Looking under the covers: Using SNMP to peek inside Erlang

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Slides of the talk I gave at the Erlang meetup on the 20th of April 2010.

Slides of the talk I gave at the Erlang meetup on the 20th of April 2010.

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  • 1. Looking Under The Covers Using SNMP to peek inside Erlang
  • 2. About me More stickers than a 40 years old RV!
  • 3. About us Developing a platform for a new breed of social networking games Scalability is a must Back-end developed with Erlang/OTP And lots of other good stuff Front-end developed with Flex 4
  • 4. We Monitoring
  • 5. The Expected Monitoring the Erlang VM
  • 6. The Fun Stuff Monitoring your applications' guts
  • 7. Agenda SNMP 101 SNMP & Erlang Agent configuration Fixed and dynamic custom objects Standard VM / OTP objects
  • 8. SNMP 101 Simple Network Management Protocol Introduced in 1988 Control & Monitoring Anything with an IP address Usually over UDP port 161 v2 is current, v3 is draft
  • 9. SNMP 101, cont.
  • 10. SNMP 101, end SNMP world is a tree With OIDs All our Internet are belong to DOD You are*
  • 11. SNMP 101, end Management Information Base (MIB) Define what objects are handled by the agent "Interesting" syntax nodeName OBJECT-TYPE SYNTAX DisplayString MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION "Erlang node name" ::= { staticOid 1 }
  • 12. SNMP & Erlang Full SNMP support: Manager, agent, traps, queries, security... Quickstart: http://www.trapexit.org/SNMP_Quick_Start Quicksand: [3,6,1,4,1,193,19]}. % {ericsson otp}
  • 13. Erlang SNMP Agent
  • 14. Getting started: Configuration Add all the agent boiler plate configuration Create a custom MIB Consider getting a Private Enterprise Number Compile .mib to .bin Compile .bin to .hrl (optional) OIDs, default values, ranges
  • 15. Getting started: Code application:start(snmp) snmpa:load_mibs(snmp_master_agent, ["snmp/MY-MIB"]) ... snmp_generic:variable_set(objectName, objectValue)
  • 16. Getting started: Tools Command line snmpwalk snmpget UI tkmib Monitoring Zabbix, Zenoss, Nagios... Graphing Cacti...
  • 17. Lab Time! Monitor: nodeName DisplayString gaugeValue Gauge32
  • 18. Creating Dynamic Objects Use tables when OID is not fixed Indexed rows Dynamic OID composed of ASCII codes == MyOID.Foo.1
  • 19. SNMP Table: Code SnmpRow = {Data1, Data2, ..., DataN} snmpa_local_db:table_create_row( tableName, Index, SnmpRow) Index being one of Data... Don't forget the .funcs configuration
  • 20. Lab Time! Monitor FS usage: / 74% /dev 1% /var/run 1%
  • 21. Standard Erlang SNMP OTP Single agent Table of all nodes in a cluster General info & stats OSMON Local node Detailed stats Good luck to find these MIBs :)
  • 22. Lab Time! Monitor Erlang VM: erlNode* OTP-MIB load* OTP-OS-MON-MIB
  • 23. Moar Infoz!
  • 24. Thank you! Raffle courtesy of
  • 25. Source code http://www.dossot.net/misc/files/erlang-snmp.tar.gz