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This is a recording of the Adobe Connect session done with the Northern Virginia ColdFusion Users Group discussing the open source initiative known as Team CF Advance. If you are a CFML (ColdFusion) developer who would like to learn more about this open source initiative and would like to participate, this is a good introduction to the concepts behind the team and where we are as of January 2014.

Learn more and sign-up to join the team at

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Team CF Advance Introduction

  1. 1. Team CF Advance Presented at NVCFUG Jan 2014 By Denard Springle
  2. 2. What is Team CF Advance? • Community driven FOSS initiative • Platform, framework and technique neutral • Involves Adobe and the Open CFML Foundation
  3. 3. What is FOSS • Free Open Source Software (FOSS) • PHP, RoR, etc. communities drive innovation through open source development initiatives • Railo, Apache and Tomcat are all FOSS initiatives
  4. 4. TCFA Mission Statement • Advancing ColdFusion applications as an open source solution through development and improvement of open source software solutions combined with social marketing to help raise awareness of ColdFusion solutions as a viable open source option against other open source solutions.
  5. 5. TCFA Organization • TCFA Board Members – Working Group Leaders • Project Leaders – Project Members • Board acts as steering committee • Working group leaders work with board and project leaders • Project leaders work with group leaders and project members • Seven (7) working groups…
  6. 6. FOSS Rescue Group • Focused on locating older, unmaintained, ColdFusion projects that could be resurrected and given new life under TCFA leadership • Resurrects legacy CF projects by taking over code maintenance from original author(s) and improving capabilities. • Led by Randy (
  7. 7. FOSS Pioneer Group • Focused on isolating new projects and pioneering software solutions for the CFML marketplace that do not already exist. • Several suggestions have been proposed and that working group has isolated which of those solutions should be tackled and in what order • Led by Pete (
  8. 8. FOSS API Group • Focused on hackathons and sprints designed to wrap and promote the use of CFML with various APIs and providers. • Our most active group so far – delivering over 7 new API wrappers in their 1st sprint • Led by Danny (
  9. 9. FOSS Package Manager Group • Focused, in concert with Adobe, on developing a cross-platform package management system for CFML. • Developing a system that will allow the rapid deployment of CFML packages, including dependencies. • Led by yours truly (
  10. 10. FOSS QA Group • Focused on helping other teams learn how to write tests, validate our development against the multiple versions and platforms that run CFML, and overall ensure that the development TCFA puts forth meets quality standards. • Lead by Sean (
  11. 11. FOSS Documentation Group • Focused on helping developers document their work, ensure all our documentation follows the same standards and otherwise ensure that the team has the support to document our projects thoroughly. • Led by Tony (
  12. 12. FOSS Promotion Group • Working in concert with the Open CFML Foundation, and working the social media, blogosphere and forums are our promotion group members who help promote our projects as they are completed, generate buzz for new projects we take on, and advocate CFML as a competitive development platform to others. • Led by Ryan (
  13. 13. Contributor License Agreement • CLA’s are a SOP in FOSS development • TCFA uses the Apache v2 CLA as the basis for our CLA • Protects TCFA from code revocation by any single author • Protects the IP rights of the author contributing their code
  14. 14. Deep Thoughts… • Over 120 participating developers… so far! • Developers of all walks of life, experience and skill levels • Organized and started development within the first two months!
  15. 15. Learn More • • • @teamcfadvance and #TCFA • +TeamcfadvanceOrg