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These are my poems that I wrote in my 9th grade literature class.

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Poetry portfolio

  1. 1. Boy and Girl Love, A simple and beautiful creation. Neither verb nor noun. If anything, in between. Hate,The opposite of love’s strong creation. Neither could survive without one or another. Heart,The chooser to love or hate each other. Without a strong heart, love or hate cannot exist. Boy,a lonely heart looking for a soul mate he looked everywhere and he found a good match. Girl, Destined to find someone like her, until she met boy. Girl knew he was right for her.
  2. 2. Over It There’s a storm I have nothing to do, but stay inside my dorm. The storm turns into a soft rain, but all I feel is pain. The only question going through my head is “why,” in hope the storm’ll die. I lift my head, as I get out of bed. I look outside my window. The sun is out. But all I do is pout. My heart broke,and the world treats it as a joke. A rainbow begins to form, and I walk outside my dorm. There is hope. Fate will cope. There’s a way out of it. Be patient, just a little bit. The weather will get better. I sat down and wrote him a letter.
  3. 3. Self-Esteem There once was an ugly duckling, he was brown and scrawny, while his brothers were brawny.All the other ducks made fun of him. Even his dad named Tim.One day, the ugly duckling felt weird and all the other ducks peered. The ugly duckling turned white, he grew teeth that could bite. His feathers turned soft, as soft as the hay in a loft. The duck was pretty, he got no more pity. And he turned into a swan. Just before dawn.  
  4. 4.     X No one used the letter “x.” Said my friend Tex. I ensured him he was wrong, as I gave his head a bong. I will tell you all the “x” words I can,if you share my knowledge to good ole’ Dan. Xavier, the one on good behavior. X-ray, electromagnetic radiation, used in an examination. X-axis, the horizontal line on a graph. It’s not that funny, so don’t laugh. X-mas, a shorter name for Christmas.You know, the fat guy named Santa Clause, I bet he has broken a few laws.Xenon, sounds like a “z” but spelled with an “x,” my good pal Tex. Xylography, the art of engraving wood, I didn’t know you could. Xylophone… I pwn!
  5. 5. An English TeacherThere once was a man named Steve Gibbs.   He often ate six pounds of ribs.   His face was messy,  His shirt was not dressy,  And he wanted some Mr. Pibbs. 
  6. 6. Ode to Nature I sit outside and watch the grass blades danceI lay back down and go into a trance. I smell the breeze that passes through the air.I hear a couple playing truth or dare.I stand and look beyond the mountain tops.I glare back down and see a soda pop. I get mad that young people do not care. They don’t know trash is more than Earth can bare.As I walk, nature’s beauty makes me ‘wow.’ I stop, bend over, and bestow a bow