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A 20 lesson course book to be used with the commercials in video form on EnglishCentral. Students can "speak " the commercials there. Also, personalize each commercial by filling in the blanks and making their own commercial. Perfect blended content.
Get the full book here. http://tinypay.me/~4wZQOvy

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EnglishCentral - Commercials to learn English (sample)

  1. 1. Watch The Video ClipsComplete the ExercisesMake your own commercial by David Deubelbeiss
  2. 2. EnglishCentral makes improving ones English fun and effective by turning popularweb videos into powerful language learning experiences. EnglishCentral users not onlywatch videos, they speak them and receive instant, personalized pronunciation feedbackvia our cloud-based system.Students WATCH authentic videos then SPEAK the videos. They are motivatedthrough authentic content and a point based system. Students LEARN by taking videoquizzes of the vocabulary of each video. We also have a cutting edge phonetic speechrecognition system which will give students valuable feedback about their speech.Teachers can track and assess their students using EnglishCentral. Sign up students.Make your own school, classrooms, groups. Assign video tasks and build curriculum foryour students. Track your student’s progress and print reports. Discuss and get tips onour Teacher’s Forum. _____________________________________
  3. 3. Using This BookThis book is meant to compliment the low level video content of EnglishCentral. Thebook can be used in class and students can then “speak” the videos and do the quizzes onEnglishCentral. It is built in recycling of the curriculum.In class, 3 steps are recommended. Ask a few pre-viewing questions to students. Then WATCH the commercial together. Repeat as necessary. Students can follow with the script if needed. The script can also be used as a listening cloze. Model the speech with students, using a high level student. Each person can be a person in the commercial. Students should visit EnglishCentral and “speak” the speech and get instant fluency feedback. Model this in class once, so the students understand registration and how to use the player. Students complete a simple “fill in the blanks” activity to consolidate their learning of the vocabulary and language forms. Next, students can perpare their own version of the commercial and perform for the class! Each close dialogue is set up so students can use the blanks to make their own commercial. Have fun – it makes for great learning!That’s it! Students can then in a language lab or at home, use EnglishCentral and“SPEAK” the videos + do the video quizzes for each video. Teachers can track theirprogress.Also, have an end of book commercial contest. Either students using these commercialsor make their own. It can be lots of fun and very motivating.We hope you enjoy using EnglishCentral in this “blended” fashion.EnglishCentral Teacher’s Guide EnglishCentral User’s Guide
  4. 4. © 2011 by EnglishCentral Inc.ISBN: 0743357862Printed in the U.S.A.
  5. 5. Table Of ContentsEminem: Lipton Iced Tea Imperatives, transitions (first, second…), adverbs of 7 frequency. Stating opinions. Food and drink.Adidas: This Is The Truth Describing yourself, adjectives, First person singular, 9 negative form, sportsThe Secret Behind Nike Air Present perfect tense, demonstratives, slang, 11 reported speech, greetings, sportsHalle Berry and the Crispy Question making, dialogue, interjections, present 13 tense, food M&MPepsi Max: Why Can’t We Ordering food, restaurant, dialogue, adjectives, Food 15 and drink. Be Friends Choosing Fed Ex Over Dialogue, present tense, question making, “let’s”, 17 business, problem solving Carrier PigeonsThe Most Interesting Man Habits, ability, “can”, describing a person, 19 preferences, food and drink In The World Red Bull: Frog Prince Idioms, feelings, “as long as’, dialogue, “want to”, 21 food and drink Living Social Past tense, “used to”, changes, numbers, past tense, 23 website, infomercial Changed My Life iPhone Check “If”, first conditional, “there is”, technology 25
  6. 6. Best Buy: Ozzie and Bieber Dialogue, question making, present tense, 27 technology Cisco: The Future Of “too”, adjectives, clothes, shopping, colors 29 Shopping KFC Double Down Idiomatic expressions, food ingredients, imperatives, 31 “has got”, food and drink So Long Bun! LeBron James 33 Modals, asking for advice, possibility, future, sports What Should I Do? Pedigree: 35 Predictions, time, “keep”, food and drink We Want Meat Old Spice: The Man You Imperatives, “could”, prepositions of place, “if”, 37 personal care products Could Smell Like Fed Ex: Castaway Dialogue, survival vocabulary, requests, past tense, 39 movies, Green Car of the Year Environment, past tense, commands, question 41 making, news reporting, cars Audi A3 2.0 TDI Doritos: Crystal Ball Demonstratives, future, possessive pronouns, food 43 and drinkBrad Pitt: On The Move For 45 “hey”, statements of fact, idiomatic expressions, Heinekens “you got”, food and drink
  7. 7. Eminem: Lipton Brisk Iced TeaI get asked to do commercials all the time and I always say the same thing.First, I need some hot _____________________s.Second, we film at my house so I aint gotta go anywhere.Third, I record my own _____________________.Bring it, cool refreshing _______________________, drink it!But once I try their products, I always hate em!So I bounce.Damn! That is pretty __________________!But I got one final demand.No, we cant change the name to _____________________, shut up and drink it.See? Thats why I dont do commercials.
  8. 8. Finish the sentences:1. That’s why I do ____________________________s.2. I record my own _______________________.3. Damn! That is _____________________ good!4. I always say the same ___________________________.5. This drink is cool and _______________________ing.6. I tried their _____________________________.7. I ain’t gotta go _____________________________.8. I need some hot _________________________s.9. I always _______________________ ‘em.10. Second, we ___________________ at my house.
  9. 9. Adidas: This Is The Truth This is the truth. Im not the __________________ Not the greatest of all time. Im not here to shout, boast, or preach. Im not the _____________ ___________________. Im not there yet, but... Im runnin up on you. Im fast because Im _______________________.Im ___________________ and fast dont ____________________.
  10. 10. Finish the sentences:1. I’m not the __________________est of all time2. I’m not here to shout, __________________ or preach.3. I tell the truth, I don’t _____________________.4. I’m not the best of all ________________________.5. _________________ don’t lie.6. I’m not the worst but I’m not the ______________________.7. This is the simple _________________________ I’m telling you.8. I am quiet, I don’t _________________________.9. I’m not __________________ to shout.10. I’m fast because I’m _________________________.
  11. 11. The Secret Behind Nike AirIve got something very __________________________ to tell you.Something we cant keep quiet any longer.We felt it was time the people knew.Nike Air is actually the ______________ of our very best athletes.Weve been collecting athletes ______________ for over 30 years now.Come with me. Welcome to the _____________ Collection Unit.This is where we collect the ____________ from our athletes to put it in the shoe. ………Technically, we collect your ____________ in canisters and then we put it in the shoes.I know that. Of course, you know that.Well, there you have it.Nike Air is actually the _______________of our very best athletes.Please treat with caution.
  12. 12. Complete the sentences:1. We collect the air from our _____________________s.2. Don’t be so _________________________!3. ______________________, we collect the air in cannisters.4. We can’t keep ___________________________ any longer.5. They told me my air is really ________________________.6. “Hi Maria, you’re ____________________!”7. Girl _______________________!8. Take _________________ care of them.9. ___________________! It’s time to give air.10. Nike Air is _____________________ the air of our very best athletes.
  13. 13. Halle Berry and a Crispy M & MSo, youre that new crispy M&Ms guy, huh? What, are you trying to get me __________________?What do you mean? Just look at this body. Im chocolate. Im crispy. I just got this feeling once word gets out.....You know, I read _________________. Really?Give me your ____________________. Do you see my lifeline?Mmm-hmm. It ends right here. Wow, thats amazing! With the glove and everything, I didnt think you could make out... Oh! Could I have my _________________ back?Not this time, little guy. Alright! Make it quick.
  14. 14. Complete the sentences:1. What do you ____________________?2. I’m chocolate. I’m ______________________.3. It ends ____________________ here.4. _______________ me your hand.5. I’m in a hurry. Make it ____________________.6. I ___________________ got this feeling.7. Not now, ______________ guy.8. Are you trying to get me _________________ed?9. In the winter, we usually wear _______________________s.10. Give me your ________________.
  15. 15. Pepsi Max: Why Can’t We Be FriendsWhat can I get ya? Ill take the __________________ and a Pepsi Max, please.Good song. Great song.So, Pepsi Max has ____________ calories, huh? Yup.How many calories? ______________._____________? ___________________.I think he _______________________ it. What are you doin?______________________. Oh.Pepsi Max. Zero calories, maximum Pepsi taste.
  16. 16. Complete the sentences:1. I’ll have a hamburger, _______________________.2. I think he _________________s it.3. I’ll have the _________________ and a coke.4. It has zero __________________________s.5. _________________ restaurant!6. What ________________ is playing on the radio?7. I’ll _______________ the daily special and a coffee, please.8. This drink has great ____________________.9. I ___________________ it is a great song!10. Zero calories, __________________ taste.