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DealHub Presentation

  1. 1. Providing you with the very best deals• Flexible Employee Benefits• Great Discounts and Special Offers• Free of charge to Employers
  2. 2. What’s it all about?Providing you with the very best valueAre you interested in providing your employees with access to a hugerange of employee benefits?Dedicated to offering the very best in employee rewards andbenefits in a variety of categories by developing a tailor madewebsite, providing your employees with a recognisable platform tostart to avail of fantastic range of deals.Register today on our website 01 5329005
  3. 3. Who are We? comes to you from the inspiring people who also bring youthe highly successful are currently administering the bike to work scheme to more than2,000 companies with an employee database of more than 150,000We are an Independent, entrepreneurial Irish company dedicated tooffering the very best in employee benefits including bicycles throughthe tax saving ‘cycle to work scheme’, tax saver tickets for commutersand exclusive deals on day to day items or insurance. 01 5329005
  4. 4. Registering your company 01 5329005
  5. 5. Registration PageOnce you are registered we will receive a request to create an accounton your behalf.Once the account has been created and verified you will receive Log Indetails to a microsite to start shopping! 01 5329005
  6. 6. Logging in to the MicrositeBecause you have registered and we have created an account for you you canlog in here and gain access to the microsite. The unique URL you created at thetime of registering is what you send to employees to provide them with accessalso. 01 5329005
  7. 7. In BriefYour company logs on to and clicks Register to fill inthe form.We will receive an email notification and activate your account – youwill receive confirmation that this has been done.Once activated we will send you details of your own companymicrosite which you can distribute to your employees.Your employees can search for deals on the microsite and can avail ofas many as they want.We update the deals regularly to ensure that your employees aregetting the best value. 01 5329005
  8. 8. Using the Microsite In the microsite you can: 1. Choose categories2. Log in to your account 3. Subscribe to newsletter 01 5329005
  9. 9. What’s in it for you? Employers Employees• A range of offers and • A range of offers and rewards at lower prices rewards at lower prices• Less expensive than non- • Average savings of voluntary schemes €1,100 per employee• Increased staff motivation • Voluntary benefits allow• Availability of statistics you to make the decision• Company visits on whether or not to take advantage of the benefit• Nationwide deals • Access to a range of• Well-known brands benefits on one platform
  10. 10. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. Who is eligible? Q. How do I avail of the discounts?A. The scheme may be used by any A. Some deals will provide you with aemployee of a registered company. We voucher code which you enter whenalso welcome contact from new partners shopping online. Other vendors will directwho wish to advertise on the site. you to sites such as to complete the purchase. Of course you mayQ. Why should I use the scheme? also be directed to the vendors site whereA. Our mission is to provide an you will enter a secure payment site andextensive employee benefits package be asked to enter credit and debit cardto our clients to increase staff morale details.and motivation while keeping costs to aminimum. Participation also benefits our Q. How much can I expect to save?partners by exposing them to a high A. The average saving per year for eachvolume of customers with a guaranteed scheme member is €1,250.income for very little cost. 01 5329005
  11. 11. Why Independent Irish companyHuge experience with an existing catalogue of more than 2,000client companies & more than 150,000 employeesNew deals updated daily to ensure the very best value and thebiggest selection of brandsAbility to provide clients with access to a fully integrated micrositeDedicated team to guide you through the process from registrationto availing of the first deal 01 5329005
  12. 12. Questions?Contact Us by completing the form on the homepage175 Ivy Exchange, Granby Place, Parnell Square West, Dublin 101 532 9005 f 2280506 t