Esperenza Spalding - Online Marketing Plan
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 Esperenza Spalding - Online Marketing Plan



This presentation is an Online Marketing Plan for a Jazz musician called Esperenza Spalding winner of the last Grammy awards

This presentation is an Online Marketing Plan for a Jazz musician called Esperenza Spalding winner of the last Grammy awards



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 Esperenza Spalding - Online Marketing Plan Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Esperanza Spalding Online Marketing Plan  Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 2. Objective   Outline of our plans to further enhance Grammy Award Winner Esperenza Spaldings online presence.  Its purpose is to increase her fan base, expand her brand, and build awareness and interest among music fans and the music community.     " Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 3. Discussion Guide • Artist overview and Online Marketing Objectives  • Online Strategy and Plan  • Paid Media Buys • Viral • Social Media • Success Metrics  • Discussion • Appendix     " Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 4. Brand Overview   Esperanza Spalding   Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist – First Jazz musician to win the award   Junjo (2006), Esperanza (2008), Chamber Music Society (2010)   Latest release “Chamber Music Society” hit #1 on Billboards Jazz Albums chart, currently #2*    Recent appearances on Jay Leno, ABC World News Tonight, CBS The Early Show   Currently on 23 date World Tour   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 5. Brand Overview – cont’d.   Target Audience   Fans of Jazz and Blues music    Indie Music / NPR Fans – “KCRW crowd”   Mainstream trend followers (leverage Grammy win)   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 6. Online Marketing Objectives   Increase Esperanza’s online awareness to a new, untapped audience    Generate interest in her music, building off Grammy win      Drive click-throughs to her website     Increase Facebook fans     Launch Youtube Music Channel for Esperanza and generate subscriptions   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 7. Online Plan – Key Message   Key Campaign Message(s)    Check out Hot New Artist Check out Hot New Grammy Award- Winning Artist Esperanza Spalding   Visit Esperanzas webpage or on her Facebook page and download an exclusive new bonus track   Esperanzas will be launching a Youtube music channel on May 2, kicking it off with an exclusive, never-before-seen concert performance.  (Tune-in to launch promoted through online advertising and social media - Facebook live/Facebook events) Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 8. Online Plan – Media Plan   Media  buy/alloca.on       Spend:  $800K       Flight  Dates  (3/17  –  5/2)     • Display  Ads  (40%)   o   Standard  Flash,  Rich  Media,  Sta.c,  Pre-­‐roll  ads     • Paid  Search  (20%)   " o   SEM • Online  Sponsorships  (30%)   • Blogging  Outreach  (10%)     Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 9. Online Plan – Media Plan   Display ads   Run display ads to drive traffic to and drive awareness for the Youtube channel launch. More examples on Appendix    Sites such as:    Ad network to reach smaller music/entertainment sites   Online Sponsorships   Sponsorship ads on online music channels targeting fans of Jazz music while they are engaged, as well as major Jazz festivals occurring during the campaign.   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 10. Online Plan – Media Plan   Display ads Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 11. Online Plan – Media Plan   Display ads Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 12. Online Plan – Media Plan   Online Sponsorships: Pandora    Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 13. Online Plan – Media Plan   Online Sponsorships:   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 14. Online Plan – Media Plan   Search  (Paid  Search  and  SEO)     SEO     Long  term  plan:  Strategically  plan  and  map  out  our  online  messaging  around   concert  dates,  press  events,  award  shows,  television  appearances  and  new  LP   releases.       Short  term  plan:  Immediately  increase  and  add  key  words  that  work  to  increase   Esperanza  Spalding  awareness  to  all  of  her  websites  and  social  media   outlets.    Such  as  her  websites,  blog  site,  and  social  media  accounts.     More  ac.vity  on  twiZer  account  -­‐  2-­‐4  tweets  per  day     Upload  a  photo  once  a  week  of  Esperenza  onto  with   “#”         Daily  personal  editorials  on  Facebook       Comment  on  blogs  and  forums     Post  new  content  once  a  week  on  her  Blog     Upload  videos  2-­‐3  .mes  on  her  own  Youtube  Channel         Written by Andre Bronzoni    
  • 15. Online Plan – Media Plan   SEM     Long  term  plan:  Posi.on  Esperanza  Spalding  towards  the  top   of  paid  search  results  on  Google.        Short  term  plan:  Buy  certain  keywords  to  enhance  her  web   pages  based  on  interests  of  her  target  audience,  spending   $5,300  using  CPM  or  CPC.  More  examples  on  appendix     Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 16. Online Plan – Media Plan   Email Marketing   Through Facebook Page Newsletter tab, collect emails and build fan database for bi-monthly email and/or newsletter distribution.    Utilize Universal Music fan database for distribution   Utilize the newsletter as marketing tool to create an expectation among current fans about new information of her career such as: new dedicated blog.    Our strategy to increase our email database includes tapping into other email distribution lists, within Universal Music that would fit into Esmerelda Spalding’s demographic and possible interests.    Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 17. Online Plan – Media Plan   Landing Page   Online ads will drive awareness of Esperanza’s Youtube channel launch, and feature a call to action for fans to learn more by clicking through to her landing page.    On her site, fans will be rewarded with a free exclusive track on the site, in addition to details about her Youtube launch. Site will include links to Youtube, iTunes and Esperanza’s Facebook page.   We will track click through rates and amend ad messaging as needed to optimize. Additionally, we will track song downloads, interaction and bounce rates from her site to determine any necessary site revisions. Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 18. Online Plan – Viral   Blogging outreach   Employ digital agency to actively engage the online community (music fans, bloggers) to act as evangelists for Esperanza Spalding and generate buzz leading up to Youtube concert.    Provide bloggers with pass along-content (audio and video clips, etc. ) as well as copies of Esperanza’s album catalog.    Explore outreach to sites such as,,,, Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 19. Web 2.0 - Social Media    Facebook   Dynamic improvements to existing Facebook page, such as:   Newsletter tab   Music video tab   Monitor the top five “likes” that show up on main page   More thrilling and personable profile pic   Improvements and additions to “BandPage”    Tour date and scheduled performances   Create welcome tab/ and or default to Nine Chamber Music Society tab   Photos - include a mix of fun and engaging personal pictures   Access album/iTunes/ link easily for immediate purchase     Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 20. Web 2.0 - Social Media     Dedicated channel    Showcasing music videos and bi-weekly Q&A interview with Artist   Sneak peaks to events and videos  and   Twitter account   Inactive account    Revamp page layout monthly background refresh   Daily tweets giving fans insight to her personal and professional life !/search/users/Esperanza%20Spalding    Blogging   Create a dedicated Blog on or   Hootsuite to hit all social media outlets   Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 21. Web 2.0 - Social Media   - Dedicated channel    Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 22. Web 2.0 - Social Media    Online Promotion Campaigns   Facebook - “Recommend Facebook page to 10 friends and receive promotional code to download new and exclusive track.” Incentive to increase fanbase.    Be a guest at The official VH1 Storytellers acoustic concert for Esperanza Spalding   Create “hot spots” at public appearances and concerts to unlock music and wallpaper downloads exclusively for your mobile phone. .    Get daily email updates of Esperanza Spalding and enter to win an exclusive tour track   First 50 people to retweet on Esperanza’s new album release will receive a promo code and earn financial points to spend at the “Facebook shop”.    Post image on your facebook wall and Invite 10 friends to “like” and get half off on all Esperanza Spalding merchandise.    Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 23. Success Metrics   Key Performance Indicators   Number of Facebook friends    Goal is to get 250K likes, currently at 93K   Number of Click throughs to website,    Goal is to increase traffic by 20%   Number of subscribers to Youtube channel    Goal is generate 500 subscribers within 6 months of launch   We will track performance and measure the success of our Media buys through Google and Facebook Analytics. We will track number of click throughs versus conversions.  For example by tracking inbound links from facebook and wepage to iTunes, and ticketmaster, etc.  Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 24. Appendix   Display ads:  Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 25. Appendix   Display ads:  Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 26. Appendix   Display ads: RollingStone    Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 27. Appendix   Display ads: iTunes Written by Andre Bronzoni  
  • 28. Appendix   Display ads: Y!  MUSIC Written by Andre Bronzoni