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TABS PromoMaster

  1. 1. Trade Promotion Optimization Requirements TABS Promo Master™ PROBLEM: Syndicated data is flawed and can lead you down the wrong path and Analytical just as importantly cause poor forecasting of future promotions. Accuracy SOLUTION: TABS AccuBase™ -You need an accurate Baseline to analyze results and even more important accuratly forecast future events . PROBLEM: Harmonizing the all consumption data with the qualitative data Promotion required is nearly impossible.Decomposition SOLUTION: TABS is experts in harmonizing data so you will know the impact of all Coupons, Club Card Rewards, Shopper Marketing activity PROBLEM: Inaccurate Baseline as well as incomplete data that does not includeCannibalization competition or the ability to drill down into pack/size leads to poor insight.& Competition SOLUTION: TABS brings in all packs/sizes and key competitor so yo uknow the affect of cannibaliztion and if you are keeping pace with competition. PROBLEM: No clear method of communicating win-win options to buyers, as well Account as if you should focus on Promotion Quantity or Quality to grow share next year. Opportunity SOLUTION: With TABS you can prioritize Account Promotion $ Opportunity and have the information needed to change Buyer paradigm to maximize trade promotion. PROBLEM: Lack of insightful scorecards to gain knowledge quickly on whichMaximize Trade programs are profitable and to establish a go forward strategy Funds SOLUTION: Instantly know the ROI of trade investment, impact on sales, profit and share. Track Accounts with Coop Funds upfront progress on utilizing all the funds. 2
  2. 2. TABS PromoMaster™ Solution TABS PromoMaster™ is the only customized solution designed to deliver true Trade Promotion Optimization. Culmination of decades of experience analyzing over 100,000 promotions across all categories. TABS PromoMaster delivers a competitive advantage due to 3 core components: 1. Improved Methodology 2. Intuitive Software Solution 3. Robust data harmonization TABS PromoMaster™ redefines “Best Practices” in Trade Promotion Optimization.  Customized to align with key performance indicators (KPI)  The only solution that accurately harmonizes all data required  Rapid results – Speed to implementation in three months TABS PromoMaster™ is not simply a Software solution it includes the training and support need to deliver improved company capability and trade marketing strategy 3
  3. 3. TABS PromoMaster™ Methodology  TABS AccuBase™ provides more accurate Baseline consumption resulting in TABS improved Promotion analysis and WOS Lift result. The more accurate Baseline and Lift metrics are critical for true ROI analysis and Forecasting future promotions. AccuBase™  TABS AccuBase handles Seasonal Categories and only requires $ and Unit sales enabling the use Account POS and/or Shipment  Return on Investment – Simply stated ROI is the result of the Incremental Revenue generated divided by the incremental spending. Actionable  TABS uses Consumed Factory Ship $ (CFS$) to accurately reflect the real Revenue for Brands. TABS compares the Incremental CFS$, above the Baseline CFS$, to the ROI Funds spent to determine ROI.  The major benefit of this methodology is that this ROI can be shared with Buyers and Brokers to discuss Promotion results and future plans.  TABS accurately harmonies all information critical to Promotion analysis, Robust Consumption, Spending, Shipment, Qualitative Trade Advertising and Shopper Marketing activity.  TABS custom codes the Promoted Groups and the Accounts, to align with how theHarmonization company reviews the business.  TABS includes key competitive Brands to enable benchmarking. 4
  4. 4. TABS AccuBase™ Baseline Benefits  TABS AccuBase™ eliminates the Syndicated Baseline spike, which averages 51%, resulting in Accurate Post Event Analysis and future Promotion Forecast.  TABS utilizes Actual Promotional activity not Syndicated Feature (%ACV or Units) causal measures so you know what competitiveTABS AccuBase™ processed in MatLab promotions are impacting volume. Wrong, No Feature 5
  5. 5. TABS PromoMaster™ Software  Straight forward Graphical User Interface can be customized to unique go-to-market Intuitive trade promotion process and strategy  TABS works with Trade Marketing team to keep dashboards up to date with business needsDashboards  Excel®-based, eliminating need for IT support and enabling broad use and no seat licenses. Database  TABS maintains TABS PromoMaster database and coding to eliminate the workload for Clients.  TABS securely stores all data with ongoing backup with individual user/passwordMaintenance access Improved  Client’s Trade Marketing and Account teams will build Promotion Optimization capabilities.  Account Teams have the information needed to have meaningful discussions withCapabilities Retailers to improve future planning 6
  6. 6. TABS PromoMaster™ Robust Harmonization TABS ensures all data is accurately coded, and can adjust as business needs changeRaw Data Data Validation POS Data Code  Validate w/Raw Data  Validation w/Previous Month Data  Item Coding Validation Align Spending AccuBase™ Qualitative PromoMaster™ Typically 7-10 Days after Raw Data 7
  7. 7. TABS PromoMaster™ Best Practices Annually TABS will analyze and present key learnings extracted from the TABS PromoMaster™. Recommendations and insights will be provided to senior management on the following elements:  Optimal promotional price points and promotional frequency by brand.  Guidance on levels of promotional allowances to offer for specific promotional price points and events.  Identification of retailer opportunities with respect to cost savings or incremental spending.  General level of reliance on incremental promotional volume relative to major competitors and the implications of adjusting the contribution of promotion to the overall sales mix. 8
  8. 8. TABS PromoMaster™ Case StudiesCosmetics CompanyOPP - Buyer was pressuring them for Incremental Funding to participate in Club Card events.RESULT - TABS PromoMaster™ showed that Account was not utilizing nearly $1 Million of Coop funds.Was able to secure Club Card events without incremental spending, increasing sales 8%Cough Cold CompanyOPP - Needed to revise Trade Promotion Strategy to maximize sales and increase market share.RESULT - Identified Promotion Frequency during Cold/Flu season was more important than DeepDiscount and Off Season events did not deliver incremental volume. Increased $Share 2ptsIce cream CompanyOPP – Understand Pantry Loading, Cannibalization and Channel Switch effect of Deep Discounts.RESULT – Discovered there was relatively no effect on Pantry Loading or Channel Switching and onlymodest Cannibalization. Stayed the course promotionally, and kept competitor out of POG. Sales +4%Vitamin CompanyOPP - Concerned that Retailers and Consumers were getting hooked on BOGO promotions resulting inincreased trade spending, but was afraid to cut back and lose the incremental consumption.RESULT - Learned that 40% Off Adds delivered similar Lifts as the BOGO events, and cut spending 14% 9