it to directories. Every link that points to your websites is important and you must continue to build them as time goes on. To submit my website to hundreds of directories, I use Directory Submitter. It takes roughly 4 hours to submit to 500 free directories. There are a total of over 1200 directories in their database, which includes some niche directories. I use this product all the time and love the results I get from it. 15
  • Tool 20 – The Only Resource List You’ll Ever Need! Must use list of Wordpress Plugins: Returns a list of the related entries based on active/passive Related Posts 2.04 keyword matches. By Alexander Malov, Mike Lu & Jon Bourne. Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web serivce to see if they look like spam or not. You need a WordPress.com API key to use this service. You can review the Akismet 1.15 spam it catches under “Manage” and it automatically deletes old spam after 15 days. Hat tip: Michael Hampton and Chris J. Davis for help with the plugin. By Matt Mullenweg. Allows easy marking of sticky posts in WordPress 2.0. Licensed Adhesive 3.2 under the MIT License, Copyright 2005 Owen Winkler. By Owen Winkler. wp-notable 1.14 Add social bookmark links to each blog entry. By Cal Evans. Easily add YouTube videos to your wordpress posts. By broadcastYourself 0.1 Werdna. Add feed subscription buttons to your blog. Config Instructions Chicklet Creator .02b By Thomas McMahon. Dagon Design Generates a customizable sitemap containing all posts and 2.6 Sitemap Generator pages. (Configure options in your admin panel) By Aleister. Enable You To Send Your Webblog Entry To A Friend. By WP-EMail 2.06 GaMerZ. Auto submits permalink to del.icio.us, furl, simpy + several Auto Social Poster 1.0 others By Anthony Ellis. My Tube 1.1 Plugin to integrate youtube with WordPress By Vaam Yob. Speeds up posting by moving generic pings to execute- No Ping Wait 2.0 pings.php By Robert Deaton. Displays A Printable Version Of Your WordPress Weblog Post. WP-Print 2.05 By GaMerZ. Post Teaser generates a preview or “teaser” of a post for the main, archive and category pages, with a link underneath to go Post Teaser 3.8 to the full post page. It includes features to generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time. By Jonathan Leighton (Turnip). Photopress adds user-friendly image handling tools to Wordpress, including a popup upload and browse tool, a Photopress 0.9.4 random image template function, and a simple album. Installs and uses database tables. By Isaac Wedin. This generator will create a Google compliant sitemap of your Google Sitemaps 2.7.1 WordPress blog. By Arne Brachhold. Inserts search engine optimized title tags using custom field (if SEO Title Tag 1.0 defined) or tag name for tag pages generated by 16
  • UltimateTagWarrior plugin By Stephan Spencer, Netconcepts. When someone is referred from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or WordPress’ own, the searchterms are highlighted. Search_Hilite 1.9 You can set the markup-style in Options pages or in your own css. /original Version 1.5 by Ryan Boren . Support for Chinese Language Added by Xuefeng Li By Georg Leciejewski. Keeps track of what your visitors are searching for. After you have activated this plugin, you can check the Search Meter Search Meter 1.1 Statistics page to see what your visitors are searching for on your blog. By Bennett McElwee. Ultimate Spam Killer for WordPress. Activate the plugin and go Spam Karma 2 2.2 r3 to Manage >> Spam Karma 2 to configure. See Spam Karma 2 >> About for details. By dr Dave. Adds a sidebar widget to display languages into which you can Translate 1.0 translate your blog. By Trevor Creech. Top 10 posts, Views Show Top 10 posts on your blog and count visits per post By 1.2 per post Mark Ghosh (LaughingLizard). Utopia1 Niche Site 1.0 Tools to enhance niche sites By David Pankhurst. Toolkit Single file(ish) version of Ultimate Tag Warrior. Good if you Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.0.1-SF have include issues; Bad if you are programming (: By Christine Davis. Creates quicktags for embedding various video types, including those hosted at YouTube and Google Video, into WordPress. Viper's Video Quicktags 3.0.0 Uses the ButtonSnap class by Owen Winkler. By Viper007Bond. WordPress Database On-demand backup of your WordPress database. By Scott 1.7 Backup Merrill. Allows selection of a Creative Commons license for blog wpLicense 0.7.5 content. By Nathan R. Yergler . Allows you to insert online videos in your post by providing the video url between the <video> tags. Also allows download the WPvideo 1.10 video (using DownThisVideo!) with a link below the video. By Antonio Perez. WP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you. It WP-ContactForm 1.4.3 can be implemented on a page or a post. It currently works with WordPress 2.0+ By Ryan Duff. Adds a sidebar widget to display del.icio.us links By Automattic, del.icio.us widget 1.0 Inc.. Adds a sidebar widget to let users search your site with Google. Google Search widget 1.0 By Automattic, Inc.. Adds “Sidebar Widgets” panel under Presentation menu By Sidebar Widgets 1.0.20060711 Automattic, Inc.. WP-Amazon adds the ability to search and include items from WP-Amazon 1.3.2 Amazon to your entries. This plugin adds a button called “Amazon” on the post page. Make sure to configure the plugin 17
  • before using. By Rich Manalang. 18
  • Ping list for a Wordpress Blog: Ping List for your blog http://api.my.yahoo.com/RPC2 http://api.my.yahoo.com/rss/ping http://bblog.com/ping.php http://bitacoras.net/ping/ http://blog.goo.ne.jp/XMLRPC http://blogdb.jp/xmlrpc http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc http://coreblog.org/ping/ http://ping.blo.gs/ http://ping.cocolog-nifty.com/xmlrpc http://ping.rootblog.com/rpc.php http://ping.syndic8.com/xmlrpc.php http://ping.weblogs.se/ http://rcs.datashed.net/RPC2 http://rpc.blogrolling.com/pinger/ http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ 19
  • http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2 http://topicexchange.com/RPC2 http://www.a2b.cc/setloc/bp.a2b http://www.bitacoles.net/ping.php http://www.blogpeople.net/servlet/weblogUpdates http://www.weblogues.com/RPC/ http://xmlrpc.blogg.de/ http://www.blogroots.com/tb_populi.blog?id=1 http://xping.pubsub.com/ping/ 20
  • Must use list of Website Directories: Directory and Link Free or Paid Cost Type DMOZ (Open Directory Project) Free 0 General Yahoo Directory Paid $299 General Business.com Paid $199 Business Linkopedia Paid $10 General Ableseek Paid $40 General Complete Directory Paid $15 General Greenstalk Paid $5 General whatUseek Paid $25 General Tygo Paid $20 General BizWeb Free 0 Shopping Bluefind Paid $40 General Microsoft Small Business Paid $49 Business Directory Joe Ant Free+Paid $40 General GoGuides Paid $50 General Skaffe Free+Paid $40 General Gimpsy Paid $40 General Best of the Web Paid $30 General Site Sift Paid $25 General Seoma Paid $15 General InCrawler Paid $15 General Sight Quest Paid $25 General Massive Links Paid $10 General SEO Friendly Directories A Free URL http://www.afreeurl.info/ Agile List http://www.agilelist.com/ All Dot Web http://www.alldotweb.com/ Anaximander Directory http://www.anaximanderdirectory.com/ Ave Directory http://www.avedirectory.com/ AZ Links http://www.az-links.info/ A1 Web Links http://www.a1weblinks.net/ Big Web Index http://www.bigwebindex.com Blue Directory http://www.blue-directory.info/ Business Guide http://www.businessguide.tv/ Cocovida http://www.cocovida.co.uk/links/ Dabcc http://www.dabcc.com/urlman/ DDSX http://www.ddsx.com/ Directory Frog http://www.directoryfrog.com/ Directory Monsters http://www.directorymonsters.com/ Directory Square (com) http://www.directorysquare.com/ Directory Square (net) http://www.directorysquare.net/ Domaining http://www.domaining.in/ 21
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  • Ma.gnolia*:[PR0] by Gnolia Systems and Happy Cog. Web 2.0 style community driven social bookmarks using Tags. Update! Mail and discussions are now possible. http://www.ma.gnolia.com Netvouz*:[PR6] "interNET rendezVOUZ" Social bookmark manager using tags and folders. http://www.netvouz.com RawSugar*:[PR4] Web 2.0 style social search engine with Clustered tagging. Update! Advanced BlogSync integration. in page copy and edit. http://www.rawsugar.com Simpy*:[PR0] Social Bookmarks and notes using Tags with a Text-based interface. Update!: import users from de.lirio.us as it will shut down. http://www.simply.com Spurl*:[PR6] For SPecial URL. Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Folders. Uses Zniff as search engine. http://www.spurl.com Unalog:[PR5] Text based interface using Tags. http://www.unalog.com Social Bookmarks: i89.us*:[PR3] Social bookmarks using tags with tabbed interface. http://www.i89.us AllMyFavorites.net*:[PR4] Social bookmarks using folders and thumbshots. http://www.allmyfavorites.net Backflip:[PR6] Social bookmarks using folders. http://www.backflip.com BibSonomy*:[PR1] Social bookmarks and publications using tags with a text based interface. http://www.bibsonomy.com blabb.com:[PR0] Web2.0 style Public bookmarking and aggregator where everybody can submit. http://www.blabb.com Blogmarks.net*:[PR6] by BmTeam. Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks with Thumbshots. Updated Network and interface has been redesigned. http://www.blogmarks.net BmAccess*:[PR4] Web 2.0 style Social bookmarks using tags and folders with thumbshots. http://www.bmaccess.com BookmarkTracker:[PR5] Bookmarks using folders and public directory. http://www.bookmarktracker.com Public Bookmarks: 32
  • 30daytags.com:[PR5] People powered search that last 30days. Public can Submit, Tag and rate web sites. http://www.30daytags.com/fresh 6-clicks:[PR2] Lets you publicly bookmark with a keyword (or phrase) for later retrieval without registering. Registering with create your user bookmarks page. Some features: Automatic bookmark title detection. Search keyword. Search history. http://6-clicks.com/ Internet Archive:[PR8] The biggest Non profit Public virtual library archiving collections in digital format. Categorized by media type(Webpages, texts, audio, moving images, software.) and using keywords, gives the possibility to bookmark. In parallel, Archive-it.org is an a subscription service including several National Libraries and Archives around the world to create web collections. http://www.archive.org/ Listible!:[PR2] NEW! Web 2.0 style service using tags. For listing and voting, where voting (+/-) sorts each items, so the most '+voted' links are at the top of the page. Different from digg-style, the comments are for the hole list. http://www.listible.com/ Listerlister: Same system as Listible! without commenting but has moderation. http://www.listerlister.com/ Reddit:[PR6] Social Bookmarks with rating, Network and categories using sub- domains(sub-reddit), exists in 23 languages. Also listed user Digg-style. Like digg, resort higher rated items but also lets you send a message while submitting. http://reddit.com/new Schoopy Links:[PR3] Online classroom organizer including a link manager, Q&A, quizz, files, assignments and messages. http://www.schoopy.com/tool/links/ Supr.c.ilio.us:[PR6] Alpha. Web 2.0 style Public social bookmarks listed in rating order. http://supr.c.ilio.us/ 33
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  • Wiki Sites Wikimedia hosted sites • Wikibooks – textbooks; sister project of Wikipedia. • Wikinews – a collaborative news service; sister project of Wikipedia • Wikipedia – the world's largest Encyclopedia. • Wikiquote – a quote repository. A sister project of Wikipedia. • Wikisource – Primary sources for use in Wikipedia, a sister project of Wikipedia. • Wikispecies – a directory of species. A sister project of Wikipedia. • Wiktionary – a multilingual Dictionary project; a sister project of Wikipedia. • Wikiversity – an online learning program; a sister project of Wikipedia. Reference Original source material • Wikiquote – a quote repository. A sister project of Wikipedia. • Wikisource – Primary sources for use in Wikipedia, a sister project of Wikipedia. Encyclopedic • Wikinfo – a fork of Wikipedia, inspired by Wikipedia, but without the NPOV policy. • Wikipedia – the world's largest Encyclopedia. Informational Books • Wikibooks – textbooks; sister project of Wikipedia. News • Wikinews – A collaborative news service; sister project of Wikipedia. Language • Wiktionary – a multilingual Dictionary project; a sister project of Wikipedia. Podcast directories: Podcasting Station - submit podcasts to the podcasting directory 46
  • Podcasting News - submit podcasts to the podcasting directory DigitalPodcast - enter the category scroll to the bottom and click add url Podcast Alley - submit podcast title, website, xml feed, and description. Podcast Bunker- recommend a podcast, only high quality podcasts will be added. Podcast411- add a podcast AllPodcasts - index a podcast (an RSS 2.0 feed with an audio enclosure), enter the URL for the RSS feed into the field below and click "Index". iPodderx - submit podcasts to ipodderx directory audio.weblogs - ping audio web logs to update them Podcast.net - List your podcast on podcast.net and watch your audience grow! PodcastHost - add a podcast to PodcastHost Podsites.com - post a "podsite" Pocketcasting - submit a podcast RSS Network - submit to podcast category Podcast Pickle - submit to podcast category Plazoo - submit to podcasts or vlogs Singing Fish - submit music/video directory Blog Universe - submit podcasts to directory Digital Podcasts - add podcasts to the digital podcast directory PodFeeder - podcast submission PodFeed - podcast submission Open Media Network - submit audio and videocasts Podcast Charts - chart podcasts (requires membership) 47
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