Success - Issue 01


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SUCCESS” - the official news bulletin of Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya

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Success - Issue 01

  1. 1. success Quarterly Bulletin | Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya Issue 2012 Q1Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya Sponsored by Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya
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  3. 3. ContentsI s s u e -J u l y 2 0 1 2About Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya 5Members 6 7Laying foundation stones 7Save Herb - Save Life 8 Laying foundation stones...DRR Visit 9Kingdom of Thailand 10Plants for a Greener Tomorrow 11 13Greener Tomorrow 12English Medium Book Donation 13 English Book DonationCarom Tournament 14ZRR Visit 15Raffle Draw Fundraiser 16Read it and Share it 17 11District Awards Awareness 18 plants for greener tomorrow
  4. 4. from the editors...Welcome to the maiden issue of the “SUCCESS”, theofficial bulletin of the Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya.The maiden issue of our monthly bulletin is an effortto make you aware of the great social activities wehave rendered so far, within a very short period.On this memorable occasion, we offer our sincerethanks to all the members of Rotaract Club ofKuliyapitiya, members of Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiyaand our sponsors, well wishers, donors for theirgreat contribution to make our endeavors a reality.We would be much obliged if you send us yourcomments and constructive suggestions to makeour work more fruitful. Editorial Desk Tel : Anuja - 0714298861 Email :
  5. 5. about Rotaract club of kuliyapitiyaOn the 5th of April 2012, the Rotaract Club Dansala “ on the Poson Poya day to theof Kuliyapitiya was established under the devotees coming to Assedduma Sripatronage of the Rotary Club of Sasanalankara temple.This was funded byKuliyapitiya,our Mother Club, with the main our mother club and the community of theaim of rendering some social service to Kuliyapitiya area.Our main aim of thisKuliyapitiya,our home town.This day was project was promoting unity, peace andhistoric and memorable to the resourceful togetherness. It was a complete success.young persons who were awaiting to engagein social services in their native area. Another memorable project was donating aWe offer our sincere gratitude to the lot of English books to the pupils ofPresident of the Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya, Kuly/Holy Angels Girls College which is theRtn.PHF.H.A.Kumara,Immediate Past best Girls ‘school in Kuliyapitiya. Our aimPresident Rtn.PHF.J.A.S.Padmasiri,Past was to give a helping hand to theirPresident Rtn.PHF.Kumara education with the idea of creating aLekamge,Secretary Rtn.H.G.Udaya knowledgeable future generation in ourPushpakumara and all the other Rotarians of community.the Club for their decision and the greatcontribution to establish our Rotaract The next project “Around the world in 15Club.We are very grateful to them for minutes “ was on professional development.understanding the Power of the Youth and Under this project we educated the Rotaractencouraging us. members about Thailand. We also raised awareness in Rotaract awards underThe inaugural meeting was held on the 5th “Rotaract Award Awareness”. A caromof April 2012 at “Shilpa Sahalika tournament, Rotaract Movie Night and,Kuliyapitiya, making our dream a reality. Rotaract T-shirt project were done underAnuja Madushan Herath was appointed the Club Service Projects. We also did a Rafflefirst President of our club. At the moment, Draw as a Fund Raising project. All theseAnuja is following the course in Software projects promoted friendship, mutualEngineering at SLLIT,Malabe and he is a understanding and unity among ourpast pupil of Maliyadewa Boys collage, Rotaractors.Kurunrgala where he studied Maths for A/L So we can be proud about our achievements.Chanali Lekamge who is reading for the BIT during the last few months. It confirms theDegree was appointed Secretary.Chanali is a ideas “Unity is strength” and “Nothing ispast pupil of Kuliyapitiya Central College impossible if there is team spirit”.where she studied Commerce A/L subjects. On this occasion we cannot forget theLet us reflect on our achievements during immense support of our Mother Club andthe past four months. Yes, our achievements the support given by D.R.R.Dilhanare higher than we expected. Our first two Jayathilake, our Z.R.R.Mubeen Amenn andprogrammes were “Save Life Save Herbs” the Rotaract friends of the other clubs. Ourand “Plants for a Greener Tomorrow”. Under target is to contribute our maximumthe first program, we planted 50 herbal strength and efforts to make our motherlandplants at Kuliyapitiya Central College. We and hometown pleasanter and moredonated 25 medicinal plants, fruit plants and productive. Thanks, to the Rotary, we haveornamental plants to Heenukpura Sri got the opportunity today to make thatSaddhawimala Temple which survives immense contribution to our society.amidst numerous difficulties.Next we successfully conducted a “Kadala6
  6. 6. Memberspresident Director - Professional Developmentrtr. Anuja madushan herath rtr. Kithmini Godawattesecretary Director - International Understandingrtr. chanali lekamge rtr. Shanes PereraTreasurer Director - SportsRtr. binthi adikari Rtr. Thusanka DilshanVice president Director - Membership Developmentrtr. nilushka perera rtr. Isurujith AmarasingheAsst. secretary Director - Religious & Cultural Affairsrtr. Lakna adikari rtr. Nirupa Kashyapaasst .Treasurer Director - IT & CommunicationsRtr. sajith gamage Rtr. Asuntha ThenuwaraSergent at Arms Director - Public Relationsrtr. Kavieesha Adikari rtr. Kavieesha AdikariDirector - Community Service Director - General AffairsRtr. Isuru Marvan rtr.Thilina MunasingheDirector - Club Service EditorRTR. Ashan Akalanka Rtr. Charith Kanishka
  7. 7. Laying foundation stones...O ur inaugurating meeting was held on the things, he explained to us the fact that rotary 5th of April at Shilpa Shalika hall situated club is the mother club of the Rotaract club and in the heart of the Kuliyapitiya city. This the Rotaract club is only for youngsters from thecharter meeting was organized together with the age group between 18 to 30, also he explainedrotary club of Kuliyapitiya, members from the to us the meaning of the word “ROTARACT”rotary club of Kuliyapitya guided and supported which means “Rotary in action”.us through out to make this day a success. Allthe new Rotaractors and the ones who were Next was a speech by the elected secretary Rtn.willing to join the club were warmly welcomed by Udaya Pushpakumara and he spoke to us aboutour fellow Rotarians. our own Rotaract club he gave us a wide knowledge about our duties and responsibilities as a Rotaractor he also acknowledged us about how we should maintain professionalism and how we should always work together as a team because unity is the key to success. Most importantly he presented us the constitution and the rules and regulations which are vitally important when carrying out work together as a Rotaract club. Next it was the opportunity for all the Rotaractors to introduce them selves whereInitially after the meeting began the Rotary club each member got the opportunity to give a briefpresident Rtn Sanath Jayakody introduced all introduction about his or her self. Hereafter itthe members of the rotary club and made us all was time to elect the new office bearers, whereaware of the importance of a Rotaract club Rtr Anuja Madushan was elected as thewhich gave us an immense courage to form our president, Rtr Chanali Lekamge was elected asown Rotaract club. Afterwards was a speech by the secretary, Rtr Nilushka Perera was electedthe Rtn PP PHF Kumara Lekamge where he as the vice president, and Rtr Sajith Gamagewidened our knowledge through an amazing was elected as the treasurer.speech about the very basics but vitallyimportant facts such as,· History of the rotary club· What happens in a rotary and servicesrendered· Why rotary is considered as an Internationalclub The day came to an end with a speech by the newly appointed charter president of the Rotaract club of Kuliyaypitiya Rtr Anuja Madushan and the vote of thanks delivered byAfter his speech on the above areas we had a the secretary Rtr Chanali Lekamge. It was aclear idea about what a rotary club is. Next he great day where we did unite to make dreamsmoved on to speak about the most important real!7
  8. 8. Save Herb Save LifeOur first community service project of"Save Herb, Save Life" was successfullycompleted together with our mother club,on 30th May 2012 at Central CollageKuliyapitiya.Thank you very much forcommittee of community service for thehard work you did in organizing the eventand the teachers and students of centralcollage Kuliyapitiya, gave a good supportto make our event a success.Community Service committee organizedthe event successfully. On that day 12members were participated the event andthe president, the director of service projectcommittee and two other members of ourmother club Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiyaalso participated for the event.8
  9. 9. DRR VisitT hanks to the Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya, the DRR 2012/13 Rtr PP Dr Dilhan Jayathilake made a sudden visit to our Rotaratct club ofKuliyapitiya on the 19th of June.It was after threemeetings since the charter meeting of the Roaractclub of Kuliyapitiya. A special meeting was organizedwith the immense support of the Rotary Club andtogether we were able to warmly welcome our guestRtr PP Dr Dilhan Jayathilake, the metting was held atthe Shilpa Shalika situated in the heart of theKuliyapitiya city and the meeting was hosted at 2.30pm.After welcoming our guest and reassuring the comfortof him, minuets of the last held meeting waspresented by our secretary Miss Chanali Thathsarani.Afterwards DRR Dilhan was introduced to our fellowmembers in the club.DRR Dilhan then announcedthat his visit is mainly with the utmost objective ofacknowledging the club members about a RotaractClub,its functions, duties and responsibilities. DRR Dilhan’s speech included of many vital facts which are important for any rotractor to know. He widened our knowledge on aspects such as  What awards are presented to a rotaract club and How we should work towards achieving these awards  How to carry out a project and how to write reports on the projects carried out  What committee we should form within a club and how we identify and appoint the suitable member in charge of each committee  How to introduce about the club and its functions to a new member  About the the time limits to submit a project to the district committee  How to register a club officially Due to his speech on the above aspects our knowledge was vastly widened and all the rotaractors had a very clear knowledge of our duties. He also didnt fail to mention how important our effort is to take our club to a standard level. We also would like to convey our sincere thanks to the Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya for giving us this great oppurtunity to meet the DRR Rtr PP Dilhan Jayathilke and also our heartfelt gratitude and heartiest thanks to Rtr PP Dr Dilhan Jayathilake for his presence and much needed support. 9
  10. 10. Around the world in 30 minutes- Professional Development ProjectKingdom of Thailand Thailand Capital Flag Emblem Bangkok (Thai: Krung Thep)by Kithmini Official language(s) Ethnic groups Government Thai Thai (75%) Chinese (14%) King -Bhumibol Adulyadej PM - Yingluck Shinawatra Population 66,720,153 Currency Baht (฿) (THB) Time zone (UTC+7) Calling code +66
  11. 11. Plants for a Greener Tomorrow We were informed of a need for potted fruit plants, flower plants and herbal plants for a very beautiful sacred temple called "Heenukpura Sri Saddha Vimala" situated in a rural village called Anukkane.After a brief conversation with the chief monk we had a clear idea about what the temple needed and we together started working on fulfilling their humble need. 0n Saturday the 7th of July all the rotaractors bought flower pots and they were brought to the president, Anuja Madushans residence and the pots were all painted white. Then the presidents beloved mother Mrs Dammika Senadeera spoke to us and promised to donate plants from her garden as planting new fruits and flowers was her hobby. Next day the 8th of July all the rotaractors got together at the presidents residence at 8.30 am and started planting the plants inside pots with the use of fertilizer. We planted, herbal plants such as neem (kohomba) fruit plants such as orange and lemon and also many flowers plants afterwards we loaded all the pots in to the vehicles of Rtr Kithmini Godawatte and Rtr Nilushka Perera. Next we all started our journey to the temple. After an almost 2 hours journey we landed at the temple and we were all amazed by the nature and its wonders. All the plants were taken up the rock to the temple and donated then to the chief monk and afterwards the chief monk showed us where to place them. Chief monk didnt forget to mention how greatful he his and he made the hectic journey a far peaceful one by providing us with refreshments. The day came to an end with us leaving the temple filled with happiness for getting an opportunity to the help anyone with a need which is the ultimate objective of us rotaractors.11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. Read it | share itRotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya donated English medium books to Holy Angels Girls College, Kuliyapitiya.Ceremony was held on 28th June at the school premises.School teachers, students, Rotarians of Rotary Club ofKuliyapitiya and Rotaractors of Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya were participated in the event.There were books which are related to school subjects of mathematics, science, chemistry, physics, biology, ITand story books for primary grades. Project carried out goals of developing English knowledge of schoolstudents, improving interest of reading, bestirring students to study in English medium, Expanding school libraryfacilities. Project was supervised by Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya.
  14. 14. POSON DANSALAPoson Dansala is the first meritorious projectorganized by Community Service committee withall other rotaractors in Rotaract Club ofKuliyapitiya. It was successfully held on Posonfull moon Poya day (04th of June) morning nearthe temple premises. We gave arms to thepilgrims and the devotees who are going to thenear by temple. The mayor of Kuliyapitiya Mr.Lakshman Adikari was the chief guest.The main objective of this project is to develop thefellowship among the members of the club and toprotect the virtuous and customs in our country.We prepared the packets of grams by ourselves.Our mother club (Rotary Club of Kuliyapitiya)gave their fullest co-operation to make this eventa success. And also the donors and well wishes ofKuliyapitiya area helped us in many ways. Weshould appreciate their donations. carom tournament Club Service Project 14
  15. 15. ZRR Visit Our ZRR 2012/13 Rtr. Mubeen Ameen visited  The way we have to make reports and the to our Rotaratct club of Kuliyapitiya on Sunday, time limits to submit a project to the district 20th July. A special meeting was organized at committee our President, Anuja Madhushan’s residence  How to take posts in District Committee. and we warmly welcomed our guest Rtr  What committees we should form in the Mubeen Ameen and his fellow Rotaractors club came from Anuradhapura Club. It was the first ZRR Visit for this year and the meeting was Due to his speech on the above aspects our hosted at 5.30 p.m. knowledge was vastly widened and all we had a very clear knowledge about our duties. He After welcoming our guests and reassuring also didnt fail to mention how important our the comfort of them, minuets of the previous effort is to take our club to a standard level. meeting was presented by the secretary. Afterwards ZRR Rtr. Mubeen Ameen and his We would like to convey our heartiest gratitude fellow Rotaracters were introduced to our and thanks to ZRR Rtr Mubeen Ameen and his members. On that day he acknowledged the fellow rotaractors at Anuradhapura Club for members about their duties and the presence and much needed support. responsibilities. ZRR Mubeen’s speech included many vital facts which are most important for us. He widened our knowledge on aspects such as,  What we have to add for the club.  Some short comings we have.  How to carry out a project  How to carry out a join project.15
  16. 16. Raffle draw fundraiser Our first fund raising project was a raffle draw where we printed ticket books and each ticket was sold at a price of RS 100/=. The ticket books were distributed among all the members of the club in the beginning of June. Everyone handed over the sold ticket books and money to our treasurer Rtr Sajith Gamage by the 1st of July. Each member was successful in selling two ticket books as planned. After a brief negotiation we decided of the prizes for the raffle draw winners which came up as below Grand 1st prize - A dvd player 2nd prize - A rice cooker 3rd prize - A toaster The raffle draw ceremony was held as scheduled along with the presence of all the Rotractors on the 20th of July at shilpa shalika situated in Kuliyapitiya. The event was organized with the immense support and guidance from the Rotary club of Kuliyapitiya and the event was held from 7.30 onwards, prior to the monthly meeting of the Rotaract club of Kuliyapitiya. Our chief guest of the day was the president of the Rotary club Rtn Ajith Kumara and along with him came Rtn PP PHF Kumara Lekamge , elect president Rtn PHF Anothony and three other Rotarians. After a warm welcome we straight moved on to selecting the winners which was done by the Rtn President Ajith Kumara and the lucky winners were as follows Grand prize - Ms. A.L Chandani 2nd prize - Mr. Tharindu Buddhika 3rd prize - Mr. Supun Sanjaya The joyful winners were presented there gifts by the president Rtn Ajith Kumara and Rtn PP PHF Kumara Lekamge.The event came to an end with a speech by the treasurer Rtr Sajith Gamage and vote of thanks by the Rtr Nilushka Perera.Afterwards we made sure that our guest got a well deserved treat to please their taste buds.Last but not the least I shouldn’t fail to mention that our first fund raising project will not be such a great success without the utmost support from our fellow club members and Rotarians.16
  17. 17. Club Movie Night Rotaract Movie Night is one of fabulous club service project organized by Club service committee Rotaract Club of Kuliyapitiya. Objectives of this project are to improve the unity and companionship of Rotaractors and make them feeling aesthetic. Almost all the members participated at the event. This time they went to watch movie “Super Six” at Lakbima Cinema, Kuliyapitiya. Each and every member got complete pleasure from the movie. Then rotaractors went to a near-by restaurant for the dinner. And also they had a fabulous “Sajje” after having dinner. Everyone had a time to show their talents.Rotaract District Award Awareness PresentationAn amazing presentation was presented by our 6. Most Outstanding Project of the year-professional development committee chairman International UnderstandingRtr Kithmini Godawatte on the 22nd of June 7. Most Outstanding Project of the year-after our monthly meeting. After a great deal of Professional Developmenthard work and research Rtr Kithmini was abe to 8. Most Outstanding Effort of the year-Publicgather some very important facts on the topic Relationshe chose. He spoke to us about one of the main 9. Best Reporting Club of the yeartopics which is about the awards given to a 10. Best News letter/News Bulletin of the yearRotaract club. Speaking of awards, an award is 11. Best Participation Club of the yearthe token which remark the success of a certain 12. Best Installation Ceremony of the yearactivity. Through our projects and other club 13. Most Supportive Club of the yearactivities our ultimate goal is to achieve these 14. Most Outstanding Effort in Interactawards. As Rotaractors it is very important to Promotion of the yearhave a clear understanding on what these 15. Most Outstanding Effort in Environmentalawards are and how we should work towards Protection of the yearachieving them. 16. Most Outstanding Effort in the Rotary Family Co-ordinationRtr Kithmini spoke to us about the three new 17. Most Outstanding Rotaract Club Presidentawards categories introduced for Rotaract year of the year2012/2013 which are Merit, Recognition, 18. Most Outstanding Rotaractor of the yearCitation, Appreciation. Afterwards he moved on 19. Spirit Service Awardto briefing us about each award and awards 20. Award of Apprecitationwere as follows1. Most Outstanding Rotaract club of the year He spoke to us about each award individually,2. Most Outstanding Cluster of the year finally through his speech we got a clear idea3. Most Outstanding Project of the year-Club about the awards given and how we shouldService work our utmost to achieve them. Thank you Rtr4. Most Outstanding Project of the year- Kithmini for this great presentation weCommunity Service appreciate your hard work towards uplifting our5. Most Outstanding Project of the year-Fund club.Raising18
  18. 18. photo wall