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American Sweepstakes and Promotions Company Capabilities and Best Practices
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American Sweepstakes and Promotions Company Capabilities and Best Practices


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Best Practices for running Sweepstakes and Contest Promotions including an overview of the services offered by the American Sweepstakes and Promotions Company.

Best Practices for running Sweepstakes and Contest Promotions including an overview of the services offered by the American Sweepstakes and Promotions Company.

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  • Hello Franklin,
    No it did not come from our company. It’s a company that uses our name and other company’s names. We get over a 1000 of these calls and email’s a year. If they ask you to send money do NOT. You will lose it . It is against the law in this country to pay even a penny to receive a prize. These scams have been going on for the past 10 years or more.
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  • I received a phone call from somebody who called to tell me I had a letter that had been in the Miami Airport for a month that told me I had won a sweepstakes from your org. Is that true? My name is Franklin Christensen {
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  • 1. Capabilities Overview
  • 2. Creating Winning Solutions for Sweepstakes, Contests and GamesAmerican Sweepstakes is a promotionalmarketing company servicing brands,organizations and agencies. We specialize in: - Sweepstakes - Contest - Social Sweeps - MobilOver 30 years Promotional Marketing Experience
  • 3. About Us• Gene Cairo - Founder and CEO overseeing much of the operations and keeping abreast on what’s happening in promotional law.• Donna DeClemente – Consults and directs most of the company’s digital and social media marketing promotions.• Matt Cairo – An integral part of the team who successfully handles the day-to-day management of administration for some of our largest clients.
  • 4. We make implementing promotions simple and easy• Dedicated to providing superior customer service• Flexibility in our processes to meet various client needs• First-rate creativity and of course• Attention to detail and follow-through
  • 5. Sweepstakes/Contest Administration Services Package• Legal advice and counsel• Writing of Official Rules• Procuring of surety bonds and state registrations/filings• Providing PO boxes/”Mail-to” addresses• Winner selection/confirmation• Procuring Affidavits of Eligibility and Publicity/Liability Releases• Winner’s Lists• 1099 forms
  • 6. Official Rules Development• Render general advice and assistance during the conceptual development phase of the Promotion• Review all advertising and/or copy you wish to submit for its maximum effectiveness and/or technical accuracy, relative to the conduct and support of the Promotion.• Submit to you our draft of Official Rules and abbreviated rules that will govern the offer.
  • 7. Bonding & Registration• Advise to the filing of Sweepstakes in compliance with the state laws• Provide assistance in obtaining a surety bond if applicable, to cover prize redemption• Generally applies to consumer promotions only when prize value exceeds $5000 – New York and Florida – Rhode Island registration only for retail sweepstakes that exceed $500 – Quebec requires bonding and registration for sweepstakes plus all communications to be produced in both English and French-Canadian.
  • 8. Winner Notification & Verification• Draw winner(s) from all those that entered the sweepstakes: daily, weekly, monthly and at the end of the promotion.• Verify eligibility of winner(s) to assure their compliance with Official Rules via an “Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release”.• Provide a “Trip Companion Liability Release” form” when applicable• Submit to sponsor the prize winner(s) info & provide address for requests for Winners List and fulfill as needed.
  • 9. Indemnification• Indemnify your company, and the respective officers and employees of your company harmless from any and all loss, cost, or expense of any suit or claim arising out of our performance in handling the specific portion(s) of the Promotion for which we are responsible for.• Carry $1,000,000 of Errors & Omissions insurance in support of this indemnification.
  • 10. 1099 Forms & PO Boxes• Submit IRS 1099 forms for all prizes fulfilled in excess of $600.• Providing PO boxes/”Mail-to” addresses. This may be needed if an AMOE (alternate means of entry) is included in the rules.
  • 11. Facebook Promotional Guidelines ComplianceAmerican Sweepstakes is fully aware and up-to-date on all Facebook rules and regulations forrunning sweepstakes and promotions on theirplatform.We will guide you in the development of theapplication and include the necessaryterminology in the Official Rules in order tomeet their criteria.
  • 12. Prize Selection, Procurement and FulfillmentPrizes are a key factor in the success of a promotion – Relevance to brand and promotion theme – The right incentive for your audience and customers – Offering more than one prize important if encouraging participants to share and invite their friends• We work with manufacturer reps of major brands such as Sony, Apple and H-P.• Partnerships with Delta Vacations and other travel related companies to put together the perfect “Dream Vacation” prize.• Purchased gift cards from online sites such as and
  • 13. Contingency/Prize Insurance• Cash is the number one prize that people seek• Offer $50K, $100K, $1MM at a fraction of the cost• Works great with consumers, dealers & reps – Help break through the clutter – Great way to gain additional PR and awareness• ASC offers promotional planning expertise along with the best financial underwriting contacts, to offer “contingency or prize insurance”.• They take the risk, insure the sweepstakes,…and sponsor gets the benefit of a big prize.
  • 14. Sweepstakes Benefits• Build a database and gather customer info cost effectively• Drive traffic to website, Facebook or a physical location• Social media integration makes it easy for others to spread the buzz for you• Fixed budget - Prizes determined up front and sponsors don’t have to worry about going over budget• Reinforce and build a brand through themed sweepstakes• Leverage sponsorships and partnerships – include prizes such as sporting event tickets and experiential trips the average consumer would not be able to buy on their own
  • 15. Contests are the Heart of Social Promotions• Great to create buzz, awareness & engagement• Participants like to share their entries with friends especially with a voting phase.• Contests are not games of chance such as sweepstakes, based on skill or uniqueness: 1. Intellectual – photo, video, essay, recipe, design 2. Personal – most beautiful smile, cutest pet, closest resemblance to a celebrity 3. Physical – kicking a 50 yard field goal, tossing bean bags, hole-in-one, etc.
  • 16. Top Tips for User-Generated Content Promotions• All content should be judged and evaluated based on a specified judging criteria• Don’t expect a huge turn-out from a contest• If you want quantity, make it a sweepstakes or keep it real simple• If you want quality, make it more specific to you.• Use once you’ve established a following• Human nature is to wait to last minute…the longer your submission period, the longer people put off entering• Be prepared to provide some technical help for uploading videos.
  • 17. Top Tips for User-Generated Content Promotions• Getting video and photo submissions are worth the extra work when done correctly.• If you ask people to write an essay about your product expect a low entry.• Don’t ask your entrants to get too outlandish. Keep it simple and real.• Don’t encourage any content that people may not want to publicly share. Is what you’re asking too private and/or embarrassing?
  • 18. Top Tips for User-Generated Content Promotions• Make sure you have specific submission guidelines in your rules – what you will and won’t accept.• Clearly communicate that the entrant must have the rights to use any of the submitted content and does not infringe on copyrights.• Don’t encourage people to submit a video that will require music without providing royalty- free music – i.e. a dance contest
  • 19. Promotional GamesSweepstakes that employ the use of game piece (either on oroffline or both)• Interactive, involve and engage participants• They’re fun!• Relatively inexpensive• Easy to distributeStandard promotional game tactics, online and off-line, include:• Instant Win• Scratch ‘n Win• Match ‘n Win• Collect & Win• Peel & Win• Watch to Win
  • 20. Promotional Games• “Everyone Wins” prizes may include coupons or savings good on a future purchase.• May increase trial of new products and drive incremental traffic to retail or website.• ASC works with a variety of partners to execute games that include security printers and web/application development teams.
  • 21. Social Sweeps Promotions• A Sweepstakes or contest, implemented through one or more social media platforms: - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs• Enables awareness about your promotion while making it easy for others to generate awareness and buzz
  • 22. Cross Platform PromotionsASC is a Preferred Partner of Signal which offersa cross-platform service that enables entry via amobile-enabled webpage, SMS, QR Codes,Facebook and via Twitter.Here’s an example of a Sweepstakes Campaign Flow:• Retail POS display and/or print ad includes QR and invite for consumers to text a keyword. i.e. “Sweepstakes” to a short code• Participants with smart phones scan the QR code which takes them to a mobile enabled web landing page to enter.• Or they can enter by texting via SMS.• Web landing page can link off of any website to allow online entry.• Can also be added to Facebook and Twitter to allow for entry.• All Participants will receive a thank you confirmation message from the platform that they entered• All entries go into one database
  • 23. Mobile MarketingSweepstakes Landing Page – Computer Version QR Code displayed on POS Mobile Device Version
  • 24. Application Web Development & HostingASC has a full digital and social media team that enables us to delivercross-platform applications online, on social networks and mobile.Promotional Micro-Site for Sweepstakes Entry• Consists of micro-site creation, development and hosting• Splash/Landing Page• Data Collection Page• Name/address/email fields• 2-3 closed-end questions• Official Rules Page• Link to Sponsor’s Privacy Policy Page• Thank-you confirmation page• Optional Surveys – overlaid with a sweepstakes promotion• Database can be exported into Excel/CSV file
  • 25. Application Web Development & HostingFacebook Promotion Applications• Able to make the page accessible only to “Fans”, therefore they would have to “like” the page first to participate.• Ability to not have any application branding on the page• Complete ownership of all the data collected• Graphics and Images can be provided in a layered Photo Shop file or as final jpeg files.• Contest has a voting widget that enables voting in a gallery for photos, videos and essay submissions• Entries can be viewed and downloaded at any time during the promotional period.• Mobile access to application is available via a “Smart” link• Ability to embed on a website as well
  • 26. Browser Compatibility TestingASC web developers use various tools to create andtest web sites. Currently we strive to be compatiblewith the following browsers: – IE 8X – 9X – Firefox 12x – Safari 3.X – 5x – Google Chrome 15X Compatibility is defined as all critical elements of each page are viewable in tested browsers As new browser versions are developed, they may not be backwards compatible. We continually need to modify this testing.
  • 27. Analytics & Entry ReportsClients are provided real-time access to entrydata and reports
  • 28. Industry Best Practices• Actively involved in trade organizations such as the PMA (Promotion Marketing Association)• ASC team attends the PMA Annual Marketing Law Conferences along with a few other industry related events.• Are regular speakers on the subjects of promotional marketing & law, sweepstakes legislation, and social media guidelines• Works with the best promotional law attorneys in the business
  • 29. Donna DeClemente Bio• Launched a blog, Donna’s Promo Talk,, 5 years ago• Written for marketers to help keep them up to date on the latest promotions and trends.• Contributing women bloggers on, a popular blog which has been named in Forbes as one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women.• Donna is a regularly speaker on social media and promotional marketing.• Long-standing relationship with the PMA, the Promotional Marketing Association – A guest blogger for 5 year – Speaker at their 2009 Digital Marketing Summit, – “Official Conference Blogger” at their Annual Marketing Conference – Session panel moderator at 2012 conference on Facebook Apps for promotions.
  • 30. Standard Operating Process• At ASC our process starts when we outline the project in a LOA (Letter of Agreement)• Once finalized, approved and signed by the client we move forward• From the LOA we draft the official rules• All client files are on a shared server, sorted by client and project, which our employees can access at any time
  • 31. Sample PortfolioSam’s ClubTwitter PartySweepstakes
  • 32. Sample PortfolioPurinaTrick or TreatInstant WinGameFeatured
  • 33. Sample PortfolioFalken TirePorsche 911 CarreraSweepstakes
  • 34. Sample PortfolioMercedes BenzBest SummerPhoto Contest
  • 35. Sample PortfolioFRS Time withTebow Under theCap Sweepstakes
  • 36. Sample PortfolioThe Beaches of FortMyers & SanibelPintrestSweepstakes
  • 37. Thank YouThank you for the opportunity to present to youPlease visit our website for additionalinformation and portfolio examples:www.american-sweeps.comGene Cairo- Gene.cairo@american-sweeps.comDonna DeClemente –