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Sliding filament theory   muscle contraction

Sliding filament theory muscle contraction






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    Sliding filament theory   muscle contraction Sliding filament theory muscle contraction Presentation Transcript

    • Sliding Filament Theory Lloyd Dean How Muscles Contract
    • Structure of Skeletal Muscle: Microstructure
      • Sarcolemma
        • Muscle cell membrane
      • Myofibrils
        • Threadlike strands within muscle fibers
        • Actin (thin filament)
          • Troponin
          • Tropomyosin
        • Myosin (thick filament)
      • Further divisions of
      • Myofibrils
        • Z-line
        • A-band
        • I-band
      • Sarcoplasm
        • Sarcoplasmic reticulum
          • Storage sites for calcium
          • Surrounds myofibrils
        • Transverse tubules
    • Muscular Contraction
      • The sliding filament model
        • Muscle shortening occurs due to the movement of the actin filament over the myosin filament
        • Reduction in the distance between Z-lines of the Sarcomere
        • Lets see a preview before the play………..
    • Sliding Filament Theory: A Love Story
      • Winner of 2 Golden Globes and 3 Oscar’s.
      • Directed by Lloyd Dean and his award winning students
      • The background
      • Actin and Myosin are in deeply in love and wish to live a happy life together and stay in full muscle contraction.
      • The nasty Tropomyosin has other idea’s…….
      • Let’s see the cast……..
    • Cast
      • Actin – The thin protein that needs some HELP to join with Myosin
      • Myosin - The thick protein
      • Acetylcholine – A helping hormone
      • Troponin – Will assist in removing the horrid tropomyosin from actin
      • Tropomyosin – Doesn’t want actin and myosin to become attached
      • ATP – Energetic friend
      • Calcium – Will it win it’s battle against tropomyosin ?
      • Nervous Impulse - Messenger
      • Now to the chapters of this story.........
    • Chapters
      • A Milky Message
      • Two Forces Join
      • A T iresome P ull
      • Powering Through
      • A Milky Removal
    • A Milky Message
      • Nerve Impulse sent to neuromuscular junction (Place where the brain and muscle communicate)
      • Hormone (Acetylcholine) diffuses
      • This causes calcium ions to be released in the sarcoplasmic reticulum (Surrounds myofibrils)
    • Two Forces Join
      • Calcium ions join with troponin
      • Causes tropomyosin to be removed from actin
      • Actin and myosin join together
    • A T iresome P ull
      • Actin and myosin are now joined
      • Myosin pulls actin inwards slightly
      • ATP enables quick detachment of actin and myosin in preparation for power stroke
    • Powering Through
      • ATP is broken down
      • This enables Myosin to powerfully pull actin inwards
      • Sarcomere and distance between Z discs shortens
      • This process continues at a high rate and as long as there are calcium ions present
    • A Milky Removal
      • Once impulse stops....
      • Calcium Ions are sent back to sarcoplasmic reticulum
      • Tropomyosin rejoins actin
      • Sarcomere and Z disc distance increase
      • Muscle is relaxed
    • All or None Law
      • Fiber contracts completely or not at all