Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic
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Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic



Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic

Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic



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Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic Dieppe, Italian Campaign, Battle of the Atlantic Presentation Transcript

  • Canada’s Role in Europe
  • Dieppe- August 19, 1942 August 19, 1942:  attempted landing at Dieppe by Canadian troops1) Soldiers land Dieppe beaches  ships came ashore in daylight- no surprise2) Enemy fire from cliffs3) Allied Bombers...? Delayed4) Commanders continuedto send reinforcements… 2800/ 4900 soldiers killed or captured** more Cdns. died at Dieppe in a few hours than on any other single day of the war...
  • Invasion of Italy & Italian Campaign • After Dieppe, Canadians waited in GB for their next chance to go into battle • the “tide” of the war was turning in favour of the Allies US enters war  Battle of El Alamein (Oct-Nov. 1942) = the end of German advances in Northern Africa  Battle of Stalingrad (winter 1943) – German advance intoRussia is stopped
  • Invasion of Italy & Italian Campaign1)July 1943invade Sicily  2 Canadian Divisions2) Italian soldiers surrendered - Benito Mussolini overthrown3)New Italian PM signed an armistice with the Allies4) Germannorthern Italy5) Alliesdecide to invade mainland up Italian Peninsula  CanadiansOrtona  2 years to take Italy (1945)
  • Battle of the Atlantic- 1939-1945 Allies sending goods to GB, Axis wanting to stop merchant shipping (starve GB) RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) Britain dependent of Cda and US for food and military supplies  Allied ships sunk by German U-boats Cdabuilt corvettes= quick and small, but not very seaworthy  “roll on wet grass”
  • Canadians in the Air RCAF- Royal Canadian Air Force  250,000 Canadians joined  Participated in bombing raids in Britain, North Africa, Italy, Northwest Europe, Southeast Asia, and over Germany  10,000 Canadian bombers lost their lives (1/4 total casualties)