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5. od optimized data-protection_archival_v1

  1. 1. Industry specific cover image
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. <Insert Picture Here> Optimized Data Protection and Archival Better ROI Through Tiered Storage
  4. 4. Information is Exploding… Causing customers to rethink data management MASSIVE DATA GROWTH 60% compound annual growth rate.1 1,200 Extabytes of data will be generated in 2010.2 HETEROGENEOUS ENVIRONMENTS Multi-application/OS/location data sources need to be consolidated and managed. RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS Purchasing, power, space and cooling costs all need containment. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Severe penalties for data loss and extremely lengthy retention requirements. Source: 1) The Economist 2010. 2) IDC 2008 4
  5. 5. 5 Aligning the value of data with the cost of storage is more important than ever Sources: 1) Merrill Lynch 2, 5) © 2007 Jupiter Media Corporation and The StorageIO Group, Report to Congress on Server and Data Energy Efficiency (08/2007) 3, 4, 6, 8) IDC. 7) Gartner Graphic: ESG, Gartner, IDC …And Storage Requirements are Changing • 80+% of data is unstructured (video, image, etc) 1 • Storage consumes ~40% of data center power & is the fastest growing consumer (20% CAGR), disk subsystems contribute 80% 2,3 • Majority of data in product environments is stale, 80% is never looked at again 4 • Power costs will exceed production costs by 2011 5 • Consolidation is a Top 10 IT initiative 6 • Requests for 100 year Archive and ILM deployments have tripled 7 • Management complexity driving up costs ~25% Y/Y 8 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 eMail File DataBase Total Archive Capacity Forecast (PB)
  6. 6. Age in Days Probability of Re-reference 1 70-30% 3 40-46% 7 20-25% 30 1-5% 50 Near 0% Tier 0: Ultra-high performance Flash Tier 1: High-performance Disk Tier 2: Capacity Disk Tier 3: Tape Average Distribution of Data by Tier Reuse/Access …Forcing Customers to React • Match the cost of storage to the use requirements of the information to minimize TCO • Blends disk for faster access and tape for less active access "Storage Panorama" Fall 2008; Horison Information Strategies Age in Days Possibility of Access $$$$ $$$ $$ $
  7. 7. Optimizing Information Value Requires End-to-End Content Management Storage Archive Manager Flash TapeDisk Content Management Applications Oracle Enterprise Content Management
  8. 8. Flash TapeDisk Content Management Applications Oracle Enterprise Content Management Storage Archive Manager Optimizing Information Value Requires End-to-End Content Management
  9. 9. Likelihoodofaccess High Low Data Lifecycle Just created Long term retention Access Time Cost Capacity Flash Cost Capacity Access Disk Capacity Disk Cost Capacity Access Time Access Tape Cost Capacity Capacity Tape Capacity Cost Access Time Access Time Access Time Storage Deployment Decision Factors
  10. 10. Unified Storage: Scale for Capacity and Cost Modular Disk Storage: Scale for Performance (FC) and Capacity/Cost (SATA) Flash Storage: Scale for Performance Tape Storage: Massive Scale for Capacity at Lowest Cost Oracle‟s Storage Portfolio Meets Every Data Demand Balance Between Performance, Cost and Capacity
  11. 11. Technology Price per GB Predictions Tape‟s Cost Advantage Is Increasing
  12. 12. Oracle’s Tiered ArchitectureDisk-Only Architecture • Including tape reduces average cost/GB by 46%!1 • Even SATA disk is 23x more expensive than tape2 • Factoring in media lifespan improves TCO even more - disk (5-7 years) vs tape (15-30 years) 3 • Operational savings of tape are unsurpassed – disk costs 290x more in energy • 5x long-term cost advantage per TB on tape even vs. data deduplication!4 Source: 1, 3) Horison Information Strategies, 2009. 2, 4) Clipper Group Lowest TCO Disk+Tape Dramatically Reduces Storage Costs
  13. 13. Other Considerations For Archive Disk Tape Max shelf life (bit rot) 10 years 30 years Best practices for data migration to new technology 4-5 years 8-10 years Uncorrected Bit Error Rate, Probability (avg 1 error in x TB) 10-14 ( ~10’s of TB) 10-19 (~1 million TB) Power and cooling 290X X
  14. 14. Entry SL8500 VSM SL3000 SL500 SL24/48 • Best TCO • Best scalability - consolidation and virtualization • Industry leading reliability and availability • Strongest investment protection Near-Line Data – Oracle StorageTek Tape Industry‟s Strongest Tape Portfolio Software Device Management Data Management Tiered Storage Virtualization Encryption T9840LTO T10000 14
  15. 15. Best TCO Oracle‟s Multi-tiered Solution Delivers >50% Better TCO “Our return on investment is instant, because it would have cost us $14 million to make videotape copies. The Sun solution is saving us $6 million. We plan to completely replace and recycle existing tapes every three years, and even doing that, this solution is far less expensive than any other." - Sam Gustman, CTO, USC SHOAH Foundation Source: Horison Information Strategies, 2009 Oracle Tape/Disk EMC Disk only Cost/GB $2.86 $5.38
  16. 16. Highest Scalability Oracle StorageTek Libraries Scale 5X the Competition EMC Centerasource: Analyst Ideas International (Sep. 2009) “The SL8500 that we have today is the maximum in a single frame, but the SL8500 works where you can stack them side by side and the (tape) can actually go from one frame to another,” State of Tennessee’s Max Arnold said. “So it’s hugely scalable.” – Storage Magazine, Sep. '09 IBM TS3500 Oracle StorageTek SL8500 30 PBs 150 PBs 512 TBs • Oracle’s roadmap provides scalability to 2000 PB!
  17. 17. StorageTek ranked #1 in “Overall Quality” and “Reliability” according to Storage Magazine in August „09 publication Best Reliability Oracle StorageTek‟s Quality Is #1 Per Customers IBM finished #2 HP finished #4 • StorageTek has won this award every year – 4 years in a row
  18. 18. • Policy based dynamic archiving − Right information − Right storage devices − Right time. • Gain control and simplify storage management − Utilize storage tiering − Provide storage archiving − Provide data protection • Sustainable access to business information throughout the data lifecycle. • Reduce or eliminate backup window • Simplify the configuration, management, and monitoring of archiving file systems. Proven Storage Management Software Seamless automation for data growth Oracle Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM)
  19. 19. Database Backup Architectures Performance, Scalability, Reliability Reference Architecture Database Backup
  20. 20. • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is the Oracle-preferred method for efficiently backing up and recovering Oracle databases • Reduces exposure of data loss for Oracle database environments • RMAN backup to disk provides faster restore • It’s already built into the Oracle Database • Cost Effective, no extra licences to buy • No third party technology to purchase and coordinate • Ensures transaction integrity and manages all information required for database recovery at any point in time • RMAN copies only database blocks that have changed since previous backup • Up to an order of magnitude reduction in backup and recovery times • Significantly improved Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Service Levels Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) Oracle Database Integrated Backup and Recovery
  21. 21. • Simplifies all of the different operations, copies, and locations of files • Assists in keeping track of the state of all these various backup images as well as their locations • Assists in making the decision that particular backup information has become obsolete and can therefore be safely retired • Makes recovery for the DBA much simpler since RMAN keeps track of all of the files required for recovery operations Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) Oracle Database Integrated Backup and Recovery
  22. 22. Sun Storage 7000 Systems are the Ideal Target for RMAN Database Backup and Recovery Oracle Database Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Oracle RMAN Target Primary Disk Array RMAN Disk Backup •Cost effective, high performance disk target •ZFS Compression further shortens backup/recovery • Relieves Database server CPUs from doing RMAN Compression •Highest level of data integrity • End-to-end ZFS checksums • Triple-parity RAID • Self-healing Fault Management •No extra charge replication for Disaster Recovery • Simplify Oracle DR utilizing replicated copies of RMAN backups RMAN and the 7000, a perfect match
  23. 23. Enterprise Disaster Recovery •For all critical Oracle environments, best practice is to replicate to a secondary recovery location •Multiple copies of the data on disk in separate locations Oracle Database Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Oracle RMAN Target Primary Disk Array RMAN Disk Backup Replicated Oracle RMAN Target Disk Backup
  24. 24. Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape for Oracle Database Protection Oracle Database Tape Backup Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Oracle RMAN Target Primary Disk Array RMAN Disk Backup Oracle Secure Backup Sun StorageTek SL3000 Library System Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems are the ideal platform for Database backup and recovery
  25. 25. Disk to Replicated Disk to Tape for Oracle Database Protection Oracle Database Tape Backup Sun Storage 7000 Oracle RMAN Target Primary Disk Array RMAN Disk Backup Oracle Secure Backup Sun StorageTek SL8500 Library System Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems built in replication enable cost effective DR Replicated Sun Storage 7000 Replicated Backup
  26. 26. Adding Further Value to the Backup By Integrating Test and Development Databases Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Oracle RMAN Target Primary Disk Array RMAN Replicated Oracle RMAN Target Development Database Test Database Production Database
  27. 27. RMAN + SAM Infinite Capacity Flashback Recovery Area • Backups: • RMAN backups written to SAM disk cache • SAM policies select the appropriate files • SAM releases disk space for easier disk management • Restores: • Files RMAN selects that were migrated to tape SAM stages to the disk cache • Long-term Retention: • Utilize BACKUP…KEEP to create an RMAN copy that will be retained outside of the backup policy for long-term retention • SAM also manage Flashback and Archive Redo Logs 27 Oracle Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) Disk and Tape Fast Recovery Disk
  28. 28. Content & Management Tier Flash TapeDisk Content Management Applications Oracle Enterprise Content Management Storage Archive Manager
  29. 29. Disk Oracle‟s Unique Value Integrated End-to-End Solutions OCR Disk Archive Disk Disk Archive SharePoint Files Oracle ECM Storage Archive Manager Local Remote Apps •Standards-based hardware and software solutions for the full range of enterprise applications •High performance, highly scalable platforms for consolidated and federated information management •Seamless Support for the entire information lifecycle - from authoring to publishing to archive to destruction
  30. 30. Core Content Services A P P L I C A T I O N A D A P T E R S Capture Web Content Mgmt Imaging Digital Asset Mgmt Document Mgmt Information Rights Records and Retention Oracle Content Management Oracle Content Management A Complete, Open and Unified Platform Capture paper and electronic documents Role-based, multi-lingual WCM framework to create, deploy and manage web sites Certified integrations with Oracle Applications Store, find, access and share digital assets Author share and distribute documents and reports Apply records management policies and practices on content Forms Recognition Intelligent parsing of complex forms Image processing and workflows Secure and audit document access beyond the firewall In addition to Oracle DB, Oracle ECM can manage and publish content stored in other repositories and ECM systems Storage and Storage SW Disk, Tape, Sun Storage Archive Manager
  31. 31. Summary - Oracle‟s Tiered Storage Unlocking the Value of Information Most Cost Effective • Map data based on value across fast access or capacity optimized best-of-class disk and tape technologies • Protect investment in legacy data through background migration Most Scalable • Seamlessly scale within each tier of storage • Transparently move data between tiers based on policy Lowest Risk • Open storage formats assure accessibility • Enforce the highest levels of security through proven technologies certified and supported by Oracle 31
  32. 32. Industry specific cover image