Target Practice For Managers


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This presentation is for managers to help them refocus and refine their skills by sharing best-practices and enjoying spontaneous discussion. Contact me if you\'d like to talk about it!

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Target Practice For Managers

  1. 1. targetpracticefor managers
  2. 2. know where you areand know where everyone else ismap your surroundings outidentify your best routes
  3. 3. use your radarkeep the screen clear and cleanlook for patterns in the blips
  4. 4. become a lock-pickerunlock the potentialin everything and everyone
  5. 5. keep your eyes opennever fall ‘in’ to a situationsee the ‘long game’daily awareness strategies
  6. 6. Be fair to yourselffair = facts answers ideas reasonsbe ready to talksay less and you’ll say more
  7. 7. carry a first-aid kitdon’t hesitate to use itbe a first responder to challenges
  8. 8. star powerthree of a kindcharting praise and waysyour team’s a constellation
  9. 9. how to lose it allblock feelingsbe a dead-endsay no a lot
  10. 10. playing sherlocklook for talentsee the good in every situationgo deeper and find causes
  11. 11. set standards highcreate idealsevaluate often and honestlyencourage others to raise theirs
  12. 12. check your batteryrecharge it oftenknow where your charge points areuse change and spontaneity asalternate fuels
  13. 13. balance your timework is work and play is playtime is non-refundablekeep meetings short
  14. 14. ? don’t be afraid to ask ask questions then ask more questions log your questions and answers
  15. 15. turn the volume downinitiate actions two levels belowwhat you feel you shouldleave room to add emphasismagnify effectiveness
  16. 16. imagine and dreamcompliment logic and reasonwith creative thinkingexplore your insights
  17. 17. the 4D managerdirect and delegatesupport and coach
  18. 18. keep a strong signalbe proactive with your feedbackmake alignments and connectionsvalue your network connections
  19. 19. broadcastingdevelop a communications strategybe a source of reliable andtrustworthy information
  20. 20. get organizedSet you-time aside every dayplan your timeTo-do lists get things to ‘done’
  21. 21. never disagreeseek understanding and reasonsif it’s said there’s something in itgetting resolution is greater thanbeing right
  22. 22. be part of the journeyleading the way means goingthere too not just sending others
  23. 23. set the destinationand flexible with your routeleadership is situational
  24. 24. calculate the risksif you can’t eliminate you can minimizesubtract and divideadd positive factorsmultiply team effort
  25. 25. powerpointkeep presentations engagingclean and simpledon’t read your slidesmaster the rules of powerpoint
  26. 26. let it shinethe secret of shared energymonday morning mindsharesflicking switches
  27. 27. the great paper chasepaper is a good insulatordon’t hoardget a system - a real system
  28. 28. the glass is always fullit just may not have what you want in itnever use empty positivismuse your team to find content
  29. 29. cut the noisefilter everythingrelationship discretionemail and communications
  30. 30. know how things workcross-team solution integrationno more silosdon’t be the photocopier guy
  31. 31. take the trash outdon’t be afraid to throw old habits andoutdated methods away
  32. 32. everything has meritmore things are equal than you imaginebelief dysmorphia is realchallenge your own beliefs
  33. 33. keep the big pictureseeing companywide effectshousekeeping is the real teamif everyone’s job title was...
  34. 34. white goldwhiteboards are goldmines ofinformation and ideasgive everyone a pentake photos of the results
  35. 35. know your teamemphasizing strengthswhat’s your loyalty rewards program?anticipation and chills
  36. 36. be a magnetand enjoywhat you attract!
  37. 37. presentation bydean moyesdeanmoyes@gmail.comdeterminedminds.wordpress.com801.790.0941
  38. 38. this presentation is my intellectual property© but I am happy for anyone to use it as long as they credit me If you like it or would like to learn more about it and how it’s delivered then drop me a line and get in touch © dean moyes cc