Explore Rotaract District 3220 - Issue 3


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The OFFICIAL Bulletin of Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka & Maldives - ISSUE No 3

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Explore Rotaract District 3220 - Issue 3

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e
  2. 2. 2 | P a g eExplore Rotaract @ 3220 at aglanceNothing Better than Rotaract 5Rtr. Ruwan Fernando shares hisexperience of being part of IntroEx.Know Your District Committee 6-7Get to know two of your favouriteDistrict Committee members, up andclose as we reveal interesting detailsabout them.Congratulations! 8Join us to congratulate the bestPresident of the month and bestRotaractor of the Month forDecember, January and February.Editor’s NoteWe are fortunate. We are blessed. We are whole. Weare powerful. It is a privilege to be who we are, withwhat we have. What we do with this privilege is forus to decide. As Rotaractors we get ampleopportunities to act responsibly and put thisprivilege to greater use. The best thing Rotaract hasoffered me so far is this chance to change the societyand in the process change myself by being a betterperson.The World Down Syndrome Day Celebrations 2013 isone of the most significant experiences I’ve had as aRotaractor. Being involved in this project gave me afeeling of being able to give back to the society, asense of satisfaction and achievement. To see the joythat we brought to the lives of children living withDown Syndrome in Sri Lanka helped me realize theimpact one human being can make on another.With this, I praise the local university based Rotaractclubs, DRR Rtr. PP. Dilhan Jayatilleke, the DistrictCommittee, all the other individuals and clubs forcommitting their time, energy and resources for thisgreat project. The efforts of the organizing committeespanning for more than four months have paid off asthe event concluded successfully in the eyes of oneand all. I would like to thank everyone for the supportand encouragement extended to us throughout thisjourney. Most of all, I thank Rotaract for its mereexistence and giving us a chance to be a saviour, ahealer, a comfort and a super hero in the eyes of somany people…The third edition of the bulletin is an attempt torecapitulate some of the amazing projects ofRotaractors under District 3220 in the third quarterof the Rotaract calendar. While extending mygratitude to DRR Rtr. PP. Dilhan Jayatilleke, theDistrict Committee and other clubs for assisting mein numerous ways, I invite you to enjoy readingExplore Rotaract @ 3220.Rtr. Thilini AlahakoonEditor – Rotaract District 3220Please send in your comments and suggestions to thiliniha@gmail.com. Your feedback is greatlyappreciated.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g ehird edition of ‘Explore Rotaract @3220’ brings me great happiness inwriting down this message asDistrict Rotaract Representative. This NewsBulletin brings a collection of news from allover the country courtesy of active RotaractClubs existing in Five Zones. Looking at theresponse received upon issuing twoprevious editions, I know very well that ourmembers have gained a great deal byreading those. Information is veryimportant in today’s context. We need toutilize whatever the tools available to grabinformation. Considering that, this NewsBulletin contributes immensely towardsthat purpose.As the District Rotaract Representative, Iam indeed happy to see the contribution ofour Rotaractrors throughout this RotaractYear. The good thing is that it was neverless. Their efforts were increasing all thetime. As the District Committee, I am surethat we did justice to all their efforts byproviding extensive media coverage in thebest possible manner right throughout theyear. For the first time in Rotaract history,we provided Weekly coverage from ourPrint Media Sponsor: ‘The Nation’. ‘TNLRadio’ and ‘Lite FM’ joined hands withRotaract District 3220 as Official RadioPartners. At the same time, we got ‘SirasaTV’, ‘MTV Sports’ and ‘CSN’ on board aswell.All these were done for the betterment ofthe movement. If you remember my visionat the beginning of the Rotaract Year, itclearly mentioned that I want ourRotaractors to gain respect in society asresponsible citizens. It is not realisticwithout creating awareness. Therefore,creating awareness among general publicwas the forte in our mission this year. Icannot forget the effort put in by DistrictEditor Rtr. Thilini Alahakoon. Not to forgetthe support extended by District Director –Public Relations Rtr. Ransimali Warnapura.Being the District Secretary, Rtr. NadishaColombage also played a huge role inassisting at difficult times.Compiling an edition of this nature on aQuarterly basis is not an easy task. This is apainstaking effort of course to be utilizedfruitfully by all Rotaractors. Take your timeoff to read this wonderful collection ofinformation put together to highlightprojects, events and activities organized byyour own fellow Rotaractors. When weshine, the movement shines. We are theones who need to light ourselves in order tomake the Rotaract movement shine. Sincewe now have the e-mail group to reach allthe Rotaractors in Sri Lanka in a click of amouse, this News Bulleting will be in thehands of everyone. Readership hasincreased from the First Edition to theSecond. In my opinion and experience,when people are aware of what ishappening only that they make it a point toattend. I sincerely hope that this ThirdEdition of ‘Explore Rotaract @ 3220’ willserve that purpose.“Let’s Unite to Make Dreams Real”Rtr. PP. Dr. Dilhan S. Jayatilleke(District Rotaract Representative – 2012 /2013)Rotary International District 3220 (SriLanka & Maldives)TMessage by the DRR – Rotaract District 3220ExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  4. 4. 4 | P a g eBeing a RotaractorExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220Being a Rotaractor is a very specialand inexplicable feeling. Once youbecome a Rotaractor, you realize thatyou too can be a leader and that is oneof the most amazing things aboutRotaract, the way it transforms you. Ibelieve each Rotaractor has his/herown definition of Rotaract and to meRotaract is all about friendship,leadership, service andprofessionalism.Rtr. President. Kushil ThilakasiriRotaract Club of Colombo FortFor me its a life changer! And i believewe as a group have managed tochange the lives of many individuals!Rtr. President Randinith MadanayakeRotaract Club of Colombo Down TownRotaract captures the responsibility to give back tothe community that has already given so much tous and developing ourselves in doing so. To me,Rotaract is an opportunity to come together withlike-minded people to work toward positive,interesting projects that make a difference.Rtr. Harini IndiketiyaRotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty ofManagement and Finance
  5. 5. 5 | P a g eIntroEx – International Youth Exchange ProjectINTROEX - The International YouthExchange Project organized by theRotaract District 3220 accommodatedapproximately 40 visiting rotaractorsfrom the south Asian region. The projectwas a joint effort of the District and theRotaract Clubs of Colombo, RotaractClub of Chemical Sciences, Rotaract Clubof Colombo Downtown Rotaract Club ofAmerican National College, RotaractClub of Colombo Fort and the RotaractClubs of Zone II.The project spanned across 10 daysstarting on the 1st of March 2013, withthe arrival date of the guests. This was agolden opportunity for clubs toparticipate in this project as "Hosts" byaccommodating these guests for thementioned period of time, being avaluable addition to their portfolio ofInternational Understanding projectsfor the year 2012/2013.The key purpose of hosting INTROEXduring the first two weeks of March wasto enable the visiting Rotaractors to bepart of the 22nd Rotaract DistrictConference for RI 3220. However, thesevalued visitors were not limited to anevent in Colombo, they were taken onmany visits across the country andwithin Colombo, and they were alsogiven the opportunity to bond withmany of the club members of hostingclubs. These guests got the opportunityto visit Ambekke (in Gadaladeniya),Dalada Maligawa, University ofPeradeniya, Balangoda Hydro Plant,Dankotuwa Factory, Puttalam WindFarm, Negombo Beach, Wattala TeaBagging Factory, Aluminum ExtrusionFactory, Galle etc all in the curse of 10days!According to Rtr. Ruwan Fernando ofthe Rotaract Club of Colombo West, itwas an unparallel experience for him.Even with his vast Rotaract history of 11years, he has never had the opportunityto meet such a large group ofinternational Rotaractors all at once. Hesays the exchanges he made with the 14Rotaractors from India and the 4Rotaractors form Nepal were memorieshe will cherish for a life time. He saysthat this is a “must-have” experience forhis fellow Rotaractors and recommendseveryone to pitch0in for the nextINTROEX.To say the project was a success wouldbe an understatement; manyparticipants were quite touched by thehospitality of the hosting clubs and weregrateful to get an opportunity to re-visitSri Lanka during the next year. Finally, ahats off, to Rtr. Tharaka De Alwis, theDirector for InternationalUnderstanding and InformationTechnology for his untiring efforts tomake this project an ultimate success.Nothing Better than RotaractExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  6. 6. 6 | P a g eDistrict Director – Public Relations Rtr. Ransimalie WarnapuraBeing employed at Etisalat Lanka (Private) Limited as an Accounts Executive andreading for her BBA in International Business at University of Colombo, Faculty ofManagement and Finance, Ransimalie is a Rotatactor that has achieved a lot within ashort span of time. Known as Ransi and an excellent writer, she is a cheerful and bubblycharacter in the District who is very supportive at tines of need.If you are to recommend Rotaract to afriend, what will you tell them?It’s one of the strongest and mostvibrant youth movements I haveexperienced. More importantly,Rotaract has given opportunities toeveryone to develop themselves asindividuals.What was the most memorablemoment in Rotaract?If I am to point out my most rewardingexperience, it would be the experienceof seeing the smiling kids at the 2012WDSD project.What is the most difficult thing aboutbeing a Rotaractor?I believe difficulties make you stronger.One of my toughest difficulties wasmanaging my time. I was only studyingat the start of my Rotaract experience,so when I found it difficult to managetime, I had to learn to use the maximumof it. Now that I have started working, Ifell that Rotaract has prepared me forthe challenge in more ways than one.According to you, what can we as aDistrict do to strengthen and improvethe movement?We need to be very supportive ofupcoming and revived clubs; we shouldgive them the necessary guidance andthe opportunities to shine. Moreimportantly, I believe that whateverever we do, even the smallest of projectsneed to heard through PR.Name one thing about yourself thatmost people do not know.I asked my close friends what they couldthink of to answer this, and no one couldcome up with anything. I guesseveryone knows me and my weirdquirks pretty well.What quality of people do you hate themost and why?I like to believe everyone has a goodside, and you should try your best toconcentrate on that. But if I have to pickone, I would say that arrogance is a bitof pet peeve for me.What is the best compliment you haveever received?I have no idea.Who inspires you?My parents.What is success for you?Happiness. If I die today and have noregrets I think that’s a pretty goodmeasure of success.Favourite quote“Be yourself; everyone else is alreadytaken.” –OscarWildeKnow Your District CommitteeExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  7. 7. 7 | P a g eDistrict Director – Professional Development Rtr. IPP. Malik HannanFormer president of Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown, Malik is yet again anotherRotaractor that has made great achievements within a very short time. His contributionover three years has acclaimed many awards, praise and admiration. A fun, easy-goingand talented personality he is someone all Rotaractors look up to. Malik is currentlyreading for his LLB from the University of London while being a free-lance writer.If you are to recommend Rotaract to afriend, what will you tell them?Rotaract is a great way to meet peoplewith the same mentality (fun peoplemotivated to better the community), agreat place to relax and make friends anda great way to travel the world.What was the most memorablemoment in Rotaract?Being a part of "Run For Their Lives"project in aid of the Maharagama CancerHospitalWhat is the most difficult thing aboutbeing a Rotaractor?Finding the time to participate in all thegreat projects that come my way whilebalancing work and studies.According to you, what can we as aDistrict do to strengthen and improvethe movement?Build better friendships with the generalmembership not just the executive postholding members of clubs.Name one thing about yourself thatmost people do not know. I can’t swim:PWhat quality of people do you hate themost and why?Selfish people who let their talents andassets go to waste and misuse what theyhave. However, I wouldnt say hatebecause that word is too strong. I wouldsay that i wish that kind of people wouldput their time and effort in to avenuesthat matter .What is the best compliment you haveever received? Grey hair looks good onyou :PWhat / who inspires you and why?Parents (i don’t know anyone who worksharder) and God (cause he forgives)What is success for you?Being happy with what I am currentlyinvolved in while moving forward thewhole time.Favourite quoteWork eight hours and sleep eight hoursjust make sure they are not the sameeight hours!Know Your District CommitteeExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  8. 8. 8 | P a g ePresident of the MonthRtr. Thilina De SilvaRotaract Club of Colombo UptownRotaractor of the MonthRtr. Binthi AdikariRotaract Club of KuliyapitiyaRtr. Gayani WickramasingheRotaract Club of American NationalCollegePresident of the MonthRtr. Randinith MadanayakeRotaract Club of Colombo DownTownRtr. Saduni WarnakulasooriyaRotaract Club of University ofColombo, Faculty of ArtsPresident of the MonthRtr. Raveen LiyanageRotaract Club of NegomboRotaractor of the MonthRtr. Promila JayrajRotaract Club of Spectrum Institute ofScience & TechnologyRotaractor of the MonthRtr. Kaushali YapaRotaract Club of Achievers LankaBusiness SchoolDecemberJanuaryDecemberJanuaryFebruaryFebruaryCongratulations!ExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  9. 9. 9 | P a g eFriends in Actionotaract District 3220 is amovement that is committedto enhancing talents of theyouth while contributing to itscommunity. An event that caters to boththese objectives, Friends in Action washeld this year in aid of the cancerhospital in Batticaloa on the 2nd March2013.Friends in Action 2013 took form of atalent show and were hosted byRotaract Club of Achievers with theguidance of Rotaract District 3220. Itprovided the opportunity for bothInteractors and Rotaractors to showcasetheir talents in three main categories;solo singing, dancing and bandperformance. Performances by guestartists’ added value to the event whilebeing a crowd attractor.The items of the programme focused ondifferent cultural aspects of Sri Lankaand the world depicted through music,drama and dance. The event also servedas a setting that spreads awareness ofthe importance of peace and unity.Friends in Action served multi-purposesof being a professional development,community service and internationalunderstanding initiative challenging theexisting standards of talent shows!RDistrict Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  10. 10. 10 | P a g eSports Glory and CommunityServiceHE INTER ROTARACTBASKETBALL TOURNAMENT(IRBT) was held on the 27th ofJanuary 2013 (Sunday) at theMercantile Cricket AssociationsBasketball Court. This annual sportsextravaganza was organised yet againby the combined efforts of the RotaractClubs of Colombo Uptown, University ofKelaniya and University of ColomboFaculty of Arts.The Rotaract movement in Sri Lanka isvery much known for its communityservice work, for well over 4 decades.Rotaract Clubs in Sri Lanka haveprovided young adults with theopportunities not only to augment theirknowledge and skills, but also theopportunity to address the physical andsocial needs of their communities whilepromoting international understandingand peace through a framework offriendship and service. While servingthe community has always and willalways be one of the main pillars of themovement, a chance to build fellowshipamongst Rotaractors are alwayswelcomed and never overlooked. TheInter Rotaract Basketball Tournament isone of many opportunities forRotaractors in Sri Lanka to gather andenjoy themselves while bonding over amutual love of fun friendly competition.The tournament format was simple, thetop two teams from each group wouldbe chosen through a league format andthen knockout matches would takeplace to determine who would make itto the finals, and ultimately who wouldtake home the championship. This yearthe male division challenge shield wentover to the Rotaract Club of Colombo,the oldest club in the country and not tomention the first ever winners of IRBT.The runners up honours went to one ofthe organising clubs as the RotaractClub of Colombo Uptown would go on towin the silver shield. Third place wentto the Rotaract Club of ColomboMillennium City. Over on the women’sdivision, The Rotaract Club of ChemicalScience girls team were crownedchampions, while the Rotaract Club ofColombo Uptown girls team emerged asrunners up. The Rotaract Club ofAmerican National College girls teamwalked away with the bronze.TDistrict Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  11. 11. 11 | P a g eThis one day tournament featured manyhighly competitive 15-minute matchesas many of the teams boasted some startalent. Seeing as how Rotaract membersrange between the ages of 18 to 30, anintriguing mix of talent could be seen onthe court. From schools players’ freshout of A/L’s to club players with years ofexperience, to veterans who are nostranger to the mercantile tournament,a varied mix of sportsman could befound which made for a pleasant mix ofstyles and team work strategies on thecourt as well as some incrediblycompetitive play as was evident fromthe score line of the Final in men’sdivision, 14-15.With 10 male teams and 5 female teamsrepresenting Rotaract Clubs from acrossthe country IRBT 2013 proved to be anentertaining well organised event, as ismost Rotaract events and with well over180 Rotaractors in attendance. IRBT2013 proved to be yet another exampleof the unity within the Rotaractcommunity in Sri Lanka.District Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  12. 12. 12 | P a g eRotaract District Conference 2013he 22nd Rotaract DistrictConference was held in fullglamour and splendour on the9th of March 2013 at the Galle Face Hotel.The event was hosted by a Rotaract Clubof Kuliyapitiya with Rtr. President AnujaMadushan as the project chairperson andRtr. Ramesh Seneviratne as theRotaract District Co-ordinator for theevent.At the event, District RotaractRepresentative (DRR) Rtr. PP. DilhanJayatilleke emphasised on the success ofhis Rotaract year so far with more thanfifty projects completed at District level.He also mentioned about the currentstatus of Rotaract in Sri Lanka andhighlighted its growth in terms of thenumber of Rotaractors and quality ofprojects.The main attraction of the conference wasthe formal induction of Rtr. PP. AbdulWahid as the District RotaractRepresentative Elect (DRRE) for Rotaractyear 2013/2014. Rtr. Abdul stressed onthe importance of equality and acceptingeach other irrespective of their variousdifferences to reach success as a collectivemovement. He also praised Rotaract forbeing a platform which brings likemindedindividuals together to serve others, nomatter what their creed and culture is.Another attraction of the event was theelections for District RotaractRepresentative Nominee (DRRN) forRotaract year 2014/2015. This was asignificant moment for Rotaract Sri Lankaas the future leadership of the movementwas decided. Rtr. IPP Hazeem Osman wonthe election obtaining majority of thevotes, earning the prestige of being DRRNfor Rotaract year 2014/2015. Heemphasised that during his tenureprofessional development andmembership development will be givenpriority and requested all Rotaractors to“Live your dream, Enjoy Rotaract.”The keynote speaker for the day was Rtn.Mahanama Dodampegama from RotaryClub of Colombo, who stressed on self-discovery and how to achieve success.Other guests included Chief Guest for thefirst session District Governor. Rtn. PHF.Dharshan John, Chief Guest for the secondTDistrict Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  13. 13. 13 | P a g esession District Governor. Rtn. PHF. ImranHassan, Guest of Honour -NewGenerations Committee ChairpersonRtn.PP.Janaki Anandasundheram andDistrict Rotaract Representative of RIDistrict 3250 - Rtr.PP. ParameshwarMahato.The Rotaract Conference was yet moreinteresting as twenty internationalRotaractors from South Asian regioncovering India, Nepal, Bhutan andPakistan (RI District 3132, 3292, 3150,3080, 3250, 3131) who is part of aninternational understanding initiative ofthe District, “IntroEx” participated in theconference. This served as anopportunity for Rotaractors in Sri Lankato build international contacts and thepresentations of the foreign Rotaractorsserved as a great cultural learningexperience to everyone.This year, the Rotaract DistrictConference took a new face synergizingmany avenues of Rotaract Service intoone mega event.District Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  14. 14. 14 | P a g eWorld Down Syndrome Day Celebrations 2013otaract District 3220together with KosalaDullewa Foundationorganized World DownSyndrome Day Celebrations2013 event on Sunday, 24thMarch 2013 at Navaragahala,Royal College Colombo 07.Hosting Rotaract Cubs of theevent were Rotaract Clubs ofUniversity of Colombo Faculty ofManagement and Finance,Faculty of Science, Faculty ofArts and Faculty of Law,University of Peradeniya,University of SriJayawardenapura, University ofMoratuwa, University ofKelaniya and Interact Club ofRoyal College. Art Competition andExhibition: art competition was held for children with both physical and mentaldisabilities ranging from 5 years of age to 26 and above. With more than 600 artreceived, 50 children were awarded with prizes for their talent on the 24th. Allart was displayed at the venue for public viewing. Ms. Sibil Wettasinghe helpedus on this. Vehicle Parade: a vehicle parade to raise awareness about Down syndrome andaccepting these children as normal citizens was held. The parade was done inpartnership with Classic Car Club. 20 classic cars participated in the parade withother vehicles representing Rotaract. The special feature was that children withDown syndrome got a chance to ride in these vehicles.RDistrict Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  15. 15. 15 | P a g e Health Camp: more than 350 children with Down syndrome participated in the freehealth camp where expert attention in areas like pediatric, dermatology, eye, dental,physiotherapy and speech therapy was given. There was a special counseling servicearranged for both children and parents with Women In Need (WIN). Also, freemedicine was given to participants as well. Variety Show: the variety show started at 1.30 p.m. and included 12 items done bychildren with Down Syndrome. It included dance, drama and song. District GovernorRtn. PHF Dharshan John, Joint DRCC Rtn. Numan Zarajudeen, DRR Rtr. PP. DilhanJayatilleke, Principal Royal College Mr. Upali Gunasekara and Master in ChargeInteract Club of Royal College were guests for the event. Distribution of gifts and chocolates screening of movies, mascots to entertainchildren, free popcorn stall and face painting created a carnival atmosphere at theevent allowing all participants to have a great time.District Events Completed in the Third QuarterExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  16. 16. 16 | P a g eLet’s Colour the dream with shades of green: Invest for a greener futureoday, MotherNature is beingdisturbed dueto various humanactivities in the nameof development.Among the numerousways of destruction,deforestation has become a major issue.The rate of deforestation in Sri Lanka hasmounted in an alarming rate over the pastfew decades, thinning the forest layer inthe country. As all of us will have to facethe consequences of our misdeeds, it ishigh time for us to pay due attention tothe needs of Mother Nature.Hence with the purpose of environmentalconservation, GREEN DREAM wasinitiated by the Rotaract Club ofUniversity of Moratuwa in collaborationwith “Friends of Bio-Diversity”,a non-profitable organization at RoonakandaForest Reserve.Roonakanda is thesecond largestlowland rainforestin Sri Lanka, richin bio-diversity,extending over anarea of 4500hectares and hasbeen exposed to agreat deal ofdeforestation due to various humanactivities. The initial phases of GREENDREAM already carried out by theRotaractors have been successful inclearing and replanting about one acreof the deforested land. They now have anursery of about 100 rare endemicsaplings which includes Hora, Beraliya,Kirihambiliya. Batukena, Aaridha,Malaboda, Batadola, Pelen, HamPelenda, Gal hadawaka, Kithul,Katadomba, Badulla, Batadomba,Polhadawaka, Madoll, Kudumberiya, Pathkala, Godapora, Diyapora andDiyamidellla . These saplings will beplanted in the forest in due time. Thenursery is being maintained with the helpof the villagers and "Friends of bio-diversity". The Rotaractors frequentlyvisit the place to ensure the consistency ofthe project.On 3rd of March 2013, a mediaconference was held at the Royal CollegeUnion Skills Centre with the presence ofRtn. Brian Selvanayagam and DRR RtrDilhan Jayatillake to raise publicawareness regarding environmentalissues related to deforestation andreliable solutions for those issues.Now you have the opportunity to be apart of the GREEN DREAM program. Withyou being the investor, an endemic plantwill be grown in to a tree. It is time we allstand up to color the dream with shadesof green.By Rtr. NuwaniTCommunity Service ProjectsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  17. 17. 17 | P a g eWalk for a Cause – The Step of Hopeope is faith holding out itshands in the dark”Some days in your lifedeserve pure celebrations, graduations,weddings and birthdays, just to name afew. For many people there is another daythat they consider one of the happiestdays of their lives. It is the day that theyare told they are cancer free.In order to support and to be a hope forevery person struggling for their lives, theRotaract Club of Matale organized theirmajor community services project “TheStep of Hope” in aid of the construction ofthe Cancer Treatment Unit in Kandyremarking another milestone in itshistory. It is with this ray of hope that themembers stepped together with thepublic at large on the 16th of March 2013at Matale against the rapidly spreadingdisaster, cancer.The Cancer Treatment Unit of the KandyGeneral Hospital has been in existence fordecades handling over 4,000 new patientsper year and currently experiencing manylimitations in terms of equipment and theneed for modern medication. The new 10storey Oncology Unit proposed will uniteall the Cancer centre’s clinical programsunder one roof and will be of service forpatients with the most complicated andlethal cancers.Sometimes hope comes from a smile, hugor a high-fi and indeed the few steps wetook together would not have contributedto a major change, but still made animpact on the society raising awarenessto take all necessary steps to reduce theeffect. The Rotaract Club of Matale waschartered in the year 1984 and ever sincethen the members have contributed forthe development of many aspects of thesociety while enhancing young leadershipand talents. The Cancer walk – THE STEPOF HOPE was also another major publicevent raising awareness of the passion ofthe Rotaractors to serve the community.“HCommunity Service ProjectsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  18. 18. 18 | P a g eSaving Pawst came to me that every time Ilose a dog they take piece of myheart with them, and every newdog who comes into my life gifts me with apiece of their heart. If I live long enough allthe components of my heart will be dog,and I will become as generous and lovingas they are.” – AnonymousThe Rotaract Club of University ofColombo Faculty of Management andFinance organized a vaccination of thestray dogs inside the faculty on the 18th ofJanuary 2013. They were vaccinated forrabies and released back by the HealthOfficers from the Colombo MunicipalCouncil.Loved by students and staff alike, thesedogs have found a temporary home ineveryone’s hearts. They have neverdisplayed any sign of viciousness towardsany party. However, as a precaution theRotaract Club took the initiative to getthese pups vaccinated as a CommunityService project.13 grown dogs and 7 new puppies werevaccinated on the day. Club memberswere seen running around both withintheir own faculty and the Arts Facultytrying to find more dogs for the cause.Surprisingly, most of the dogs remainedcalm and the task was an easy one for theofficials.If anyone out there is interested inadopting any of them please feel free toemail rcucfmf@gmail.com for details.Written by: Rtr. Ransimalie Warnapuraand Photo Credits: Rtr. LakmalRanasinghe“ICommunity Service ProjectsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  19. 19. 19 | P a g eConquer the Peaksband of hikers, in one mind to raise funds in aid for the diabetic in ourcountry, are woke up on a Sunday, Ravindra in this case “The Nade Gura”.Everyone got ready for the first climb in a series of 25 which will take theseclimbers to the top 25 mountains of our country in 13 days.“Misty Mountains” a tea estate under management of Mr. Sajith Egodage is a self-sustaining environment with its own produce of vegetables and dairy products. Underthis project, a sponsor can sponsor one or more hikers’ with the amount of ‘a rupee forevery foot’ they climb above 5000 feet from sea level. Using this as a motivation allhikers got to the highest peak of knuckles mountain range with the height of 6123 feetfrom the sea level. At the top everyone gathered to put the first flag, which wascontinued to every other mountain with the names of the climbers. The “Rotaract Clubof Kandy”, had the 17th General Meeting with a breath-taking view.The quest didn’t end here. The team lead by the President and Project Chairperson RtrRavindra Tammita went on to climb the rest of the mountains. Dr. ShehanKarunathilake, Udaya Ratnayake and R.M.Rehan completed the full 25 mountain alongwith the President while some joined at various stages of the project. Altogether theclimbers climbed more than 250,000 feet from 5000 feet over mean sea level.It was no easy task as the climbers faced many challenges as some mountains wereconquered in total darkness. We are proud to say that if you ever go conquering any ofthese mountains you will be able to witness the “Conquer the Peaks” flag planted on thesummits stating the date and the time of conquering as well as the names of the TeamMembers.AProfessional Development ProjectsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  20. 20. 20 | P a g eM6 Honours Ms. Miranda Hemalatha: renowned Dancer, Educationistand Social Workerlong with the celebrations of theRotaract week, the six clubsstarting or that has “M” in anypart of their name, known as the “M6”once again got together in order to givegratitude to yet another amazing ladywho has devoted her whole life to socialwork.The “M6” consists of Rotaract clubs ofColombo Millennium City, Colombo Midtown, Colombo Mid City, University ofMoratuwa, Matale and Jaffna Mid town.In order to carry on the traditions buildyears ago the Presidents of year2012/2013 of the six clubs got togetherand gave tribute to a well-known socialworker named Mrs. Miranda Hemalatha.Miranda Hemalatha is a respected danceteacher, choreographer, dancer, actress,and an educationist in the field ofAesthetic Education. She has served thecountry in the fields of Dance, Drama,Puppetry, and education for the lastFifty seven years in Sri Lanka. She is thefirst Director of education in Aestheticeducation. She won the first Colomboplan scholarship for Dance in 1963.Her contribution in the field ofdeveloping differently able children isvery much appreciated by theeducationists. Already she hasdeveloped Down syndrome children asteachers and for various otheroccupations. Now she is working for thedevelopment of a residential trainingcentre, Diridaru Piyasa.We were truly honored by her presenceand ware grateful for the wonderfuldeeds carried out by her and hope tohelp her in any way we can to carry outher future plans successfully.Article By: Rtr. Chevon DavidAProfessional Development ProjectsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220
  21. 21. 21 | P a g e
  22. 22. 22 | P a g eE-mail Group for Rotaract District 3220An e-mail group that links all Rotaractors in Sri Lanka together is now available. This isa critical stepping stone in the communication aspect of Rotaract in Sri Lanka. E-mailsrelated to events and projects can now be sent to announcements@rotaractsrilanka.org.23rd Rotaract District AssemblyThe 23rd ROTARACT DISTRICT ASSEMBLY will be held on the 29th of June 2013 at theSri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.1st Slot Registrations are now open at the ‘EASY-ON-YOUR-WALLET’ rate of Rs.1700/=(valid from 1st April 2013 – 30th April 2013). First 100 Rotaractors to register andconfirm payment will receive a special collector’s item as well.2nd Slot Registration is at Rs. 2000/= (Valid from 1st May 2013 - 31st May 2013) and 3rdSlot Registration: Rs. 2300/= (Valid from 1st June 2013 - 28th June 2013). Also note thaton the Spot Registrations will be Rs. 2600/=.Please deposit the amount to; Name of Bank A/c: Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens Bank A/c No. 8116014448 Bank: Commercial Bank Branch: Reid Avenue and send a copy of the scanned deposit slip torotaractdistrictassembly23@gmail.comPublicity Opportunity with media partner The NationClubs have the opportunity to send in articles to be published in “free” magazine of TheNation paper. The length of the articles should be 400 – 500 words together with threephotographs of the project been featured.Clubs also have the chance to be featured on the cover of the same magazine by sendingus any selected photograph of a project organized by the club.Do not miss this opportunity!Note: Articles should be sent to thiliniha@gmail.comDistrict AnnouncementsExploreRotaract@3220:TheOfficialBulletinofRotaractDistrict3220