Emerson Legacy Chapter 1.5


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Emerson Legacy Chapter 1.5

  1. 1. The Emerson Legacy Chapter 1.5
  2. 2. It was just another day at Desiderata High School, or as the teens called it...Desi High School, home of the Knights.
  3. 3. Tara, Scarlett, and Colby had just gotten out ofHistory class and were walking down the hall tolunch with their books in hand."Ugh, I cant believe Mrs. Newson," Scarlettcomplained. "Youd think she would beunderstanding and not load us down withhomework. "I mean ten pages on theEmancipation Proclamation? What the hell isshe thinking? How are we supposed to go outwhen she is constantly making us write ten tofifteen page reports?""I know! Its not fair! Its like they dont want usto have any fun, so they think to themselves,What can we do to make sure that thesestudents wont be able to enjoy themselves?"Tara agreed.Colby, who quite enjoyed History shrugged. "Idont know. I think its all very interesting. Idont mind the reports."Tara and Scarlett exchanged glanced and rolledtheir eyes. "I hate to ask dear cousin, but I thinkyou may be a closet Knowledge Sim," Tara said.
  4. 4. Just then, Tara heard a voice that caused her to groan."Looking good today, Emerson."Sirius Obsession stood a few feet behind the three cousins, leaning against the lockers, a shitfaced grin making up hisexpression.
  5. 5. "Well, this is where I take my leave," Colby said as he walked the rest of the way to lunch.
  6. 6. Scarlett patted Tara on the shoulder sympathetically before abruptly grinning and speaking in a chipper tone. "Welp, see youat lunch!"
  7. 7. Tara looked upon her cousins in disgust as they practically abandoned her, leaving her alone with the most egotisticalperson shed ever met before she turned to Sirius."What the hell do you want?" she asked.
  8. 8. Oh how she wanted to shove a lamppost up his ass, anything to get rid of that smug grin of his. "So...had any interestingdreams lately?""If you mean dreams regarding you, yes I did. I had quite a lovely dream about you getting strangled by curtains and merunning over your ass with a motorcycle."
  9. 9. Sirius didnt seem preturbed. He merely laughed. "As long as the bike was a Harley, I dont give a damn.""Uh-huh. Well, Im gonna go to lunch now." She started to leave when Sirius spoke once again."So when are you gonna go out with me? One date is all I ask.""You wanna know when Ill go out with you? Okay, Ill tell you when. Ill go out with you when a flying pig comes out yourass and sings "God Save The Queen". Now then, if you dont mind, get your Marauder wannabe ass out of the way."As she walked away, Sirius called out to her. "I cant help it if my mums a Harry Potter freak."
  10. 10. Scarlett and Colby were waiting in the lunch room for Tara. When she sat down with her plate of food, it was with a huff."Sirius pissing you off again?" Scarlett said sympathetically. "Why dont you just go out with him one time? Get it over with."
  11. 11. "You dont get it, Scar. Hes full of himself. Hes a complete douche. He thinks hes all that just because he was an heir to a wellknown legacy in another miniverse. He probably only wants to go out with me so he can gain some legacy fame in thisminiverse."
  12. 12. "Maybe youre afraid to go out with him because youre afraid youll like him," Colby quipped.
  13. 13. Tara threw her head back and laughed. "Me? Like that egotistical maniac? Yeah...I dont think so. "Anyways, what aboutyou and Katie?"
  14. 14. Colbys face grew red. "What about me and Katie?" He was feeling rather warm now as he thought of a certain fellowstudents long curling blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
  15. 15. Scarlett and Tara exchanged all too knowing looks and were about to speak when someone came up to them.
  16. 16. "Im gonna sit here," Katie said for she was the one who walked towards the table. She sat down next to Colby who lookedaway and pretended to be interested in the burnt pieces in his meal.
  17. 17. "Soooo..." Tara said after an awkward silence. "Did anyone catch that movie last night?"Scarlett was the first to speak up. It was in hopes that Colby would grow out of his shy phase and actually say more than twowords to Katie.
  18. 18. A few days later, the family headed to a small park, which had a lake that they could swim and fish in. Ryan and Angelawere swimming, Trevor was fishing, and Tara and Natalie were sitting in a couple of lounge chairs sunbathing.
  19. 19. "So, sweetie. Weve been invited to dinner tomorrow evening," Natalie said."Right, Ill be sure to dress extra nice," Tara said rolling her eyes.Natalie chuckled. "I promise that this wont be some ruse to find your future husband."Tara merely snorted.
  20. 20. The twins were splashing around in the water. "Come on! Lets play Marco Polo!" Angela begged."No way! Ryan cried. "You always cheat!""I do not!" Angela said indignantly.
  21. 21. The next evening, before heading out with her parents to have dinner at this mystery familys house, Tara was looking herselfover in the mirror. She hoped this wasnt some trick to get her set up with her potential spouse. She had read legacies wheremarriages were set up and the couple in question often ended up despising each other.Nodding in approval of her appearance, she headed out of her room, down the hallway and downstairs to meet up with therest of her family.
  22. 22. Twenty minutes later, the Emerson Family was sitting as guests at the table of this unfamiliar family. They were an attractivefamily, Tara had to admit, but there was something familiar about them. She couldnt really put her finger on it, though.
  23. 23. The woman, who introduced herself as Lucy, cut into her ribs as she spoke. "So, Tara...Natalie tells me that youre theheiress?"
  24. 24. Tara shot her mother a reproachful look before answering Lucys question. "Yes. Unlike some legacies, theres no votingprocess so the heirship automatically goes to the eldest unless something comes up."
  25. 25. Angela then spoke up. "Is it true that youre a simself?" she chimed.
  26. 26. Lucy merely laughed. "Yes, I am. What about you? Have any of you met the Creator of your legacy?"
  27. 27. Trevor shook his head. "No, afraid not. He...or she hasnt really made themselves known."
  28. 28. "Some Creators are like that," Remus said before turning to his wife. "Our dear son is late for dinner. Hes been in thatbathroom for--"
  29. 29. It was then, Tara heard a door open and a familiar voice. "Well well well, I see someone just couldnt stay away. Although if youwanted to have dinner with me, I would have taken you someplace a little more private."
  30. 30. Tara groaned. Oh please...dont let this be who she was thinking it was. Someone sat down and she looked up from her plate tosee none other than Sirius Obsession."You!" she cried. "What the hell are you doing here?!""Well, seeing how I live here, I think Im sitting down at my kitchen table and enjoying a meal with my family, my soon to begirlfriend, and her parents.""And I told you that I would never go out with you!" Tara shrieked.
  31. 31. Remus looked at his son. "So...is this the lovely lady youve been telling us about?""Yep. My future wife. Isnt she just a picture of loveliness?"Tara let out a loud scream of frustration before getting up from the table and storming off.
  32. 32. Natalie sighed. "Im sorry about that. Shes usually so much more well behaved.""Eh, teenagers, whatre you going to do?" Lucy said merely waving off the situation.
  33. 33. Outside, Tara sat on the porch. It was safe to say that she wasfuming. She was angry at her parents for dragging her here. Angryat Sirius for being an egotistical git and angry at herself for heroutburst.Someone sat beside her. She didnt turn her head to look at him,but from the corner of her eye, she could see that it was Siriussfather."So...Im guessing youre not very fond of my son," he said in themanner that he was trying to make small-talk.Tara snorted. "Thats the understatement of the century.Remus chuckled. "Im not going to sit here and defend my son. Iwill admit that he can be...""An egotistical douche?" Tara offered. The left corner of Remusslips twitched. "Well, yes. Its just that that whole persona has beeninstilled into him. Both he and I are named after characters from awell known series.”"Harry Potter...Yeah...I know. I have all seven books at home. Butthat doesnt mean he has to act like the real younger Sirius Black."Remus didnt say anything for a moment. "You may be right, butmaybe you could try to see the good side to Sirius. Im not sayingyou have to, but its just something to think about." Sirius wasdefinitely the last thing she wanted to think about. Still, in order toplacate Remus, she nodded. "Fine, Ill think about it. Now can wego back inside? Its getting just a little cold."Remus stood andextended his hand to help her up.
  34. 34. The next day was a double birthday. The twins were becoming teenagers.They decided to have the party at the main Emerson house as it was big enough to hold all of them plus it had a pool as well."Ready for the world of zits, raging hormones, and voice changes?" Scarlett said teasingly to Ryan."At least I wont have to go through that," Angela chimed."No...but you get to enjoy the wonder that is a period," Tara quipped, trying her best not to laugh as her younger sisterblanched.
  35. 35. Once the twins had grown up and changed into something that matched, the three elder Emersons immediately wanted totake them for a "night on the town". They received permission as long as they didnt go to any rowdy nightclubs and werehome at a decent hour.
  36. 36. The small group was soon sitting at the bar of a new club that had just openedup. It was the only club that allowed minors. Of course alcohol was still prohibitedto those who were under eighteen meaning that the drinks they had near themhad everything in them, but the alcohol much to their chagrin, but the upbeatmusic made up for it."So then my family had the audacity to make me go to their house to have dinnerwith them without even telling me firsthand who they were. Can you believethat?" Tara moaned after telling Scarlett and Colby about dinner with theObsessions the other night. "Dont you think that you might have beenoverreacting a little?" Colby asked looking down at his drink. Tara looked at hercousin indignantly thinking that he had tove been adopted into the family. "Idont think I overreacted at all! My parents could have at least told me where wewere going."Scarlett came to Taras defense. "I totally agree. Even if her parents didnt knowthe situation, they could have at least spoken the names of the people they werehaving dinner with." Angela then spoke up. "Sirius didnt seem so bad. In fact, Ithought he was kind of cute.""Then why dont you date him!" Tara snapped. "Seriously, if you think hes somesort of god, then you have my blessing." Ryan, who had been silent for the mostpart came to his twin sisters defense. "I dont think you should be taking youranger out on Ang. And besides...if you want answers, maybe you should trytalking to the Creator of our mini-verse." "Oh, thats a great idea, Ry! Let me justget out my personal phonebook and call her up right now!" Tara saidsarcastically. "Seriously, are you really that stupid? None of us knows who she is.Even Mom doesnt know and shes the Founder of this legacy! For all we know,we could have passed her while walking down the street and not even haveknown it." Ryan ran his fingers through his hair. "Okay okay. Thats not my bestidea. But it wouldnt hurt to research, you know? The Creators real self is boundto have a virtual self here. Almost all Creators do." Tara said nothing, but shementally promised that she would try to find some clue as to who the Creatorwas so that she could grill him or her for answers.
  37. 37. Meanwhile at a completely inconspicuous looking house...
  38. 38. I lay on my stomach with my laptop in front of me, watching as the children discussed my whereabouts. Having taken a leaffrom Angs or peasant007s book, I had decided to lie low, which was why I had been living in, what could be considered, astarter house to some and I rarely went out. Yet as I sat, listening to my Generation Two heiresss distress, I decided that Ishould perhaps open my arms to her.I looked down at my cat, Rain. "So what do you think I should do?" I asked even though I knew very well she couldnt answerback.
  39. 39. Rain merely looked up at me with those yellow of hers as if to say, "What am I supposed to do about it? Im only a cat."
  40. 40. Okay, so maybe asking my cat wasnt the best thing. Yes, itwould be a good idea to open up the line of communicationbetween the family and myself. But if they were to find outwho I was...then Im pretty sure the torches and pitchforksmight come out. Or if not that, then they would be bustingdown my door late at night wondering what I had hadplanned and truth be told, nearly everything my sims haddone was on free will. Phil rejecting Natalies proposal?Caught me completely by surprise because he was the firstRomance sim to neglect a marriage proposal. Even DonLothario, slime that he was, had accepted Cassandrasmarriage proposal. Of course, that was in anotherinstallment.Natalie meeting Trevor and having three bolts with him?Also Free Will. Trevor was a townie that I had made agesago, but forgot about because he had never shown up onany lots until now. Sirius Obsession was an import fromanother Legacy. True, he was my only import so far and Imsure many more would move in before the legacy was over.Truth be told, I had moved him into my miniverse with thehope of marrying him, but it would not have been fair toforce him to become tied down, so instead of forcing himto become the father of my virtual children, I allowed himto relive his teen years to see how he would fair. Hisattraction towards Tara was upon Free Will. My heiresscould very well choose someone else as her husband. I wasleaving the choice up to her.
  41. 41. I came to the decision that I could introduce myself to the family, but still remain inconspicuous as to my true identity. Theydidnt have to know. Perhaps one day when I was more comfortable, I would tell them, but as for now, there were somesecrets that needed to be kept.We are coming to the end of the chapter, but first, let me display two more pictures of the twins as teens as they haventgotten close-ups yet.
  42. 42. Angela grew to be beautiful. Dont tell her sister this, but I think Ang is even prettier. But I do like Taras personality more. Idecided to keep her pigtails as I thought they were a cute feature on her. Angela became a Romance Sim, but I havent had thechance to look at her LTW nor can I remember her turn ons and turn off.
  43. 43. Ryan is still the sweetie who holds a special place in my heart. He became a popularity sim like Tara and I cant for the life of me remember his LTW either. I do know that one of his turn ons is black hair and I think formal. Its what he autonomously rolled so I kept it. I would also like to think other sims that are not of my creation nor of Maxiss creation that appeared in this chapter. Lucy Obsession/LucyPepper: Writer of The Obsession Legacy, Our Continuing Mission, Obsessive Compulsives. Remus Obsession: Husband of Lucy and Generation R Heir of the Obsession Legacy Sirius Obsession: Son of Lucy and Remus. Generation S Heir of the Obsession Legacy. KatieCat: Simself who has written a few legacies. Thank you all for reading this chapter.