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Domino X Pages

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This presentation provides a technology overview of XPages in Lotus Notes and Domino.

This presentation provides a technology overview of XPages in Lotus Notes and Domino.

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  • 1. ® IBM Software Group Domino XPages Technology Introduction Philippe Riand – XPages Architect IBM Confidential
  • 2. IBM Software Group | Lotus software XPages Technology  Brings State-of-the-Art Web technology to Domino 8.5  Uses JSF as the runtime fundation, but doesn't require JSF/Java skills  Extensive palette of UI controls  Pre-built Web 2.0 functionality (Ajax...)  Allows and enforces reutilization through custom controls  Decreases the time for writing Web Applications  Brand new web applications  Modernizing existing web applications or “Web-ify” Notes applications  Solves problems expressed by the Domino community  Known limitations are addressed • UI/Data separation, HTML generation control, Server state, Localization, Extensibility… *
  • 3. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Designed for Web 2.0  Advanced set of controls  Web pager, Section, Tabbed panel...  Advanced View layouts using repeated sections  Native support for Ajax behaviors  Partial refresh, available to every event  Typeahead  Comes with the Dojo JavaScript library  Natively leverages Dojo widgets (RichText, Date/Time picker...)  Gives easy access to Dojo modules & widgets *
  • 4. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Enables Enterprise Scale Applications  Extensible architecture  Custom controls  An XPage can call any Java code/library  JSF config files can be used to provide custom options  Extended data access capability  Applications can access data located in multiple NSF databases  Multiple documents/views can be displayed on the same page  Built-in localization and internationalization support  Support String localization & dedicated pages per locale  Automatic support for user timezone *
  • 5. IBM Software Group | Lotus software New Design Elements within Designer  XPages  An XPage is the UI design element used to render web pages  Based on an extended version of Java Server Faces, adapted to Script developers  Custom controls  A custom control is a reusable piece of UI created by assembling existing controls/ behaviors within an XPage  Appear in the control palette similarly to native controls  Parameterizable through custom properties  No Java nor other low level technology is required to create a custom control  Server-side JavaScript libraries  JavaScript is the preferred scripting language for XPages  Themes  A theme defines the look & feel of the application. *
  • 6. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Leverages Web/Domino developers skills  JavaScript is used as the main scripting language  JavaScript used on the client and on the server  Simple actions are also provided for common tasks  Leverages the existing design elements (Form, Views, Agents...)  Forms carry the document schema (data definition) and some business logic (computed fields...)  Views used to query the Domino store  Agents can be called using the back-end API  Leverages and exposes the back-end API  JavaScript accessors on top of the Java back-end API  JavaScript has been extended to support @Functions() *
  • 7. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Eclipse Based XPages WYSIWYG Editor *
  • 8. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Complete Control of the Rendering  Look & Feel is driven uniquely by CSS  Full support of CSS classes or inline styles  Uses CSS file resources  Support Themes for skinning an application  Predefined styles for controls  A theme can be defined locally, in an NSF, or globally  2 themes provided out of the box  HTML tags/attributes can be embedded within XPages *
  • 9. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Domino Integration  Fully integrated within the Domino server  Installed as part of the Domino HTTP Server  Automatically starts with the HTTP server  No deployment required – Create a design element within an NSF and save it  Leverages the Domino security model  Data security done through the back-end API, using the web user credentials  Code execution controlled based on developer signatures  Uses a custom Servlet Container  Leverages the HTTP server configuration • Authentication, request dispatching... *
  • 10. IBM Software Group | Lotus software Performance  Highly tuned JSF runtime  The runtime has been highly tuned to optimize both the CPU cycles and the memory consumption  XPages are compiled into efficient Java code  Maximizes the network bandwidth and application responsiveness  HTML content is “Gzipped” on the fly if the browser supports it  Static content (JavaScript libraries, CSS...) is shrinked and pre- compressed (gzip)  Uses HTTP expires header cache for resources *