2012 music videos


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2012 music videos

  1. 1. Gender in Music Videos
  2. 2. We are going to watch Beyonce’s 2011 video forWho Rules The World (Girls) Who Rules the World (Girls)
  3. 3. How is Beyonce being represented? What kind ofwoman is being portrayed through herperformance?
  4. 4. In what ways is her image constructed? How is thisrepresentation built up? It may be helpful to see howher aggressive leader image is constructed and how sheis also constructed as a sex object.
  5. 5. What factors do you think govern this representation?Why has this image been carefully created for thestar? Is the image the same as the reality?
  6. 6. Many of Beyonce’s fansare young teenage girls –many will respondpositively to her girl powerimage – why? Can youthink of any concerns olderwomen , especially mums,might have about thisrepresentation?
  7. 7. What do YOU think – is this a positive or a negativerepresentation of women? Progressive orregressive?
  8. 8. Can you think of any other artist whose image hasgiven cause for similar concern?
  9. 9. Farmer tells Rihanna she is too raunchyfor his land28 SEPTEMBER 2011Rihanna got hermarching orders after a farmer objected tothe pop star peeling off her clothes whilefilming a new video on his land – but shereceived a warmer welcome in Belfast.Farmer Alan Graham, 61, was so shockedto see the singer in his barley field wearinga red bikini that he pulled up his tractor,objected to her “inappropriate state ofundress” and called a swift halt toproceedings.
  10. 10. Christina Aguilera and Rihanna tooraunchy for X FactorChristina Aguilera and Rihannas racyperformances on X Factor have beenslammed for being too raunchy for a familyTV show.Fans complained that the two stars weredressed too sexily for their pre-watershedperformances.Rihanna sported a strapless bra and high-waisted pants for her rendition of WhatsMy Name while Aguilera wore a low-cutblack dress as she sung the song Expressfrom her new film Burlesque last night.(Metro: 12/12/2010)
  11. 11. Here are two CD covers for you to analyse how theyrepresent women. Try also to consider why youthink these stars have chosen these images:
  12. 12. We’ll now look at another video for Eminem’s 2010single Love the Way You Lie, which also featuresRihanna: Love the Way You Lie
  13. 13. The central characters in thenarrative are played by MeganFox and Dominic Monaghan. Think about the way theCan you identify the way the charactersmale characters are shown in this look/ whatvideo? they do/ the differentWhat about the female styles of musiccharacters?
  14. 14. This portrayal was quite controversial when it cameout – can you see why people may have feltconcern about these gender representations?
  15. 15. Usually we accept that what we are seeing is afictional performance. What do you know aboutthese two artists that maybe made this song feelmuch more personal and realistic?
  16. 16. Why do you think Eminem decided to promotethese ideas about male and female behaviour?Do you think they are okay or do you have anyreservations about seeing them in a music video?
  17. 17. Here are three CD covers for you to analyse howthey represent men. Try also to consider why youthink these stars have chosen these images: