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Facebook Profile Picture Tutorial
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Facebook Profile Picture Tutorial


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How to change your Display Picture on Facebook

How to change your Display Picture on Facebook

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  • 2. First…..Log onto You Should be Presented with the Following Screen:
  • 3. Next, You will need to Sign into your previously Created Facebook Account Enter your Email address and password here.
  • 4. Once Signed in, You Should see a Screen Which looks like the one below, this is your home screen. As you can see, the Profile Picture in this Account has not been set and is defaulted to a silhouette
  • 5. Next, you are going to click on the link which says “Edit my Profile” This is where you will find the Link to “Edit your Profile” – You can change many things here including the display Picture
  • 6. This is the Screen which you should be presented with once you have clicked on the link “Edit my Profile” As you can see, you can change a lot of information here including Hometown, Birth date, Interests, etc.
  • 7. The Next Step is going to be to click on the Link which will Allow you to Change your Profile Picture This is where the link is Located.
  • 8. This is the Screen you will see once you have Clicked on the Link As you can see, this is where you will see your profile picture once you have selected one you want to use.
  • 9. Next, You will click on the Button that says “Browse”
  • 10. Once you Have Clicked the “Browse” Button, you will see another Screen Pop up Which looks like the one Below: This is where you will search your PC for the location of the File you want to use as your Display Picture
  • 11. You Must Now Browse your Computer for the Location of the Picture file you want to Use as your Profile Picture As you can see, I have browsed out to my “My Pictures” folder on my PC and found the Picture I will use as my profile Picture.
  • 12. Once You have Found the Picture you want to use, You must select it by clicking on it once, and then Hitting the “Open” Button.
  • 13. After You Have Clicked “Open” You will be sent back to the screen you were at before Clicking “Browse” As you can Now See, the Display Picture shown is what everyone will see when they look at your profile, unlike previously when it was just a silhouette BEFORE AFTER
  • 14. Next, You Click on the View my Profile Button to be Sent back to Your Home Page
  • 15. As You Can Now See, Your Profile Page is Displayed with the new Profile Picture You have just selected.
  • 16. This Profile Picture Will now become Visible to anyone Who searches for You on Facebook Your Name and Display Picture is what People will See when they search for you on Facebook.
  • 17. You Have Now Successfully Changed Your Display Picture on Facebook for the World to See!
  • 18. Let’s Recap and Review the Steps one More Time….1) Log Onto Facebook.Com 2) Sign into Your Account 3) Click on the “Edit my Profile” Link 4) Click on the “Profile Picture” Link 5) Click “Browse” and Search for the File You Want to Select 6) Click “Open” once You have Selected that File 7) Click “View my Profile” Once Picture has been selected DONE!!!!!!!!
  • 19. Making Other Changes to your ProfileThere are Many Other changes you can Make to your Facebook profile simply by clicking on the “Edit my Profile” link. You should play with these different options in order to enhance your profile and make it more interesting for other people and yourself.
  • 20. And That’s How You Change the Profile Picture on Your Facebook Account!