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  1. 1. QUESTION 4 How did you use new mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. I used the search engine Google, and then the engine Google Images, in order to research imageryI used the website in order to for my tasks. It was a useful tool in order to aid mypresent my work, including, research and research for film posters and magazine.planning as well as my conclusions,evaluations and final products. I felt thatthis was an ideal platform for me to be ableto exhibit my work in an interactive,interesting and professional manner. Thisinteractive format allowed me to addattachments such as media files, like PDFfiles, as well as images and videos. Thisallowed me to showcase all of my work onthe same platform, allowing for easy access.
  3. 3. I used the search engine “Google” as a means of searching for variousinformation that was necessary for multiple areas of my work. It was afundamental tool used in areas such as; research, for gaining informationon sources from theorists, to theories, to finding out more information onmovies and music and finding images of movie posters and magazine frontcovers. I found this tool of researching not only quick and efficient but alsouseful in that it could narrow down what I was searching for withsuggestions and corrections. was a website that I used to enable me to find interesting fonts for my work. With a database of many different font types it allowed me to have a vast amount of fonts to choose from for my products, to allow them to look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. Although I wanted to make my products look interesting, different and stand out, I was careful to not use too much outlandish font, as it would detract from the contents of my products and would go against my set conventions for film magazines and posters that tend to use a more standard and plain font.
  4. 4. By using the search engine I was given access to a huge selection of websites depending on my chosen search. I foundthis particularly useful in my research stages where I accessed a wide variety of websites which helped me in the various stages ofmy research. The image shown above were ones that I found particularly interesting and helpful. The first website shown (top left)shows a website called in which helped me understand the connotations of colours, which was vital for me tounderstand to enable me to signify the meanings and emotions that I wanted my audience to decode. The next website was awebsite called, which was created for the use of AS and A2 students. This website helped me with the theoryaspect of my research, which was crucial to extend my knowledge and back my points up. I also used Wikipedia for different aspectsof my research to find out further information, particularly when I was first getting started and needed to look further intoconventions of the genre drama and it’s sub genres. I used the website, one of the biggest internet data bases for movies,as it allowed me to look at films under different genres past and present, extending my knowledge on a variety of films of a similarnature to mine, whilst also being able to look at the ratings and comments given by audiences and also awards won by the movie.The last website that was also of great help was the website, which allowed me to watch various trailers and teasertrailers from the genres of drama and romance, which helped to extend my knowledge on the genres and enable me to put thatknowledge into the creation of my own trailer.
  5. 5. I used the software Microsoft word for the Microsoft PowerPoint was also used by me for my work as a means of presenting my Microsoft Publisher was the softwarelarge majority of writing I produced. Due work in a professional and interesting that I used in order to create myto the website that I used to produce my way. It was primarily used to present my ancillary tasks. Publisher was a usefulwork ( not having an instant initial findings and research as to my tool to help me create my film posterspell check I was worried that I would original film ideas and plot details. It and magazine front cover due to it’smake a lot of spelling and grammatical allowed me to present my ideas in a abilities to aid publishing in amistakes. To erase the chance of this error colourful and eye catching fashion paired professional and well layed outI decided to write up all of my work onto with interesting text and big images, manner. With a focus on the designMicrosoft work to allow for spell check, to enabling me to present my ideas in an and layout of a product it is a simplisticcreate a literate and professional feel to effective and powerful way. and easy to sue software, that helps tomy work in an easy manner. It also helped create a display that is aestheticallyme as I could be sure that all my work is pleasing. It’s primary audience is forproperly saved on files, as opposed to people with relatively little experienceputting everything on a website, meaning with high tech software, meaning thatthat if anything was to go wrong and my it was very easy for a media studentwork was erased I would still have all of like me to work located in a different place.
  6. 6. I downloaded the software “Power Director” onto my laptop in order to have a fast and powerful videoediting system. I felt it necessary to have a good editing system in order for me to be able to make thetransitions and quick editing that my film needed in order to translate it’s narrative whilst keeping thetrailer interesting. It was also useful in order to keep the cutting clean and able to overlap effectivelywithout effecting the actual clips. Power Director allowed me to make transitions such as fades as well asfading in and out of clips, which aided the trailers sense of mystique and made the clips flow into eachother in a more professional and smooth manner. The software also allowed me to speed up clips or slowthem down to suit a pace that I intended. I found this effective as I found that particular scenes were eithertoo fast, such as the voiceover at the start that I was able to slow down to meet the pace of the music, or tooslow, such as the panning of the dirty plates on the bedroom floor, which I was then able to fasten up sothat the scene didn’t drag too much.
  7. 7. To film my footage I used a Canon SLR 600D E05 camera. This was a personal camera of my friend which Jessand I borrowed to film. We used this camera due to it’s high quality features, such as a HD quality to the videofootage, it’s 18 megapixel camera resolution meaning that we were left with enhanced, high quality footage,enabling our filming to be left with a professional edge.We filmed hand held shots as hand held camera shooting gave a realistic edge to our footage, which is aconventional theme that is followed for films in the genre of drama.
  8. 8. The website was used by me as a way of editing my photos. I unfortunately don’t have thesoftware Photoshop, and probably wouldn’t be able to use it efficiently due to never using it before, sousing a website, such as, was a simplistic way to edit my photos. Due to it being a website itmeant that I didn’t have to download any software onto my computer, meaning that it was something Icould use without being fully committed and having to download unwanted files. It enabled me to createeffects such as brightening set areas of the pictures, as well as creating contrast and softening pictures tocreate the desired effect.
  9. 9. I found an interesting website called, which is a website dedicated to creating presentations ina fun and creative way; this is done by zooming in on parts of the presentation. It was an interesting andcreative platform to use, as it enabled a variety of media forms to be used on this one platform. With anability to import images, YouTube videos, PDF files, it presented me with an opportunity to showcase allof my work onto this one interesting platform in an aesthetically pleasing way. It enables you to create a“pathway”, which meant that you could layout your work in interesting and patterned way and thesoftware would zoom into the part that you intended. Although initially it was very challenging to use, asit was a completely new software for me and difficult to understand, after many hours of trying Ieventually got the hang of the software and it began to make sense to me.
  10. 10. Slideshare was an effective site for me to use, as it allowed me to present my PowerPoint presentationsonto my blog, in a way which allowed audience members to view in an interactive way. It meant thatJess and I were able to present our original plot and idea directly onto our website, whilst I was alsoable to present evaluation questions, such as this, onto my website.
  11. 11. As well as using YouTube as a resource to watching film trailers I also used itunes movie trailers due to it’sability to narrow down searches to specify the genre of film you are researching. I personally used it toresearch into the genre of drama, as this is the genre that my film will be entered into. Due to its ability to takeme straight to a page full of films under the genre of drama it drastically cut down on the amount of time ittook to me to research films closely to related to my narrative, without having to pick from memory.It also has resources that enable you to look at film posters, which was a helpful means of research for myancillary task of creating a film poster.
  12. 12. Pearl and deanPearl and Dean was an interesting website that I came across which helped me with my audience researchstage. Pearl and Dean is a data based website that contains film reviews, film ratings and audiencefeedback, making it a useful website for finding out more about what an audience wants and sees incertain movies. The website holds information on films from decades ago, meaning that I had a vast arrayof movies to search for and learn from.