American Colonies: Prelude to Revolutions
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American Colonies: Prelude to Revolutions






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American Colonies: Prelude to Revolutions American Colonies: Prelude to Revolutions Presentation Transcript

  • Theme 7 American Colonies: Prelude to Revolutions Dylan DeFatta
  • Revolutions 13 Glorious Revolutions
    • Alarming most Protestants, who were the majority in England at the time, King James seemed to favor Catholics.
    • Many Bishops tried to intervene for more control.
    • Protestants tried to remind King James about Parliaments influences and how he needs a Protestant successor.
  • The Atlantic 14 Goods
    • A burst in trading in the 18 th century meant cheaper prices for people, with greater quality and variety of goods.
    • Asian and American produce prices specifically dropped significantly.
    • As time when on, American colonist consumed not only more British imports, but Asian imports as well.
  • Awakening 15 Radicals
    • Radicals with different views on Church and State rights started to become more of a issue.
    • Some radicals decided to “reject” most churches by claiming they are “corrupting to both religion and government.”
    • The radicals still pushed the idea of individualism.
  • The Great Plains 17
    • For the first half of the 17 th century Canada still was ruled by the Company of New France.
    • New France did not need many French to help them with the fur trading since they had Indians doing most of the work on their beaver hunts.
    • Soon however, they noticed that they did need more French colonist to help defend Quebec from the English.
  • Imperial Wars and Crisis 18 Balance of Power
    • As time when on it became aware that the New French colonist relied to heavily on their Indians in their military.
    • Some very skilled Indians in warfare became an issue to some colonies.
    • The position of the Indians were important on determining French and British trade.
  • The Pacific Russians
    • As Europeans colonized North America, Russians headed east to Siberia.
    • As Russians migrated, so did Russian fur traders.
    • These fur traders eventually began trading with China and Europe.