DealsGoRound's Walletpalooza case-study


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To build brand awareness and announce their new Deal Wallet, asked Vis-à-vis to create a city-wide treasure hunt, and for two weeks this summer, WalletPalooza was Chicago’s favorite distraction.

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DealsGoRound's Walletpalooza case-study

  1. 1. Case StudyWalletPaloozaFromSummer 2011
  2. 2. Problem: Solution:Everyone is hunting for a bargain, and in 2011, the online WalletPalooza!“daily deal” space has exploded. Led by giants likeGroupon and Google Offers, there has never been better Vis-à-vis Creative proposed an ambitious citywide treasureaccess to great deals for consumers. But with so many hunt in the city of Chicago. The concept was to raisedifferent places to purchase deals, how can a consumer awareness of the Deal Wallet feature by hiding Velcrokeep up with daily offers? And how can they keep track of wallets full of deals that can be found (and managed)them all? on DealsGoRound. Based in Chicago, the company is dedicated to the city’s cultural zeitgeist, so Vis-à-visDealsGoRound, an online marketplace where people decided that a treasure hunt surrounding the popularcan buy and sell daily deals, even after the deadline to Lollapalooza music festival would be a nice fit, and hadpurchase them has passed, developed a novel value add the added benefit of aligning with existing marketingto their business: the Deal Wallet. The DealsGoRound campaigns.Deal Wallet lets users import all their deals from theindustry’s top sites, and manage them from one individual Six locations were chosen: three the week beforeWeb portal. And just like that, presto! Shoppers can keep Lollapalooza and three after. Treasure hunters who foundall their coupons in one place, and they get ongoing the wallets would receive more than $300 of goods andaccess to great deals on the DealsGoRound marketplace. services. In addition, participants who hunted for wallets or made comments on the DealsGoRound blog, Twitter feedDealsGoRound’s problem? How do you introduce the Deal or Facebook page would qualify for a weekly grand prize:Wallet to the world? either tickets to the Lollapalooza festival for week one, or a high-end Coach wallet for week two. 2 Intro
  3. 3. Teaser:7/28/2011 – Teaser & Announcement MessageSummer pricing got you down?Well turn that frown upside down!WalletPalooza starts next week!A giant game of hide and seek!Online here you’ll get each clue.Every day is something new!Deal Wallets black, blue, and brown,hidden across our lakeside town.So look out friends, for your secret stash!DGR Wallets full of “cash”...Discounts and restaurant coupons,from YouSwoop, BuywithMe and Groupon,On top of that you’ll find more clues,about free tix to Lollapalooooozzzzz.Music and memories and things to make you feel pretty,as DealsGoRound takes the Windy City!Coming to Chicago and the Internet, August 1 – August 12, 2011. 3 Week One Teaser
  4. 4. Week One:8/1/2011 – Hunt Is On Tomorrow For “WalletPalooza!”Tomorrow morning, rise and shine,Let the games begin!A treasure hunt that is designedFor all to play and win!Wallets stuffed with cash and prizes,Hidden in the city.Daily deals of every size,And one more special ditty:One lucky winner gets to go,to Chicago’s biggest summer show!Lolla tickets will be bestowed,by random drawing, yo!Clues come out here every day,It’s where you’ll find the scoop.Little by little, bit by bit,We’ll keep you in the loop!So sing yourself a lullaby,There are wallets to be found!Brought to you tomorrow, by,DealsGoRound! 4 Week One
  5. 5. 8/2/2011 – Day OneRiver Esplanade Park @ 401 E. River Drive (Along The Water)1 3Good morning friends! Ever want to make a wishIt’s time to start, to last a hundred years?our game of hide and seek. Maybe pay your way to play in a fountain full of tiers?Clue #1is here for you; River Esplanade Park celebrates 100let’s take a little peek: years of the Chicago water authority. The fountain (where you can make a wish) is theThe first Deal Wallet hides, centerpiece of the riverfront part. The “tiers” arealong the water’s way. steps built into the fountain where someoneAnd there it shall reside, can sit and enjoy the cool of the fountain sprayFor almost all the day. and the river’s view.The wallet is near water, available to be found 4during the day. This is not the Lindsay kind, but this thing sure can shoot.2 Every hour it unwinds,Still looking? That’s good! so bring a bathing suit! Wallet Location #1Here’s a clue for neighborhood: River Esplanade Park @South of east north water, true, A water cannon, designed by Lohan Associates 401 E. River Drive, Chicagobut, north of water too. (“not the Lindsay kind”) shoots an arc of water across the Chicago River every hour.The location is “south” of East North Waterstreet in Chicago, on the “north” bank of theChicago River. 5 Week One / Day One
  6. 6. 5 8Read the signs in Streeterville; First Deal Wallet game got you down?Keep an eye out and you will, Then narrow your search!find an arc, in a park, The only River Esplanade in town,that’s not open late after dark. features an 11PM perch! Look behind the sign that’s black.The general area is in the Streeterville The wallet’s taped along the back.neighborhood along the Chicago River. If a Get there first and you might go,treasure seeker follows the water arc they will to the Lollapalooza show!zero in on the park’s location. The wallet washidden behind a sign: Park Closes at 11PM The final instructions on where to find the(“not open late after dark”). wallet.6 9A Spanish word? Congratulations @RowenaLi,Don’t ask me: who made it look easy!An open space, next to the “C”. But using the deals inside her walletIn order for you to find, is what’s really breezy!Look high and low,in front, behind. Nice work on a job well done! Tomorrow is another one.Esplanade is, indeed, a Spanish word meaning So even if you found none,open space next to the sea, which in this We’ve got five more shots at fun!case is spelled simply, “C,” for Chicago River.Looking “high, low, in front, behind” tells a And don’t forget – you might get to go,seeker to look behind items – the wallet was To the Lolla show!taped at eye level to the back of a sign. So see you here tomorrow morn, When a new WalletPalooza hunt will be born!7The next clue to be delivered?It’s along the Chicago River!Look for level ground,then start to look around.Chicago River park! 6 Week One / Day One
  7. 7. 8/3/2011 – Day Two311 South Wacker Drive1 The “green” refers to another park, and it mightWake up campers! also make you think of money. That shouldLet us begin! tee up the last word in the clue – “twenty.” TheA Deal Wallet’s lost, president on the twenty dollar bill is Andrewwhich you can win! Jackson, as in Jackson Boulevard.The wallet is stuffed 2with daily deals; Here’s another little clue,and if that’s not enough, for you to’s more appeal: Combine Clues 1 and 2, to find the real estate.One lucky winner,gets more than just dinner, (Throw this verse in reverse!)and entertainment fun. Filled with business peeps and slackers,Lollapalooza is at stake – programmers and hackers.2 tickets for you to take, Maybe even line-backers?to the concert under the sun. Eating cheese and wine and crackers.So… The “real estate” refers to the actual location. Combining clues one and two suggests thatToday’s clue starts with a frenzy. Jackson is one of the cross streets, and whatLike Day #1, it’s green with envy. comes next is the other one: Wallet Location #2 311 South Wacker Drive,And though the clues today are plenty, Chicago, IlFocus on the number twenty. When you rhyme, you’re creating “verse.” If you go backwards, you can use the reverseThe game’s afoot, verse to find another rhyme to slacker, hacker,so let’s get going. backer and cracker: Wacker.With so much loot,the bounty’s growing! The general area where the wallet is hidden is at Jackson and Wacker. 7 Week One / Day Two
  8. 8. 3 Skydeck Ledge gives you a bird’s eye view 311 South Wacker Drive,The wallet’s in a public place, of the intersection at 311 South Wacker. The that is the place!where people go each day. “down” refers to “South” on a compass – look The hunt is still alive,The clock strikes noon to keep the pace, straight down means look south to the place and you can win this race!begging you to stay. where the wallet is. Get off your bum!The location is a popular lunch spot. 7 Go have some fun! At lunchtime you were bound to see, Grab the wallet of deals,4 underneath the shade of trees, By now, it’s a steal!A hidden spot, not near the lake. people interloping.Closer to a wedding cake. As you continue the investigation, From above, the walkways of the park atAnd here’s another small surprise: don’t miss the pigmentation, 311 South Wacker come together in star-likeIt looks upon our highest rise. within kaleidoscope rings. patterns.The building at the corner of Jackson and Another reference to a popular lunch spot inWacker is sometimes called the “Wedding a park. More specifically, there are flower pots 9 in the park, and one of them is an astrolabeCake” building, and it’s right across the street Ryan T, we salute thee! sculpture with a kaleidoscope, which is trainedfrom Willis Tower, the city’s tallest building. Your sleuthing is astonishing. straight on the wallet. And, if you weren’t so darned astute, see,5 we’d need some sound admonishing. 8Four plus seven All these clues got you unruffled?equals eleven. Maybe we should then unshuffle We’ll see you on the ‘morrow then,Two of three you need. what we know thus far. as day three starts to break.The missing three An outdoor space Another wallet, yet again,goes first you see. that’s interlaced for you to find and take!The number to succeed! with trees and grass and stars.The street address of the building adjacent to People come and people go,the place where the wallet is hidden is “311,” as especially on breaks,in 311 South Wacker. in and out of the building shaped, like a wedding cake.6From Skydeck Ledge, In a planter, in the park,just gaze straight down. where Wacker meets Jackson,The wallet’s there – that’s the spot, with the mark, where theselook around. facts come in. 8 Week One / Day Two
  9. 9. 8/4/2011 – Day ThreeA. Montgomery Ward Park, Kingsbury & Ontario1 Instead of being in the Loop, the wallet onToday’s wallet hideout Day 3 is hidden in a place not far from theis the last one of the week. offices of DealsGoRound, in the River NorthLet there be no doubt –’s time to start your winning streak! 2And we did mention, did we not, Still at home in your pajamas?the new convention, to the plot? Consider some improvement: Imagine you’re in Alabama,The winners three, where Parks sparked a movement.may join one more!A Lolla-Spree The park where the wallet is hidden is what’s in store! Montgomery Ward Park. Montgomery, Alabama is where Rosa Parks refused to give up herOne lucky cruiser gets to go, seat on the bus. The references to Parksto the Lollapalooza show! should again evoke a public space, and should also suggest the name of the location.So let’s get started –time to see, 3where we hid Some might say this place is scary, Wallet Location #3Wallet 3! but have no fear, my friends. A. Montgomery Ward Park, It’s just a park that’s fairly merry, Kingsbury & Ontario,Today we’re not exactly here at the very end. Chicago, Illocated in the Loop.As a matter of fact, see, Something that’s “scary” can also be “eerie”, ahere’s the scoop: reference to one of the cross streets: Erie. This location is a park, with a merry-go-round, is atThe hidden spot the end of Erie not too hard;it’s in a plotnear our back yard. 9 Week One / Day Three
  10. 10. 4 Drive to the end of Erie Street. The section Within the fauna and the flora,We’re fairly fond of water; you in front of the Erie Café is named in honor find the art that’s labeled Rora.know this by now, too. of Lenzi, the restaurant’s famed owner. The Multicolored huesSo here’s another river view; “circular façade” refers to a piece of colorful art reveal the key to all the clues.whose heading points to true. that hangs in the park. The wallet was hidden within the tiled colors. The artwork is named Rora, created by artistThe park is along the north branch of the Ginny Sykes.Chicago River. “True” is an allusion to “true 7north.” Putting clues together can feel very algebraic.5 Digging for the truth 9119 is outstanding, can also start to be archaic. Patrick F,betwixt two number citations: But lest this quest lose steam, is the captain of his ship!1.) The original naming understanding, we just won’t be prosaic: He found Wallet Number Three!and 2.) the street location. Use your imagination! What a fantastic trip! Seek out the round mosaic.Catalog what you’ve discovered, And now one more bit,Use deductive comprehension. This clue urges the seeker to look for the Of juicy special news,Make a “wish book” to uncover, artwork – a round mosaic of colorful tiles. Kathryn B. is going to visitthe wallet’s flamboyant suspension. Lollapalooooz! 8An almost impossible clue: Google Maps and Hungry for another bite? Congratulations victors!the Chicago Park District referred to this park Well, what can we say? You’re full of fame and glory!as Park 511. The street address of the park is Take your treasure seeking appetite, Next week starts another fixture,630 N. Kingsbury. Subtracting 511 from 630 to the Erie (Street) Café. of missing wallet you the number “119.”“Cataloging” what’s been discovered and “wish Across the street and down Enjoy a real fine weekend,book” are references to Montgomery Ward, the along the water’s shore, of music, fun and fest.nation’s first catalog retailer. Look up and all around, DealsGoRound wishes you, friends, for hues and shapes galore. All the very best!6Drive on to the end, see, A. Montgomery Ward,toward the promenade, would surely give his blessing.near a street that’s named for Lenzi, to find a deal wallet that’s stored,find the circular façade. among the window dressing. 10 Week One / Day Three
  11. 11. 8/7/2011 – Week TwoNight Before ReminderA Lolla conquest – that’s a fact!What was your favorite Lolla act?Eminmen and Fighters, Foo?Was OK Go okay for you?Coldplay, Ween,My Morning Jacket.Did Cee Lo Greensimply attack it?Well…For the second week,we seek contenders,for WalletPalooza part two;geeks and freaksof every gender,to solve our hullabaloo.This time around,a new prize to be found,in addition to deals galore:A wallet by Coach!(Does that change your approach?)Just so many ways to score!So let this be fair warning –We’ll see you in the morning! 11 Week Two Teaser
  12. 12. 8/8/2011 – Day FourPritzker Park – Van Buren & State1 4Hello people! Welcome back! Does it make you want to yelp?We have a deal wallet deficiency! Do these clues seem a little partial?Time to get things back on track: Could a grad student help?Use your clue solving proficiency! Look for one at Marshall!Today’s wallet destination The park is next to the Marshal School of Law.might feel recognizable;starting with Wednesday’s location 5is probably advisable. For a time, our hiding place held Chicago’s great big public eye.Today’s location is close to last Wednesday’s But now it’s just a public spacehiding place, in Chicago’s Loop. that watches trains go by.2 The park is near the El, and served as theSince we’re starting so near the end, home of the giant “Chicago Eye” sculpture, byhere’s a fantastic shock: artist Tony Tasset.The wallet that you seek, my friend, Wallet Location #4is under four small rocks. 6 Pritzker Park, Right across the street from here, Van Buren & State,A very open park in Chicago’s Loop, the are rows and rows of books. Chicago, Illocation required us to bury the wallet a bit. And if you take a seat, my dear you’ll see in all these nooks,3 the words of many authors,Just yesterday, in here, etched here as quotations.someone played an alto. Say them one after another,But in a yesteryear, As you practice recitation.the inn was called Rialto. The park is located across the street from theThe Rialto Inn was located on this spot until it Harold Washington public library. Etched intowas demolished in 1990. the walls of the park are authors’ quotations. 12 Week Two / Day Four
  13. 13. 7 9As you hunt around and prowl, Wow! Carla L. hit a big fat home run!to unearth the hidden truth. She found the deal wallet – now go have someFind the ornamental owls, fun!atop the neighbor’s roof. Congratulations on a job well done! And remember – tomorrow is another one!This is a reference to the gargoyle-stylesculptures that adorn the Washington library. ADVANCE HINT FOR TOMORROW: DealsGoRound. And round. And round!8Take the orange, pink or brown,to La Salle/Van Buren (downtown).To continue all the fun,Seek a place named Washington.Across the street you’ll see,a park that’s named for Cindy P.The place you seek is Pritzker Park.If you’ve missed her, disembark.Look in the grass and under trees,for the rock that hides your prize.If you’re the first then we’ll agree,Your star is on the rise!The “orange, pink or brown” El trains will takeriders to the Washington library exit at La Salleand Van Buren streets, which is also the stopfor Pritzker Park. 13 Week Two / Day Four
  14. 14. 8/9/2011 – Day FiveLake Shore Park Running Track1 Look for letters to agree,Whew! We’ve been busy! they will point the way.Running round and hiding stuff. When A combines with emcee,We hope you don’t get dizzy – you’ll be AOK.finding wallets can be tough! A clue meant to be difficult – the backSo, another hunt begins, (“posterior”) faces the Museum oftell your parents, sons and daughters. Contemporary Art (the MCA). “Ulterior”And once again, to win, suggests something that is false – the “Marinefind fortune not far from water. & Coastal Association” is a false name, but is stacked to highlight the first letters, that need“Running” and “dizzy” refer to the circular to “agree.” When “A” combines with “emcee” =shape of a running track. This location is emcee-A, or MCA.another close to water. 4 We are thinking of2 a new clue suggestion.Don’t you love the feeling The score is forty-love:of sand beneath your toes? start a court-side progression.This location is concealing, Wallet Location #5where sand dunes used to flow. This park features some tennis courts, and the Lake Shore Park Running Track wallet is hidden on that side of the park. Pearson & Dewitt,This part of Chicago along the inner drive is Chicago, Ilbuilt on what used to be sand dunes. 5 Deal wallets really help to save some cash.3 That’s why we’ve developed this crazy littleIs it possible the posterior dash.of this particular location, If you find it you’ll be able to pay all of yourfaces the ulterior rents.Marine & Look along the walkway, close to the fence.CoastalAssociation? “Dash” refers to the park’s running track. 14 Week Two / Day Five
  15. 15. 6 8Now, please don’t lose patience, The place you need to findas these clues you do espouse. is right along the lake, then.If feeling some frustration, Try to keep in mind:seek out the little house. it looks upon the playpen.Not the one where people go; Lake Shore Parkthis one’s for the birds. is where you want to be.Or maybe it’s a place to stow Take a little larkpeople’s written words. down among the trees.Along the fence, close to the tennis courts, is We’re happy to report,a small wooden box, constructed to look like The deal wallet resides,a house. It’s probably for newsletters or tennis Near the entrance by the tennis courts,court signups, but it’s also the perfect hiding Along the park’s north for a Deal Wallet. Right along the railing,7 is a tiny wooden shack.East Chicago’s East Chicago It’s all smooth sailing,borders on one side. on this angle of attack.On another is the tableauof Chicago’s modern pride. The “playpen” refers to the area along the coast where boaters enjoy protected watersFor a champion to be crowned, inside the breakwater.start a sprint royale.There’s a running track around 9this lake side locale. Lisa, you’ve had a banner day! “Great going!” is all we can say.Are these hints on par? Today’s deal wallet was a great giveaway.Have you had enough? And tomorrow is another chance to play!Well, two more clues from here arediamonds in the rough.This park is on East Chicago Avenue. 15 Week Two / Day Five
  16. 16. 8/10/2011 – Day SixHeald Monument / Chicago Vietnam Memorial1 The wallet is located along the wall behind theThis is it – it’s the end! statue of General Washington.It’s the last chance to findthe last wallet, my friends, 4so keep this in mind: Although you are beating, this game like you’re Thor,Be a wallet-Chuck Norris, consider retreating:kick-butt with this knowledge: to make love, not war.Go find Robert Morris,and we don’t mean the college. And once you have found, the right intersect,Robert Morris is on a statue with George please look around,Washington and Haym Salomon, by the and pay your respects.sculptor Lorado Taft, at the top of the ChicagoVietnam Memorial, along Wacker Drive and the “Make love, not war,” refers specifically to theChicago River. Vietnam War, which is the clue to the general area. As we didn’t want to commercialize this2 special place, we put the wallet on the wallWhile in Chuck Norris mode, above the memorial, away from the actualfight for a solution, grounds. And we wanted visitors who walkalong the riverside road, into the park to be respectful of those there tothat marks Revolution. remember loved ones. Wallet Location #6 Heald Monument“Chuck Norris” and “fight” are references to 5 Wacker & State,combat, while “Revolution” is meant to highlight Like bookends to battle, Chicago, IlLorado Taft statue. this site recollects triumph and agony, too.3In this location, that marks hallowed land, Memories rattle.the General himself stands tall: Vets reconnect.The birth of the nation, the men hand in hand. And from here, we have a good view.Look behind them, along the wall. 16 Week Two / Day Six
  17. 17. While unleashing might And…might seem so unnerving,We thank them fighting; If you should happen,We thank them for serving. to run into a vet, along the park fountain’s banks,“And from here, we have a good view” refers tothe wall above the memorial where the wallet be it Colonel or Captain,is hidden. please don’t forget, to give them a mountain of thanks.6Our deal hungry huntsmen 9will do well assailing, @miriella deserves a salute!the impatiens they see when You’re a real, deal-wallet vet!they see Wacker’s railing. You’re a great player and a smart one, to boot! The absolute best you can get!On top of the wall are flower pots. The wallet isin one of them. Congratulations also go to ZZZZ, who stole the show!7 You managed to poach,Has our little chase the very nice wallet from you too far afield?Then look for the place,that is named Heald. And now that WalletPalooza is done, We hope that you have had some fun.The official where the Vietnam Memorial is And wherever your daily deals are found,located is called “Heald” Monument. Always remember, DealsGoRound!8 Thanks so much for playing!A flowering pot,at Wabash and Wacker.That is the spot!Get going attackers!As you take a peek,here’s a tutorial:the flowers you seek,are above the memorial. 17 Week Two / Day Six
  18. 18. Conclusion:So, how did it go? Deal Wallet conversions increased measurably during the two weeks of the promotion and in subsequent weeks, promptingDealsGoRound’s Starrin Kinser to call the campaign a “very successful WalletPalooza.”By the numbers:• The two-week WalletPalooza campaign provided the two biggest consecutive weeks of DGR certificate sales (YTD in 2011).• DealsGoRound reached a record number of Deal Wallet account conversions during WalletPalooza: Fully 35% of all new accounts linked their Deal Wallets – and that ratio set the gold standard for future Accounts-to-Deal Wallet conversions.• Google’s first 100 results for the phrase “WalletPalooza” are attributed directly to DealsGoRound.• The WalletPalooza campaign generated more than 100 new comments on the company’s social media pages, more than 150 likes on Facebook, and dozens of mentions on Twitter.Starrin Kinser describes what may be the most valuable outcome of WalletPalooza:“WalletPalooza allowed us to personally create the elusive dedicated Brand Ambassadors. We were able to engage with new consumerswho became dedicated DealsGoRound users, and who also evangelized our service to others through social media. Many have become ourweekly-showcased ‘Dealaholics.’ Many of these users continue to engage with our brand months after the promotion through social mediaand active accounts.”A final thought, from DealsGoRound Founder Kris Petersen:“As a founder who took a startup from idea through inception, I often struggled to see the business from an outsider’s point of view. Throughquantitative and qualitative measurements, Vis-à-vis Creative helped me take a giant step back and evaluate our value proposition, our messagingand interaction with customers. Their creativity and understanding of the marketing process helped us create the perfect messaging and truly uniqueexperiences for our customers. I look forward to working with the Vis-à-vis team for many years to come.” 18 Conclusion