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Utah Presentation of the underwriter opportunity with Immaculate Heart Radio KIHU 1010 AM Salt Lake City

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  • Hi, my name is David De Luna and I’m the Director of Community Relations for Immaculate Heart Radio. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to present to you an opportunity to underwrite with Immaculate Heart Radio in Utah – KIHU 1010 AM. This presentation is less than 10 minutes. If you are not viewing this presentation full screen, meaning you can see other items on the website besides this presentation, please click on the icon that says “FULL” underneath and to the right of the slide. This icon is to the far right of the play, forward, rewind and other buttons. As you read each slide I’ll offer additional comments and elaboration on what’s presented in the slides. You can fast-forward to the next slide, go back and pause by clicking the buttons underneath the slide. Generally, after I finish speaking the presentation will move to the next slide, unless you click pause. Just click PLAY and the presentation will continue.
  • The presentation starts from the nearly all-blue slide that says IHR Live the Love. If that’s not the slide displayed now and you haven’t seen it yet, then click on the rewind button until the first slide is showing. Then you can click the play button. Otherwise, let’s get started: Our mission is simple – to spread the knowledge, love and practice of the Catholic faith by way of radio. Really, this is a response to the call of the late Pope John Paul II to embark on the New Evangelization. He specifically called us to use radio as one of the means to communicate the faith.
  • Immaculate Heart Radio is a non-profit Catholic lay apostolate whose sole purpose is to operate all-Catholic radio stations. Our founder, Doug Sherman started our ministry twelve years ago with our first radio station in Reno, Nevada. Today we operate 22 Catholic radio stations and growing, throughout the western United States, including a large part of California, parts of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.
  • Our 22 nd radio station launched on August 22 , 2009 in the Salt Lake area. KIHU 1010 AM is a very powerful radio station, able to reach nearly the entire state of Utah, and parts of surrounding states as well. We have a 23 rd radio station launching in Phoenix, Arizona by the end of 2009.
  • Immaculate Heart Radio broadcasts all-Catholic programming from many great organizations throughout the world.
  • We’re very proud to have been voted the 3 rd most popular radio station in the Sacramento, CA area. Quite an accomplishment.
  • This demographic information is for the San Francisco bay area. Demographics for Utah will vary from these numbers, but it does give you a sense of the type of listener here in Utah that will hear your message.
  • During our on-air pledge drives, listeners who are devout Catholics, Catholics who’ve been away from the Church, and non-Catholics call in to make a financial pledge of support. These are some of the comments we hear. We have collected so many over the years that we’ve assembled some of them into a booklet. Since June of 2009, as we have traveled around the state meeting with the faithful, deacons, priests, and staff at many parishes throughout Utah, we’ve been very pleased to experience such a positive response and a wonderful welcome for Catholic radio. We look forward to receiving many more testimonials like these right here in Utah.
  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recognizes the value of Catholic radio and the affect it has on the faithful.
  • This is one testimonial from one of our many underwriters.
  • This is a partial list of some underwriters past and present who have supported Immaculate Heart Radio.
  • Here’s a sample, partial list of some underwriters who have supported us for over ten years.
  • Great Catholic programming makes for an ideal platform for your message. We will launch an aggressive billboard campaign to inform the public of Immaculate Heart Radio in Utah. As an underwriter you will benefit as we make this investment to increase listenership. Nearly every weekend since June sometimes as many as four Immaculate Heart Radio community relations speakers travel from California, New Mexico and elsewhere, speak from the pulpit at all masses at various parishes throughout Utah. To date, thousands of parishioners have heard our announcement of the launch of 1010 AM at mass, and have made pledges of financial support. We continue to speak at parishes all over Utah to grow our listenership. As an underwriter, you benefit from these efforts. Our underwriting rates are typically a fraction of what one would pay for similar spots on secular, commercial radio. Only thru the financial support of businesses and people like you is Catholic radio possible. This is the partnership that helps us accomplish our mission of spreading the Catholic faith by radio, while having your message heard by our loyal listeners.
  • Here are examples of some of components of our marketing campaign we executed with the launch of our San Francisco bay area station. We will launch a similar marketing campaign in Utah. As we make this investment in building listenership, more people will hear your message.
  • We have a number of underwriting options, starting with our most used and most effective method – the 30 second spot. In addition, we can also offer program sponsorships where we air your announcement prior to and at the end of some of our programs. And we offer other ways for you to get your message to our listeners. I can provide more information and answer any questions on these options when we speak.
  • We will produce highly professional 30 second spots for you at no charge. We work with you on developing a script that will comply with FCC rules for non-profit radio. The monthly rates refer to 30 spots per month, so spots start at $10 each. However, we offer a significant discount on our 12 month contract and another discount for pre-paying. If for whatever reason you decide not to continue underwriting, you may cancel at any time. I am happy to discuss with you the cost of the other underwriter options as well, so if 30 second spots do not fit your budget, just let me know. As you can see from the other options listed, I’m certain we can tailor something to fit your budget while getting your message out to our listeners.
  • After twelve years of operating Catholic radio stations, our experience has been that our listeners are a very loyal group. They support those businesses that support our apostolate. Again, I’d like to thank you very much for taking the time to allow me to present to you the Immaculate Heart Radio underwriting opportunity. Please call me, David De Luna, at 925-698-1437 after you’ve completed this presentation. You can also reach me at ddeluna@ihradio.org. I’m interested in your feedback. Please tune into 1010 AM and listen to the programming. I’m interested in getting your feedback on our programming as well. Thank you very much and may God bless you and your business with abundance this year and the Holy Spirit inspire you to share that abundance to further the cause of Christ right here in Utah.
  • Utah KIHU 1010 am Underwriter Presentation

    1. 1. Presentation Time is less than 10 Minutes This is a UTAH Presentation Intended for use in UTAH only
    2. 2. Contact David De Luna at 925-698-1437 ddeluna@ihradio.org