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Lincoln Motors - Online Marketing Plan
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Lincoln Motors - Online Marketing Plan


This is a real case made specially for Lincoln Motors made by Andre Bronzoni

This is a real case made specially for Lincoln Motors made by Andre Bronzoni

Published in Business , Sports
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  • 1. Lincoln MotorsOnline Marketing Plan ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 2. Outline•  Objective Summary•  Brand Overview •  History •  Target Audience•  Online Marketing Objectives•  Online Plan •  Media Plan •  Display Ads and Landing Page •  SEO and SEM •  Viral •  Blogging and Forum•  Web 2.0 – Social Media •  Facebook •  Twitter •  YouTube •  Flickr•  Success Metrics ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 3. Objective•  The main goal for this plan is to enhance the established online presence for Lincoln Motors, while developing a strong fan base for the future which will result in more interest. The idea behind this is to expand the brand while building awareness in order to gain more recognition among the luxury cars. We want to create a strong link between Luxury cars and Lincoln Motors. ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 4. Brand Overview - History•  The Company was founded in August 1915 by Henry M. Leland, one of the founders of Cadillac.•  Lincoln Motors has a long history of providing official state Limousines for the U.S Presidents.•  The 1939 Lincoln V12 convertible called the “Sunshine Special” was specially built for Presidential, used by Franklin D. Roosevelt.•  The most recognized cars made from Lincoln Motors today are MKZ (hybrid), MKX, Navigator, and Town Car       ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 5. Brand Overview - Target Audience•  Primary target audience •  35-55 years •  College educated, married/single •  Target audiences who have an interest to renew their current car within a year •  Income of $100K or more•  Secondary target audience •  30-45 years •  College educated, married/single •  Target audiences who plan to renew their car in next 5 years •  Income of $50K and above ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 6. Online Marketing ObjectiveThe purpose is to enhance the Lincoln Motor’s Online presence. • Expanding the brand nationwide using different social media platforms • Increase Lincoln’s online presence to a new untapped audience • Generate interest in buy a Lincoln cars • Drive click-throughs to Lincoln’s website • Revamp Facebook page and increase fans • Launch an Official Youtube Channel, Twitter account, and Flickr account, and Blog with main focus in generate subscriptions and followers from everywhere ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 7. Online Plan – Media Plan•  Media Buy/Allocation •  Spend: $400K •  Start: Sep 10th•  Display Ads (30%) •  Rich Media and Pre-Roll ads•  Paid Search Marketing (50%) •  SEM• Blogging and Forum Outreach (20%) ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 8. Online Plan – Media Plan• Display Ads • Run display ads to drive traffic to Lincoln.com and drive awareness for the Youtube channel. Examples on next slides.• Landing Page • Online ads will build awareness of Lincoln’s Youtube channel, and feature a call to interest/action for car fans to learn more by clicking through to Lincoln’s landing page. ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 9. •  Display Ads ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 10. •  Display Ads ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 11. Online Plan – Media Plan•  Search Marketing (Paid Search and SEO) SEO -  Long Term: Strategically plan and map out our online messaging around, press events, Car shows, commercials and new car releases. - Short Term: Immediately increase and add key words that work to increase Lincoln awareness to all of existing websites and social media outlets. Such as: websites, blog site, and social media accounts. • More activity on twitter account - 2-4 tweets per day always using “#” • Upload a photo once a week onto twitpic.com • Daily post on Facebook • Comment on blogs and forums • Post new content once a week on Lincoln’s Blog • Upload videos 2-3 times on Lincoln Official Youtube Channel • Upload 2-3 photos everyday on Lincoln Flickr account ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 12. Online Plan – Media Plan• Search Marketing (Paid Search and SEO)• SEM -  Long term plan: Position Lincoln towards the top of paid search results on Google. -  Short term plan: Buy certain keywords to enhance Lincoln’s web pages based on interests of Lincoln’s target audience, spending $9,300 using CPM or CPC. ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 13. Online Plan – Media Plan• Search Marketing (Paid Search and SEO)• SEM ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 14. Online Plan – ViralBlogging and Forum outreach •  Employ digital specialist to actively engage the online community (Car fans, bloggers) to act as evangelists for Lincoln Motor and generate buzz leading up to Youtube Channel and Twitter. •  Provide bloggers with pass along-content (Press releases, videos, Commercials, etc.). •  Share all information and pass along content about Lincoln Motors to Forums related with Luxury Cars. ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 15. Web 2.0 – Social Media•  FacebookDynamic improvements to existing Facebook page, such as: • Create a Newsletter tab • Create welcome tab • Create a pool tab with interesting questions • Create a Costumer Service tab for old, new, and potential linconl owners. • Create a “Dealer near to you” tab • Create ads facing the current campaign • More thrilling and attractive profile pic • Improvements and additions to “videos” • Photos - include a mix of fun and engaging Lincoln pictures ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 16. Web 2.0 – Social Media•  Facebook – Picture Profile Current   First  Dra-   Recommended   ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 17. Web 2.0 – Social Media•  Facebook – Current Wall ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 18. •  Web 2.0 – Social Media Facebook – Recommended Wall ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 19. •  Web 2.0 – Social Media Facebook – Welcome Tab ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 20. Web 2.0 – Social Media•  Facebook – Ads ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 21. •  Facebook – Ad costs ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 22. Web 2.0 – Social Media•  Twitter • Create account • Page layout monthly background refresh • Daily tweets giving followers insight about Lincoln Brand • Create tweets with #hastags – (max 3#) • Upload pictures by twitpic ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 23. Web 2.0 – Social Media ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 24. Web 2.0 – Social Media#Hashtag ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 25. Web 2.0 – Social Media#Hashtag ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 26. Web 2.0 – Social MediaYoutube.com • Dedicated channel • Showcasing videos, commercials, and bi-weekly Q&A interview with new costumer. • Sneak peaks to events and videos sponsored by Lincoln • Blip.tv and Brightcove.comFlickr.com • Create an official Lincoln account • Upload old school pictures from real owners twice a week   ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 27. Web 2.0 – Social MediaYouTube ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 28. Web 2.0 – Social Media ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.  
  • 29. Success Metrics•  Key Performance Indicators   Number of Facebook friends •  Goal is to get 150K likes, currently at 29K   Number of Click through to website •  Goal is to increase traffic by 20%   Number of subscribers to YouTube channel •  Goal is generate 1000 subscribers within 6 months of launch We will track performance and measure the success of our Media buysthrough Radian6, Google, and Facebook Analytics. We will track numberof click through versus conversions. For example by tracking inboundlinks from Facebook, Twitter, and webpage to Local dealers, and kbb.cometc. ©AndreBronzoni, 2011, AllRightsReserved.