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  • Ddr presentation

    1. 1. 1David RaymondSEO, SEM, Digital Marketing Specialist, WebDesigner, Search Addict
    2. 2. 2What I’m Passionate About SEO Art SEM Social Media Digital Marketing Mobile Being Challenged Technology
    3. 3. 3My Talents Creative skills balanced with technical knowhow Fast, fast, and faster Detailed oriented Great communicator Powerful collaborator Fast learner Can pronounce the world’s longest word
    4. 4. 4My Skills - Scale 1 - 10 SEO :: 9 SEM :: 8 Web Design :: 8 Social Media :: 9 Digital Marketing :: 9 CSS :: 8 HTML :: 8 JavaScript :: 7 CMS :: 8 Graphic Design :: 8 Video production :: 8 Adobe Creative Suite :: 8
    5. 5. 5Who I’ve Helped
    6. 6. 6 Kind Words about My Work“I had the pleasure of working with Dave Raymond while I was at the Kessler Collection as President and COO. Dave was a breath of fresh air bringing creativity, innovationand technical expertise to our company. We had battled with a third party vendor who handled our web site, SEO, pay for click campaigns, etc. Dave came in and was ableto save money by bringing functions in house that he could handle as well as having the vision to think strategically beyond what our vendor could hope to provide. Daveknows how to optimize marketing tools by leveraging technology and utilizing his vast network of business partners. Partnering with Dave Raymond is like bringing on anentire team of consultants in for the price of one. If Dave doesnt know the answer to something, he will within the hour. What I liked best about working with Dave was ourmany conversations about the business and how we could make it better. He has an insatiable appetite to be on the cutting edge and to make a difference. I hope I havethe opportunity to work with Dave again in the near future - I miss his intellectual push!” November 22, 2011Scott Schreiber, President & Chief Operating Officer, The Kessler Collectionworked directly with David at Kessler Collection/Marriott Autograph Properties “Ive worked with Dave on projects that have ranged from start ups to Fortune 500s.  His extensive experience in on-line marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, andSocial Media has helped clients rapidly experience a positive ROI through his on-line efforts.  Dave continually updates his knowledge of the industry and always brings afresh and creative perspective to any on-line project.” April 23, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, ExpertSteven Davenport,hired David as a SEO/SEM in 2000, and hired David more than once“Health Data Services, Inc. hired David in early 2010 to take over our SEO campaign from one of the Top 10 SEO firms in the country. David immediately identified areaswhere our efforts could be improved and went to work. We saw a sustained steady increase in our web traffic working with David. He managed to get us first page searchengine visibility with many of our search terms. This, despite our competitors having much more web longevity and much deeper pockets than we did. We have noreservations about recommending David as a top SEO consultant.” May 9, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, ExpertJohn Dove,hired David as a IT Consultant in 2010“David is superb at bringing big ideas into both modern and traditional media. Over the 20 years Ive known and worked with David, he has always pushed most of us intoembracing the New, New, and exploiting the benefits of driving new trends in media. I periodically work with Dave and would consider him to be among the best in our fieldof the high-tech universe, and would add that he has an extremely strong track record in finding, hiring, and developing talent. Finally, hes one of the few big-pictures guysIve worked with.” March 27, 2011Robert Estes, VP Product Management, XcelleNetworked with David at XcelleNet
    7. 7. 7Results Count - Jack NicklausFrom The Nicklaus CompaniesThe interview with Jack turned out better than I remember, and I loved the use or application of the animatedflyovers. In fact, I brought in a large contingent from our Nicklaus Design team to view it with me again to showthem the application. Bobby Root, who designed the software to do these flyovers, was weeping like a smallboy. We are actually going to burn some additional DVDs to keep on hand to show future clients how theflyovers can be used.Nice job and congratulations!Scott TolleyDirector of CommunicationsJack Nicklaus & the Nicklaus Companies
    8. 8. 8Results Count - Advance Me
    9. 9. 9What Inspires Me Super smart people Great design Great technology Being told that it can’t be done - a perceived challenge Great leaders
    10. 10. 10Little Known Facts Worked with the film director of Blair Witch Project I am a pilot I participate in triathlons and marathons I have helped create significant valuations for startups that have led to successful IPOs
    11. 11. 11My Social Footprint http://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddraymond @daviddraymond @http://www.facebook.com/daviddraymond http://www.crosseyeinc.com/index.php/ramblings
    12. 12. 12Contact eMail: draymond@mac.com david.raymond@crossridgeinc.com cell: 407-616-1118 home: 407-876-6559