Greenland Brochure 2011


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Greenland Brochure 2011

  1. 1. 2011
  2. 2. Greenland Natural Body CareEstablished in 1990, Greenland is wholly dedicated to developing bath and body careproducts based on natural and organic ingredients.With fruit extracts, essential oils and milkies, Greenland products protect and carefor your skin, while seriously treating your senses. They’re natural to the core andextensively tested, though never on animals. Our distinguishing packaging has beenawarded several design prizes worldwide.Today Greenland products are sold in over thirty countries mainly in perfumeries,drugstores and department stores.
  3. 3. Greenland; the proposition business partners; Douglas, Etos, Müller, worldwide presenceSOURCE OF VISUAL from people to people/gift AUTHORITY FEATURES care for the environment EMOTIONAL feeling special, attractive FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS surprising BENEFITS accessible, authentic, BRAND pure, seductive CHARACTERISTICS surprising, sustainable, BRAND aesthetic, nature VALUES seductive beauty care with a heart for the environment BRAND ESSENCE TREAT YOUR SENSES
  4. 4. Greenland; the target audience I want to make IN my life meaningful SIGHT appreciation lovely scent self expression beautiful design confidence natural ingredients feeling good smooth touch EMOTIONAL looking good available, approachable FUNCTIONAL NEEDS NEEDS REFERENCE treat for myself, gift for someone I love OCCASION females independent - together working full/part time involved living in urban areas ambitiousREFERENCE busy lives, travellers care for the world, care for me MIND CONSUMER SET AUDIENCE
  5. 5. BRAND PERSONALITY The brand Greenland is accessible, authentic, pure, seductive. Greenland will show at the next pages the brand personality translated into mood images.
  6. 6. pure & whitepure & white NATURAL & 0RGANIC BODY CARE All pure & white items are natural and organic and contain more than 98% ingredients of natural origin. No mineral oils, artificial colorants or syntheticBULGARIAN ROSE & fragrances, but well-chosen ingredientsPATCHOULI extracted from plants that are cultivatedITALIAN LIME & naturally, without the use of pesticidesVANILLA or chemical fertilizers. It contains greatFRENCH LAVENDER & organic ingredients, such as:ROSEMARYCOTTON FLOWER & ALOE VERAWHITE LOTUS refreshing skin sensation; GLYCERINE great moisturizer; SHEA BUTTER excellent skin softner; SUNFLOWER OIL skin softener containing vitamin E; VITAMIN E antioxidant superstar revitalizing your skin by beating free radicals. The soft textures and the subtle scents of our lotions, scrubs and creams are particularly well-suited for women who like casual refinement. SHOWER CREAM with aloe vera and glycerine; BODY SCRUB hand cream body lotion body oil body butter body scrub shower cream with jojoba kernels and aloe vera; 100 ml 150 ml 150 ml 100 ml 200 ml 250 ml
  7. 7. pure & white BODY LOTION with shea butter, aloe vera, sunflower oil, vitamine E and pure & white NATURAL & 0RGANIC BODY CARE glycerine; BODY BUTTER with cacao butter, shea butter, aloe vera, sunflower oil, vitamine E and glycerine; Natural and BODY OIL organic cosmetic with sunflower oil and vitamin E; certified by Ecocert HAND CREAM Greenlife shea butter, aloe vera, sunflower oil and vitamin E.ECOCERT GUARANTEE TThe pure & white collection is certifiedby Ecocert Greenlife according toEcocert standards. Ecocert is Europe’sindependent control and certificationorganisation for natural and organiccosmetics. The label garantees therigourous respect of the appliedstandards on products, systems orservices (
  8. 8. less=moreless=more ORGANIC BODY CARE The unique less=more collection is based on three different organic key ingredients: BERGAMOT OILBERGAMOT a refreshing and cooling oil, whichPOMEGRANATE restores the balance between bodyCRANBERRY and soul; CRANBERRY EXTRACT a rich source of vitamin C known with anti-aging properties; POMEGRANATE OIL a strong anti-oxidant, which protects against free radicals. The ingredients are vegetable-based substances extracted from plants that are cultivated naturally. All products containing 0%: parabens and bromine compounds; body butter hand cream body lotion massage oil body scrub shower gel 200 ml 100 ml 100 ml 150 ml 200 ml 250 ml
  9. 9. less=moreIn addition to the organic ingredients,every product in the less=morecollection has its own specific active less=more ORGANIC BODY CAREingredients, such as: 0% parabens containing KUKUI OIL mineral oils improves skin elasticity and artificial colourants protects dry skin. it is also rich in harsh preservatives omega 3-6; synthetic fragrances SUNFLOWER OIL high in vitamin E, an anti-oxidant vitamin that vitalises the skin; MANGO BUTTER softens and nourishes the skin; YELLOW BEESWAX makes the skin smooth and supple and protects it from external influences; SHEA BUTTER an excellent natural emollient and moisturiser; CACAO BUTTER has excellent skin care properties, very suitable for dry and sensitive skin; SWEET ALMOND OIL regulates skin moisture, nourishes and reduces skin irritation. This oil is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
  10. 10. fruit emotionsfruit emotions NATURAL BODY CARE A perfect pair of essential oils constitutes the core of our greenland fruit emotions range. Each well- balanced combination of oilsLIME - VANILLA guarantees seductive scents andCOCONUT - TANGERINE sensuously soft textures. Natural bodyPAPAYA - LEMON care products to harmonize, energizeMINT - LAVENDER and soothe you. Greenland fruitGRAPEFRUIT - GINGER emotions - wellness at its natural best! SHOWER GEL a particularly mild cleanser, pH- neutral, so kind to your skin; SRUB SALT containing fine Atlantic sea salt, makes the skin soft and supple; BATH OIL mood calming oil with a beautiful scent; MASSAGE OIL a sensual, tactile experience; BODY BUTTER shea butter and cocoa butter conditions and nourishes the skin; HAND CREAM Excellent moisturizing cream containing glycerine and vitamine B5. hand cream body butter massage oil bath oil scrub salt shower gel 50 ml 100 ml 120 ml 250 ml 400 gr 600 ml
  11. 11. fruit emotionsGreenland fruit emotions are availablein five seductive scents: fruit emotions NATURAL BODY CARE
  12. 12. balm & butterbalm & butter NATURAL BODY CARE Greenland balm & butter is the answer to a rough and dry skin. Natural products for body and lips with cocoa butter to protect and shea butter toMANGO soften your skin.COCOA-VANILLACOCONUT Our two-in-one balm & butter formulaPOMEGRANATE instantly transforms that unpleasantPAPAYA dry and weather-beaten feel, restoringPASSION FRUIT the skin’s natural souplesse and radiance with a single gesture. LIP BALM comes in a cool stick and has a nice, firm texture. Greenland lip balm does not contain paraffin wax. BODY BUTTER is just perfect for that much desired quick body boost. The body temperature melts the butter, making it easier to absorb every single bit of its goodness.body butter 100 ml
  13. 13. balm & butterBalm and butter is available in sixscents: balm & butter NATURAL BODY CARE MANGO COCOA-VANILLA COCONUT POMEGRANATE PAPAYA PASSION FRUIT lip balm 3,9 gr show box
  14. 14. milkymilky NATURAL BODY CARE Greenland milky offers natural body care with the benefit of creamy, soft and silky “milks”. It is soothing or energizing, depending on the specificALMOND MILK - LOTUS milky mix of beneficial ingredients:COCONUT MILK - LIME SHOWER GELYOGHURT - CUCUMBER a soft cleansing gel with milkRICE MILK - VANILLA proteins and lipids, moisturizing your skin; SHOWER MOUSSE a delicious cleansing product, both soothing and refreshing your skin; BODY SCRUB a gentle cleansing scrub, leaving your skin soft and supple; BODY LOTION a subtle creamy substance that is easily absorbed. Nourishes and protects your skin; BODY BUTTER a silky nourishing butter. body butter body lotion body scrub shower gel shower 150 ml 100 ml 200 ml 250 ml mousse 200 ml
  15. 15. milkyGreenland milky is available in fourtantalizing combinations: ALMOND MILK & LOTUS milky NATURAL BODY CARE a rich conditioner suited for a slightly dry skin; YOGHURT CUCUMBER T LA FINA B EL A refreshing and green, suitable for all skin types; 06 20 COCONUT MILK & LIME W a strong natural conditioning effect ARD for normal to slightly oily skin; RICE MILK & VANILLA exotic, warm and rich for slightly World’s most sensitive skin types. attractive label category cosmetics
  16. 16. fruit extractsfruit extracts NATURAL BODY CARE Greenland fruit extracts offer fabulous natural body care with the added pleasure of natural fruit extracts. The products distinguish themselves byAPPLE their freshly sweet scents. Due toRASPBERRY their balanced formula, greenland fruitMANGO extracts products are accessible andPAPAYA affordable. SHOWER GEL refreshing cleansing gel. All types are pH neutral and so are particularly kind to the skin; BODY SCRUB an active cleansing scrub, leaving the skin soft and supple; BODY BUTTER cocoa butter protects the skin, while shea butter softens it; BODY & MASSAGE OIL two-in-one formula can be soothed all over the body or for a reviving massage. Greenland fruit extracts comes in four delicious freshly sweet scents: body butter body scrub body & shower gel 150 ml 250 ml massage oil 200 ml 100 ml
  17. 17. fruit extracts fruit extracts NATURAL BODY CARE
  18. 18. gift set FRUIT EMOTIONS shower gel 600 ml - body butter 100 ml shower gel 250 ml - body butter 100 ml
  19. 19. gift sets FRUIT EXTRACTS shower gel 200 ml - body butter 150 ml
  20. 20. gift set BALM & BUTTER skin kits body butter 100ml - hand cream 50 ml - lip balm 3.9 gr body butter 100 ml - lip balm 3.9 gr hand cream 50 ml - lip balm 3.9 gr pouches body butter 100ml - hand cream 50 gr
  21. 21. display FAST MOVERS
  22. 22. displays BALM & BUTTER balm & butter display minibalm & butter display
  23. 23. display LIP BALM
  24. 24. PURE & WHITE NEW LESS=MORE (organic) BALM & BUTTER Natural* and organic cosmetic LM 11 shower gel 250 ml, bergamot BB 11 lip balm alu. stick, mango certified by Ecocert Greenlife LM 12 shower gel 250 ml, pomegranate BB 12 lip balm alu. stick, cocoa-vanillaPWN 11 shower cream 250 ml, Cotton flower-white lotus LM 14 shower gel 250 ml, cranberry BB 13 lip balm alu. stick, coconutPWN 12 shower cream 250 ml, Italian lime-vanilla BB 14 lip balm alu. stick, pomegrantePWN 13 shower cream 250 ml, Bulgarian rose-patchouli LM 21 body scrub 200 ml, bergamot BB 15 lip balm alu. stick, papayaPWN 14 showercream 250 ml, French lavender-rosemary LM 22 body scrub 200 ml, pomegranate BB 16 lip balm alu. stick, passion fruit LM 24 body scrub 200 ml, cranberryPWN 21* body scrub 200 ml, Cotton flower-white lotus BB 21 body butter 100 ml, mangoPWN 22* body scrub 200 ml, Italian lime-vanilla LM 31 massage oil 150 ml, bergamot BB 22 body butter 100 ml, cocoa-vanillaPWN 23* body scrub 200 ml, Bulgarian rose-patchouli LM 32 massage oil 150 ml, pomegranate BB 23 body butter 100 ml, coconutPWN 24* body scrub 200 ml, French lavender-rosemary LM 34 massage oil 150 ml, cranberry BB 24 body butter 100 ml, pomegranate BB 25 body butter 100 ml, papayaPWN 31 body butter 100 ml, Cotton flower-white lotus LM 41 body lotion 100 ml, bergamot BB 26 body butter 100 ml, passion fruitPWN 32 body butter 100 ml, Italian lime-vanilla LM 42 body lotion 100 ml, pomegranatePWN 33 body butter 100 ml, Bulgarian rose-patchouli LM 44 body lotion 100 ml, cranberry BB 71 pouch; lip balm, body butter, mangoPWN 34 body butter 100 ml, French lavender- rosemary BB 73 pouch; lip balm, body butter, coconut LM 51 hand cream 100 ml, bergamot BB 75 pouch; lip balm, body butter, papayaPWN 41 body lotion 150 ml, Cotton flower-white lotus LM 52 hand cream 100 ml, pomegranatePWN 42 body lotion 150 ml, Italian lime-vanilla LM 54 hand cream 100 ml, cranberry BB 81 pouch; Hand cream, body butter, mangoPWN 43 body lotion 150 ml, Bulgarian rose-patchouli BB 83 pouch; Hand cream, body butter, coconutPWN 44 body lotion 150 ml, French lavender-rosemary LM 61 body butter 200 ml, bergamot BB 85 pouch; Hand cream, body butter, papaya LM 62 body butter 200 ml, pomegranatePWN 51 body oil 150 ml, Cotton flower-white lotus LM 64 body butter 200 ml, cranberry BB 91 pouch; lip balm, hand cream, mangoPWN 52 body oil 150 ml, Italian lime-vanilla BB 93 pouch; lip balm, hand cream,coconutPWN 53 body oil 150 ml, Bulgarian rose-patchouli LM 71 less=more gift pack, bergamot BB 95 pouch; lip balm, hand cream, papayaPWN 54 body oil 150 ml, French lavender-rosemary LM 72 less=more gift pack, pomegranate LM 74 less=more gift pack, cranberry SKIN KIT NEWPWN 61 hand cream 100 ml, Cotton flower-lotus SKN 11 set; body b., hand cr., lip balm, mangoPWN 62 hand cream 100 ml, Italian lime-vanilla SKN 12 set; body b., hand cr., lip balm, papayaPWN 63 hand cream 100 ml, Bulogarian rose-patchouli SKN 13 set; body b., hand cr., lip balm, coconutPWN 64 hand cream 100 ml, French lavender- rosemary BB 41 balm & butter display big BB 42 balm & butter display small BB43 lip balm display
  25. 25. MILKY FRUIT EMOTIONS FE 91 giftset scrub glove, showergel & bodybutter, p-lMY 11 shower gel 250 ml, rice milk-vanilla FE 11 showergel 600 ml, papaya-lemon FE 92 giftset scrub glove, showergel & bodybutter, c-tMY 12 shower gel 250 ml, coconut milk-lime FE 12 showergel 600 ml, coconut-tangarine FE 93 giftset scrub glove, showergel & bodybutter, m-lMY 13 shower gel 250 ml, yoghurt-cucumber FE 13 showergel 600 ml, mint- lavender FE 94 giftset scrub glove, showergel & bodybutter, l-vMY 14 shower gel 250 ml, almond milk-lotus FE 14 showergel 600 ml, lime-vanilla FE 95 giftset scrub glove, showergel & bodybutter, g-g FE 15 showergel 600 ml, grapefruit-gingerMY 21 shower mousse 200 ml, rice milk-vanilla FE 101 hand cream 50 ml, Papaya-lemonMY 22 shower mousse 200 ml, coconut milk-lime FE 21 bath oill 250 ml, papaya-lemon FE 102 hand cream 50 ml, Coconut-tangerineMY 23 shower mousse 200 ml, yoghurt-cucumber FE 22 bath oil 250 ml, coconut-tangarine FE 103 hand cream 50 ml, Mint-lavenderMY 24 shower mousse 200 ml, almond milk-lotus FE 23 bath oil 250 ml, mint- lavender FE 104 hand cream 50 ml, Lime vanilla FE 24 bath oil 250 ml, lime-vanilla FE 105 hand cream 50 ml, Grapefruit-gingerMY 31 body scrub 200 ml, rice milk-vanilla FE 25 bath oil 250 ml, grapefruit-gingerMY 32 body scrub 200 ml, coconut milk-lime FRUIT EXTRACTSMY 33 body scrub 200 ml, yoghurt-cucumber FX 11 showergel 200 ml, papaya FE 31 massage oil 120 ml, papaya-lemonMY 34 body scrub 200 ml, almond milk-lotus FX 12 showergel 200 ml, mango FE 32 massage oil 120 ml, coconut-tangarine FX 13 showergel 200 ml, apple FE 33 massage oil 120 ml, mint- lavenderMY 41 body lotion 100 ml, rice milk-vanilla FX 14 showergel 200 ml, raspberry FE 34 massage oil 120 ml, lime-vanillaMY 42 body lotion 100 ml, coconut milk-lime FE 35 massage oil 120 ml, grapefruit -gingerMY 43 body lotion 100 ml, yoghurt-cucumber FX 21 body & massage oil 100 ml, papayaMY 44 body lotion 100 ml, almond milk-lotus FX 22 body & massage oil 100 ml, mango FE 41 scrub salt 400 gr, papaya-lemon FX 23 body & massage oil 100 ml, apple FE 42 scrub salt 400 gr, coconut-tangarineMY 51 body butter 150 ml, rice milk-vanilla FX 24 body & massage oil 100 ml, raspberry FE 43 scrub salt 400 gr, mint- lavenderMY 52 body butter 150 ml, coconut milk-limeMY 53 body butter 150 ml, yoghurt-cucumber FE 44 scrub salt 400 gr, lime-vanilla FX 31 body scrub 250 ml, papayaMY 54 body butter 150 ml, almond milk-lotus FE 45 scrub salt 400 gr, grapefruit-ginger FX 32 body scrub 250 ml, mango FX 33 body scrub 250 ml, appleMY 91 gift set, box, rice milk-vanilla FE 51 body butter 100 ml, papaya-lemon FX 34 body scrub 250 ml, raspberryMY 93 gift set box, yoghurt-cucumber FE 52 body butter 100 ml, coconut-tangarineMY 94 gift set box, almond milk-lotus FE 53 body butter 100 ml, mint- lavender FX 41 body butter 150 ml, papaya FE 54 body butter 100 ml, lime-vanilla FX 42 body butter 150 ml, mango FE 55 body butter 100 ml, grapefruit -ginger FX 43 body butter 150 ml, apple FX 44 body butter 150 ml, raspberry FE 81 giftset,showergel,body butter p-l FE 82 giftset,showergel,body butter c-t FX 51 toiletbag papaya FE 83 giftset,showergel,body butter m-l FX 52 toiletbag mango FE 84 giftset,showergel,body butter l-v FX 53 toiletbag apple FE 85 giftset,showergel,body butter g-g FX 54 toiletbag raspberry
  26. 26. Manufactured under license by:The Berkeley S quare Cosmetics Co LtdUnit 13 Watford Metro CentreDwight Road, WatfordWD18 9S B United KingdomT: +44 1923 213313F: +44 1923