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Can the Internet Fix Politics? PDF 2010 Talk by Deanna Zandt


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My talk, "Sharing is Daring." Full text at http://www.deannazandt.com/presentations/pdf-2010-talk-can-the-internet-fix-politics-sharing-is-daring/

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  • That’s my twitter handle. And here’s the big question.
  • Thank you, good night! Just kidding! Internet won’t fix politics, but we will. (next slide)
  • We fetishize technology We love the hype We love wielding geek knowledge We forget that tech is the means, not the end When ppl ask about my book, they want to know what’s new. Yes, need tactics/strategy, but that’s just trees in forest (next slide)
  • Let’s be clear about what politics are Not just candidates, campaigns, ballot initiatives Art &amp; science of influencing or changing power relationships -- norms -- laws -- expectations “Fixing” politics means challenge &amp; radically redefine Problem is, that’s not happening Many scramble to top of hierarchy Fewer want to dismantle That’s where true disruptive potential lies (next slide)
  • Living like fish in water right now Soaking in same social structures -- with prejudice, bias Projecting onto blank canvas of Internet but all we see is blank canvas Think if we just work hard enough Must interrupt now How? (next slide?)
  • My tech fetish = socnets Did I mention I just wrote a book? 3 easy steps to smashing the paradigm in the x minutes I have left (next slide)
  • 1 st : be authentic Smarmy gurus and ninjas toss this around Let’s see why this is important Look at tweet from blogger womanist musings (next slide)
  • (read tweet) Does anyone care? But if we keep following her Clive Thompson, ambient awareness (next slide)
  • We create pointillist paintings of ourselves Infuse public conversations with our stuff Radical change from past Discourse was mediated God-knows-what agendas (pause) Second thing you have to do: diversify and cross pollinate. (next slide)
  • Find ppl that don’t look, think, come from where you do Create thrivable ecosystem (org or society) is like DNA Same = species mutates/dies Vareity = strengthens species No different with ideas. Few millennia… Be aware of privilege. Be responsible/thoughtful with it Strategic imperative. Roosevelt Thomas We make better decisions when we account for difference &amp; tension (pause, next slide)
  • #3: Embrace empathy Remember pointillist painting– this is the big shift when we participate in each others lives, create empathy Empathy = opposite of apathy (next slide)
  • Trust we create fuels empathetic response Leads us away from isolation/apathy Mass communications has bred this Siloing, separating into demographics Tech is about connecting (pause) Lemme tell you a story. (next slide)
  • 2009, Philly club bans kids. I heard, signed, RTed, called, etc Then people started sharing chilidhood discrimination Story after story in following days. W/o social media, woulldn’t have happened. Wouldn’t be in group of POC; if I was, would be different Ppl sharing did so for their reasons: cathartic, outrage, connect Allowed me to be voyeur; allowed me to benefit Didn’t change my action; changed fundamental understanding Now fighting systemic, structural disease (next slide)
  • Couldn’t happen in isolation. We need each other. Have potential to understand each other deeper (and ourselves) Your presence is required. Need you here sharing Confronting tremendous opportunity to bring in voices previous unheard/ignored/dismissed Changed doesn’t happen on its on. Requires you to participate (pause) (next slide)
  • (just read this) Thank you!
  • Can the Internet Fix Politics? PDF 2010 Talk by Deanna Zandt

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