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Overview of some principles for teaching English and teaching in general. Here's the interactive presentation. http://eflclassroom.com/flash/teachingskills.swf

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  • Speech Notes - Slide 1 1. [Title] Becoming A Reflective Teacher Becoming A Reflective Teacher
  • Speech Notes - Slide 3 1. [Text Box 6] Text Box 6 Clip Why think about your lesson? 2. [Text Box 5 Par: 1] More control and we become empowered. More control and we become empowered. 3. [Text Box 16] Text Box 16 Clip We see ourselves as growing 4. [Text Box 15 Par: 1] Teaching becomes connective. Teaching becomes connective. 5. [Text Box 14] Text Box 14 Clip We see the ideology behind teaching. 6. [Text Box 13 Par: 1] Classrooms become more democratic Classrooms become more democratic 7. [Text Box 12] Text Box 12 Clip We gain voice.
  • Speech Notes - Slide 2 1. [Title] WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? 2. [Body] All change begins with the notion of self All change begins with the notion of self 3. [Text Box 5] Text Box 5 Clip Today we will.. 4. [Text Box 6] Text Box 6 Clip Think about what is a good lesson / teacher. 5. [Text Box 7] Text Box 7 Clip Share our own thoughts about teaching. 6. [Text Box 8] Text Box 8 Clip Watch videos and analyze lessons. 7. [Text Box 9] Text Box 9 Clip Understand the need to think about our teaching and reflect.
  • Teaching skills

    1. 1. TEACHING SKILLS“When one teaches, two learn”http://eflclassroom.ning.com
    2. 2. Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!• I Wish I had an espresso machine.B) I Wish I could play the accordion.C) I Wish I were more muscular.
    3. 3. Statements of FACT I have _______________________. I don’t like ___________________. I can ________________________. I have been to ________________.
    4. 4. What’s on tap? “He not busy being born is busy dying” Bob DylanTopics Teaching Beliefs / Essential Skills Teaching “barenaked” / PPTs & flashcards Share a teaching idea! Examples of using video in the classroom. Open Q & A / Roundtable: “Managing our teaching relationships” Certificates / Draw Prizes. Closing
    5. 5. Today’s Journey? “Every journey begins with the first step…” Today we will…..Think about what is a good lesson.Share our own thoughts about teaching.Practice many activities for our classroom.Share many teaching ideas.
    6. 6. Participation!
    7. 7. Production!
    8. 8. Personalization!
    9. 9. If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 40people in his office at one time, all ofwhom had different needs, and some ofwhom didnt want to be there and werecausing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer,or dentist, without assistance, had totreat them all with professionalexcellence for nine months, then hemight have some conception of theclassroom teachers job. ~Donald D.Quinn
    10. 10. The Reflective Cycle ProblemDecision Reflection Action Solution
    11. 11. Cl as sr oo e nt m nt CoTeac he rs A Great Students Lesson th er De O liv er y
    12. 12. Some Functional Ideas
    13. 13. Some Functional Ideas
    14. 14. Some Functional Ideas
    15. 15. Some Functional Ideas
    16. 16. Some Functional Ideas
    17. 17. Some Functional Ideas
    18. 18. Some Functional Ideas
    19. 19. Some Functional Ideas
    20. 20. Some Functional Ideas
    21. 21. Some Functional Ideas
    22. 22. Some Functional Ideas
    23. 23. Practical “To Dos”Make comments in your teaching log!Keep a teaching portfolio.Peer evaluation – get your staff onboardGet feedback from students.Record yourself! + Action Research!Social Network! + Teaching Talk!Ask yourself at the end of the day – “How could I have done this better?
    24. 24. “one teaches, two learn.” ddeubel@gmail.com http://setiteachers.ning.com