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  1. 1. Name : Lee Yaue ShenID : 0315381Group : Group YUnit : The Fred
  2. 2. MY SITE
  3. 3. The sand issoft.Surface is rough.The stone is wetand smooth. Water accumulateand form puddle.
  4. 4. RUBBER TREEBinomial name :Hevea brasiliensisGrow mostly inhumid, tropicalcountries.Malaysia is one of thelargest rubber treeproducer country.
  5. 5. Scars leftafter tapping.Surface isrough.The leaf is toallow thelatex flow anddrip into thebowl.
  6. 6. The scars left aftertapping and theplastic container is stillthere.Rubber tree grow withstraight trunks.Its bark is smooth and usuallygrey.There are white spot on thetrunk.
  7. 7. Rubber Tree Can even survive dry seasons up to 5months. Has the strength of teak wood thatconsidered one of the strongest treesaround. Convert inorganic nutrients from thesoil, and carbon dioxide from theatmosphere, into organic carbohydrateswhich are then turned into rubber latex.
  8. 8. This is a tropicalmulti coloredspider that madeits home at thefence of my site.Spider usually buildweb near whereinsects will fly.
  9. 9. Female spiders produces egg sacs that hangs on the web. Each egg saccontains hundreds of eggs. Some species females carry the babies on theirbacks, others leave the babies on their own.
  10. 10. There are ants atthe fence.Although ants arenot the spider firstchoice ofmeal, but spidermight suck outwhat is inside theants exoskeletontoo.
  11. 11.  Spider can generate pressure up to 8 timestheir resting level to extend their legs. Female spiders can lay about 1000 eggs in8-10 minutes.Are you afraid of spiders ? There’s aname for that fear... Arachniphobia.It’s kind of a mystery why so manypeople fear spiders.
  12. 12. Traffic jam.On the way to Riverstone Eco Resort.
  13. 13. Timetable
  14. 14. Picture of our dorm.
  15. 15. We have fun inthe river and didenjoy theMEETING game.We play andlaugh togetherwith the nature.
  16. 16. At night, we have anactivity which iscreate a logo for ourgroup by using thematerials from theforest such as leaf orflower.This is the logo wecreated for ourgroup, The Fred. Theconcept of this is logois came from a brandnamed Fred Perry.
  17. 17. Besides having fun in theriver, we also have thechance to enjoy ice creamunder the hot sun.
  19. 19. 5 SENSES EXPERIENCESEEThe first thing I see is the river beside ourdorm. Besides, I see many different speciesof plants and animals including insects. Thecombination of every element formednature. Moreover, I also see many trash inthe river.
  20. 20. HEARI can hear the water flow of the river.Besides, I can hear the sound of birdchirping. I can also hear the chirpingsound of insect or other animal.Combination of all the sound, I hear nature.
  21. 21. TASTEI tried the taste of the riverwater. It is tasteless and cold.I don’t want to try the water atfirst, but while plying with others, Iaccidently drink of it.
  22. 22. SMELLI can smell the taste of riverjust like after raining. Besides, Ican smell the freshness of theair. I can also smell the taste ofgreen plant.
  23. 23. FEELThe weather there is windy. Ican feel the river that is coldand also the flow of the water.Besides, I feel peaceful andrelax too.
  24. 24. Unforgettable PartColony of ants passing acrossour site.Dragonflies making out.New plant grows fromdead tree trunk.
  25. 25. Understanding of ecosystemThere are many different species of livingthings and non living things in the forest.The relation between them is very unique.Any one of them missing will also affects others.
  26. 26. The river is full of trash, without anyawareness, many living things will loss theirhabitats one day.Be responsible to our environmentTHE END