M.A.N. Brochure and Application


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M.A.N. (Middle School Academic Network) is an academic and social mentoring group for 8th grade students of color focusing on life skills and resources to enable successful transitions to high school.

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M.A.N. Brochure and Application

  1. 1. Completion of HS Plan UL Scholars application guidance Lego Robotics High School Mentors Monthly Group Outings Community Service Sign up now! Applications are due by Monday October 25th Late and or incomplete applications will not not accepted! Activities will include: Eligible Students: - 8th grade - In good standing with your School Administrtion - Receive free/reduced lunch - Good comunity citizen - Apply by deadline Partners LULU SS Middle School Academic Network academic and social group for 8th grade young men of color foucusing on life skills and community resouces to enable a successful transition to high school.
  2. 2. Middle School Academic Network Participant Agreement Respect and Honor! Respect others as well as myself. I will not make fun of other’s comments. I will speak to others respectfully, I will address others as Sir, Brother, Mr., or by their given name. Your Word is Bond! I will hold myself accountable for my words, my actions, and I am accountable to my community. Do the Right Thing! I will take a look at my thoughts and ideas at least twice before I act or speak. I will learn how to listen and I will learn how to follow directions. Fully Participate! I will grow because I challenge myself to participate in activities with my best effort. (Each Ment-tee of M.A.N. UP must select and attend one of our summer programs to be inline with our agreement!) Tutoring Commitment I will attend all scheduled tutoring sessions. If I have an emergency and I cannot attend a session then I will give a 24 hour notice by telephone call or signed document from an adult! I will come to each tutoring session prepared to learn Activities will include opportunities to: complete your High School Plan - UL Scholars application guidance - Lego Robotics - Mentoring with Urban League Scholars - Monthly Group Outings - Community Service - Weekly academic support All of our Tutors pass a background checks. Our college Tutors must be either attending or have graduated from a college/university If I can not uphold or I find myself out of a line with the M.A.N. agreement, at the first noticeable offense, there will be a verbal warning to help me correct my behavior. At any time if it is determined, by our Mentors and M.A.N staff, that I am not able to meet our agreed terms of Respect and Honor, I will be sat down! (No longer allowed to participate in any M.A.N. events.) In order to redeem my status as a M.A.N. Men-tee, I will publicly (in front of the M.A.N. Mentors and Men-tees) apologize to the person or people that I have offended as well as complete 2 hours of Community Service. (I will provide proof i.e. a signed and dated letter / note from the manager, supervisor, or director of the organization / company that I volunteered at) _________________________________________________________________________ Men-tee Date _____________________________________________________________________________ Parent Date _____________________________________________________________________________ M.A.N. Rep Date M.A.N. is an academic and social mentoring group for 8th grade young men of color focusing on life skills, and resources to enable successful transitions to high school.
  3. 3. Dream Allies is a life skills program that focuses on helping students identify their dreams and plan their goals.  Math and reading skills are an essential part of this plan.  Instead of sitting and listening, our learners are engaged in real-world problem-solving activities designed to teach the importance of not only reading and math proficiencies, but other competencies such as computer skills, soft skills, and real world applications.The students build confidence by steady progression through lesson plans and built-in assessments while having fun along the way! Eligible Schools Tacoma Schools (deadline 10/22) McIlvaigh, Gault, Jason Lee, Gray Middle School Seattle Schools (deadline 10/31) Aki Kurose, Bailey Gatzert, Dearborn Park, Dunlap, Emerson, Hawthorne, Highland Park, Kimball, Leschi, Madrona K-8, Northgate, SBOC, South Lake H.S.,  Van Asselt, West Seattle Elementary Bellevue Schools (deadline 10/31) Highland Middle School, Lake Hills Elementary, Stevenson Elementary Highline Schools (deadline 11/12) Beverly Park, Bow Lake, Cascade, Cedarhurst, Chinook, Hazel Valley, Hilltop, Madrona, McMicken Heights, Midway, Mount View, Parkside, Seahurst, Southern Heights, Sylvester, White Center Heights, Academy of Citizenship and Empowerment, Arts & Academics Academy, Odyssey Student Eligibility • Student receives free or reduced lunch • Student attends an eligible school (Title 1) • Student applies by application deadline Curriculum ◦ Mentorship ◦ Classwork/Homework Help ◦ Supplemental Instruction To get started fill out the application on back and submit to your school office. Contact 206.552.8311 for more info or email info@dreamallies.com. www.dreamallies.com
  4. 4. DISTRICT: __________________________ DUE DATE: _________________________ 2010-2011 WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSAL APPLICATION FOR SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (SES) If your child attends a Title I, Part A school that is in Steps 2–5 of school improvement and qualifies for free/ reduced lunch, he/she may be eligible to receive free tutoring. If you are interested, please complete this form and return it either to your childʼs school or to the approved SES provider that gave it to you. Use a separate form for each child. Please print clearly. STUDENT NAME: __________________________________ SCHOOL: ____________________________ STUDENT ID: ____________________ GRADE: _________ DATE OF BIRTH: ________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME: ____________________________ TELEPHONE: ______________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ CITY: ______________________________ STATE: ___________ ZIP CODE: ________________________ NAME OF 1ST CHOICE PROVIDER: Dream Allies NAME OF 2ND CHOICE PROVIDER: Urban League YES, I am interested in having my child receive free supplemental education services from the provider listed. I understand that: My child is not enrolled in the program until my school/district has contacted me to confirm eligibility. I may choose any provider from the list of district and state approved providers. Free tutoring for my child will end on or before August 1st, 2011. Any necessary transportation to or from tutoring is the parent/guardianʼs responsibility. As parent/guardian, I will participate in a meeting/conversation with a representative of the selected provider and a representative from my childʼs district/school (if possible) to determine my childʼs specific learning goals. As parent/guardian, I give my childʼs school/district permission to release both academic and directory information about my student to the tutoring provider I have selected. PARENT SIGNATURE: __________________________ DATE:____________________ If you have any questions about the SES program, please contact your district Title I office or the Title I office at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in Olympia at (360) 725-6100.