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  • 1. Junior Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips•Portrayed by Freema Agyeman.•Episodes: "Care" - "Fault Lines"The young, beautiful and compassionate Alesha worksas a Junior Crown Prosecutor on the Crown ProsecutionService, and works closely alongside James Steel andlater Jake Thorne as their assistant, bridging the gapbetween the police and the CPS.Phillips grew up on a council estate in Hackney, with hersingle mother and attended university on scholarshipsand hard work. After being rejected from four differentlaw firms, Phillips became worried about whether it wasbecause of her credentials, or because she was a blackwoman from a poor neighbourhood. Definitively on theside of the disadvantaged and the underdog, herbackground gives her an insight into how legal issuesplay out at street level. Unlike James, Aleshaunderstands that desperate circumstances can shapepeoples lives and that the truth is murky, complex andsometimes unhelpful. Phillips brings the empathy andshades of gray to her working relationships with Steeland Thorne. Aleshas mission is to give a voice to thedisenfranchised, the people who are rarely heard. Shesnot afraid to speak her mind, even when it gets her introuble. She has a ferocious intellect, allied withenormous passion.While Phillips works as a crown prosecutor, becauseshe trained as a solicitor, her title is "solicitor advocate";as such, she doesnt wear the wig, because she didnttrain as a barrister.
  • 2. Michael Stone, better known as Mickey Bricks, is a fictionalcharacter in the popular BBC TV show Hustle from Series 1 to 3and 5 to 8. Played by Adrian Lester, he was the showsprincipal character at the time.Mickey is a professional grifter who makes money by settingup long cons. He is intelligent, charismatic and quick-witted.Although he works with Albert Stroller who is one of hismentors, Mickey is the leader of his "crew" (team) of grifters.Mickey did not return in the fourth series, instead he led a conoff-screen in Australia. He has, however, returned in the fifthand leads the group.
  • 3. Season 1: Robin’s GangSeason 3: Robin’s Gang