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Mobility Solutions At Open Text


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  • 1. Your Mobile App Presence
    Mobilising Brands
    “If you plan to build more than one mobile app, across more than one mobile device, then you need to be on Wave...”
    “This is how you future proof your app strategy.”
    Daniel Lane
    VP Media
  • 2. Open Text’s own Wave technology
    Enables the development of applications for multiple mobile handset platforms: over 880 mobile devices & rising.
    Extends the infrastructure to support the production and delivery of mobile applications
    Provides an economic model to simultaneously launch and control apps across Android, Apple, Blackberry, Java, Nokia/Symbian, Windows; instant & dynamic
    Mobile technology innovation
    34 patents and patents-pending worldwide
    Established 1999
    Pioneered mobile apps for real-time financial trading.
    Still headquartered in London’s City district , UK
    Global partnerships
    Live deployments since 2001
    Major customers in Europe, US and China
    Major global partners
    Introducing Open Text (formerly weComm)
  • 3. Compelling Economics
    When you make an app with Wave, it’s ready for ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS.
    …but you can do it for the price of a single app.
    Then, simultaneously launch it to all app stores.
    You can re-use it, in new ways…new components, layouts, templates, as you wish.
  • 4. Big Benefits
    We give you a Multi-Platform app, that lives, native, on almost all phone types.
    You can update the app in the same way…multiple platform, on the fly, instantly.
    That means changeable content, definitions and layouts, anytime, on-the-fly.
  • 5. Why Make an App Across All Platforms?
    Why wouldn’t you?
    The technological ability has arrived
    Smartphones will have outsold PC’s by end of 2011; now there are over 73M Smartphone in the USA alone.
    By 2012 the download market will rise to over $17.5 billion and 50b apps.
    Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows and others have create even wider revenue opportunities.
    Android and iOS users downloaded up to 9 new apps per month.
  • 6. Case Studies
  • 7. Wave: Financial Services Pedigree
    Applications for professional traders, spread-betting
    Live news feeds
    Live price feeds
    Electronic Trading
    Voice trading support
    Financial-services grade infrastructure
    Past clients include Cantor Fitzgerald, eSpeed, Cantor Index, Reuters
  • 8. Selected Finance Customers
    UST trading prices and depth and OTR data
    Both EMT and CTB implemented with existing trading systems
    Primarily BlackBerry users initially, extending to iPhone and Android Platforms
    System has been live since 2005, with billions of US$ traded, without a single trade queried
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    Foreign Exchange prices updated in real-time
    Distributed to all major clients on BlackBerry devices in US, Asia, Europe
    Live since 2006
    BGC Partners
    Bond price information service for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
    Distributes prices, alerts and information in real time
    Call Broker links direct to broker desk, customised for differentproduct sets and regions
  • 9. Sky Anytime on Mobile
    EPG (electronic program guide – full, live & search – Remote Record on Sky+
    Additional Features include News Portal and Betting
    Sky News; Sky Sports News; Live sports results
    Sky Entertainment News; SkyBet, Sky Weather
    39 live and made-for-mobile TV channels
    Packages from £5 per month - data zero-rated
    Configured for operator billing and streaming infrastructures
  • 10. Turner Broadcasting USA
    Multiple brands, multiple applications, multiple devices
    iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry
    Channel Schedule, Photo Gallery, Blog, Video-On-Demand, Full access to TCM database of video reviews, trailers and clips
    iPad version coming soon
    NBA Game Time Team
    90 applications across iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    Individually branded for each team
    Updated functionality to include Playoffs & All-Star Weekend
    NBA Development League & WNBA
    iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    Re-use of components and integration to deliver cost-effectiveapplication for the Development League and WNBA
    iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    Video On Demand application including 3D clips, rating, sharing
    CNN Election Center
    iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    News, Races and interactive CNN iReport
  • 11. CNN Election Center
    Reasons selected:
    Enable simultaneous launch of mobile solution across all smartphone platforms
    Adhere to CNN designs to ensure consistency across all platforms (mobile, web, tv and radio)
    Deliver scalable solution that supports spikes in usage
    Integrated Interactivity
    CNN iReport enables end-user engagement
    Personalised experiences: user Political ID and can “my races”
    Photo and Video upload capability
    Social Network features
    Centralised Services
    Bango Application Analytics
    DART Advertising
  • 12. CNN Election Center
    The debut of CNN Election Center marks the first time a major cable news brand has simultaneously launched applications for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone/iPod touch.
  • 13. TruTV
    Recommend and deliver a “futuristic” application design that is easy and simple to navigate
    Deliver experience across iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices
    Rapid prototyping tools enabled early delivery of innovative application experience for review by truTV and Apple UI specialists
    Latest, Must Watch, Top 10 and related video clips
    3D video content
    Access to TV Schedule
    DART Advertising
    Viral sharing functionality
    Better user experience; landscape view requires no device rotating
    Simple navigation of video content and related clips
    Multi-platform mobile application
  • 14. Turner Classic Movies
    Video On Demand Solution
    Full access to TCM database of video reviews, trailers and clips
    Additional Features:
    Channel Schedule, Photo Gallery, Blog,
    iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    iPad coming soon
  • 15. NBA Game Time - Challenge
    Deliver individually branded applications for all 30 teams in the NBA
    Monetise by delivery via key application stores
    iPhone App Store
    Android Marketplace
    Blackberry App World
    Integrate customised content for each team
    Community Twitter Feeds
    Exclusive Team Videos: Game Highlights and Interviews
    Exclusive Team News
    Deliver real-time team and player statistics
    Game alerts
  • 16. NBA Game Time - Execution
    Selected weComm as only cost effective mechanism to deliver 90 applications in the timescales required:
    Wireframe mock-ups implemented in Wave design tool
    Designs implemented to display identical experience across iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    Touch and Non-Touch experience e.g. Blackberry Bold versus Blackberry Storm
    Automatically adjusts to support different resolutions and firmwareversions e.g. Hi-Res Motorola Droid versus HTC Magic
    Wave Bonding Tool scripted to automatically generate 30applications on iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    incorporates team assets into client app for improved speed ofperformance.
    Optimised for change because assets are referenced from content
    Single integration references team branding and exclusiveteam content where required
    Application Updates
    App store update for Playoffs changes branding
    Amendments for All-Star game, and amended image updatesrequired no new application deployment
  • 17. NBA Game Time - Result
  • 18. Facebook
    Immersive and fully connected Facebook experiencewith the ability to review all user and friend profile information
    News Feed, Status Updates
    Profile Information, Photos
    Wall, Inbox
    Ability to upload photos, contacts, update status andpost comments
    Vastly superior Motorola experience
    e.g. Blackberry application displays alerts only
    Full content set, browsing and search capabilities
  • 19. BBC Visualising Radio
    Visualising Radio
    6 week Interactive Radio Trial
    5 Live Radio Channels, Multiple Shows
    Visualised Content
    Now Playing Information
    DJ Show Graphics
    News Headlines and Show Messages
    Direct Consumer Interactivity
    Message Board
    Voting and Swing-o-meter
  • 20. This Is How We Do It
  • 21. Wave supports the highest common denominator
    Utilise the latest features from Apple and Google
    Provide a completely native experience
    Wave is built using the industry leading development tools and technologies from Apple, Google, BlackBerry
    Wave is cross-platform
    Support all of the major handset platforms with a single application
    Eliminate the burden of cross-platform content and media management
    Wave is Client and Server
    Enable sophisticated push-enabled, connected apps
    Client and server caching for low-cost, rapid and efficient access to content
    Wave is offline
    Enable rich and interactive experiences for your users without a connection
    Wave is dynamic
    Server-driven UI and content means you never have to “fire and forget”
    Update any aspect of an app, post-launch
    Wave is not the web
    Web-apps are a second-rate user experience: slower, less integrated and unlikely to satisfy users’ thirst for excellent user experiences
    The mobile web does not enable the benefits of user-driven discovery enabled by trusted app stores
    Wave provides an operational backbone for mobile apps
    Monitor detailed application usage
    Integrate with your existing systems: content, analytics, advertising,
    Wave is the enabler for Enterprise Mobility
  • 22. weComm Delivers
    Integrated bonding tool enables creation of customer client binaries
    Instantly available for download via single URL or submission to application stores
    Enabling a multitude ofbusiness models:
    One time download fees
    Monthly, weekly or daily subscriptions
    Event- or item-based purchases
    Mobile advertising and application sponsorship
  • 23. Wave: Components
    News Portal & Destination Apps
    breaking news sports scores weather breaking news alerts campaign-based applications sports events elections
    Live Mobile TV
    live TV multi-channel EPG programme search remote PVR booking associated content VOD catch-up voting rating
    Video On Demand
    previews catch-up promotion premium content micro-payments subscriptions programme guides recommendations preferred genres search
    Radio and Music
    real-time user interaction What’s On coordinated live programme information webcam access instant feedback voting rating and recommendations favourite artist track and event information sponsorship advertising micro-purchases
    Social Networking
    user profiles networking groups events real-time messaging chats forums blogs classified listings photo and video albums thumbnails slideshows video on demand media upload (camera/media)
    league tables standings game schedules live scores push-updates team stats player stats live news twitter feedsfacebook updates game previews game highlight videos team rosters
  • 24. Extensive Component Library
    Components are highly flexible, reusable application elements
    Complete branding flexibilityand control
    Rapidly create application with any combination of components
    Rapid and cost-effectivestart-up without limits
    On-The Fly Updates:
    • By separating the mobile app layout pages from content, weComm technology allows source to API/feed content changes or presentation updates, thus minimising download cycles.
    • 25. That includes self-contained interactive micro-sites for advertising, shop-fronts, time-limited sports or news events, without interrupting the User’s in-app experience!
  • Wave Mobile Strategy Highlights
    Migrate Users:
    Don’t lose precious Users with a “Fire & Forget” attitude.
    For example, let’s say you need to create an app for your client.
    The actual advertising campaign will only be 3 months, so, the app content will shortly be irrelevant.
    However, rather than planning to forget that app thus losing those Users who have previously downloaded it, plan on keeping the app but completely change the content;
    reusethe app components as a “new app”, without having to republish it to the stores. This future proofs your investment & keeps building upon the existing User base!
  • 26. Mobile Strategy Highlights
    Reduce on-going development costs:
    All the integrated components of the app are reusable; no need to reinvest heavily into a new app once you’ve created the brand.
    Maximum Market Presence:
    weComm creates, develops and delivers across all Smartphone operating systems, allowing simultaneous and instant customer access through iPhone, iPad, Android, Tabs, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java devices.
    Reduced Time to Market:
    weComm’s rapid prototyping tools can launch apps, from concept to store delivery, within a matter of days. Our ability to rapidly build app prototypes reduces time to market by accelerating the approval of both application design and functionality.
  • 27. Analyse Your Users, Then Adapt Your Marketing (deep mobile User Analytics)
  • 28. Analyse Your Users, Then Adapt Your Marketing (deep mobile User Analytics)
    (“Application Download Statistics“report)
    (“New device added “report)
    (“Total activated users per application /per mobile platform“report)
  • 29. Wave System Architecture
  • 30. Eliminate Content Silos
    Content-rich organisations are challenged to create benefits
    To fully harness content via mobile applications, a strategic view is necessary
    Create mobile apps which provide content-centric entry points
    Create routes through to all other content
    Recommendations engines, Commerce boundaries
    Single universe view supported by common systems for billing, analytics, advertising via the Wave platform
    Intellectual Property
  • 31. An App strategy for anything you do
    Creating, Developing and Delivering a consistent  mobile app campaign for your brand.
    Delivering your content to the most handset types, simultaneously, flexibly and fast.
    Create White Labelled Mobile Apps and Services
    Expertly manage your mobile apps without needing to be the expert.
    Easily configurable branded versions of mobile apps for your clients.
    Work with you directly to shape your mobile strategy.
    We maximise to monetise your app:
    Mob advertising
    Download revenues
    in-app sale
    Wide Open to Work with you
  • 32. Contact
    Daniel Lane
    VP Media Solutions
    Augustine House
    6a Austin Friars
    United Kingdom
    +44 20 7448 7822
    +44 78 1568 5393