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what is lucid dreaming?
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what is lucid dreaming?


A guide to what lucid dreamingt is all about

A guide to what lucid dreamingt is all about

Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. what is lucid dreaming?
    • I hope you enjoy my little presentation on lucid dreaming.....
    • 4. bit.ly/luciddreaming4u
  • 5. What is Lucid Dreaming? Have you ever had a dream that felt like more than just a dream? A dream where you felt wide awake and in control of what was happening, yet were fully aware that you were dreaming? If so, then chances are you were having what is known as a lucid dream.
  • 6. What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreaming – which is sometimes called dream control – has a long history in spiritual traditions ranging from yoga to Buddhism to early Christianity. There are a host of books and websites detailing various ways to have lucid dreams, but the question remains: How does it work, and why would I want to do it?
  • 7. What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreams, simply put, are dreams in which the dreamer is aware he or she is dreaming. The dreamer knows that the events unfolding are not happening in the “real world,” and he or she is able to control or direct those events.
  • 8. What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreams feel exceptionally vivid and real; it is not uncommon for the dreamer wonder if the dream events actually happened in his or her waking life upon emerging from a lucid dream. Get my FREE guide to lucid dreaming! bit.ly/luciddreaming4u (just copy the link into your search bar)
  • 9. What is Lucid Dreaming? Some lucid dreams are dream initiated lucid dreams, in which the dreamer becomes aware in the course of a normal dream that he or she is, in fact, dreaming. From the point that the dreamer becomes aware that what is happening is a dream, he or she can manipulate or direct the events and experiences.
  • 10. What is Lucid Dreaming? Other lucid dreams are wake initiated lucid dreams, in which the dreamer goes directly from a fully awake state into a dream state and is aware the entire time that he or she is dreaming .
  • 11. What is Lucid dreaming? While it is often treated as a spiritual practice, and can be quite useful as such, lucid dreaming has been researched extensively from a scientific point of view and is thought to have therapeutic applications.
  • 12. What is Lucid Dreaming? Some psychologists and mental health professionals recommend lucid dreaming as a way to deal with nightmares; it is thought that learning how to lucid dream allows people who suffer from nightmares to realize that what they are experiencing is a dream and then direct the dream experiences toward more positive ends.
  • 13. What is Lucid Dreaming? This has proven especially helpful for those who have recurring nightmares as a result of past trauma. Patients who have recurring dreams in which they relive the trauma can change the outcome of the dreams through lucid dreaming.
  • 14. What is Lucid Dreaming? Some mental health professionals feel this has benefit in waking life, not only because it may end the nightmares but because it can empower those who have been victimized and lead to positive consequences in many arenas of life. **Please now go to bit.ly/luciddreaming4u to get your Lucid Dreaming FREE e-book** Thanks for viewing my Presentation!