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Donn DeBoard Customer Journey Maps: Visualizing an engaging customer experience STC Summit May 2013
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Donn DeBoard Customer Journey Maps: Visualizing an engaging customer experience STC Summit May 2013


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Customer Journey Maps visually show how your customer experiences your product. You can use these maps to idedntify touch points and pain points to improve the customer's experience.

Customer Journey Maps visually show how your customer experiences your product. You can use these maps to idedntify touch points and pain points to improve the customer's experience.

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Customer Journey Maps: Visualizingan Engaging Customer ExperienceDonn DeBoardSTC 2013Technical Communication SummitAtlanta, Georgia
  • 2. About the presenter• 25 years as an award-winning technicalcommunicator developing clear, engagingcontent in software and financial servicesindustry.• Senior Information Developer, Vertex Inc., a taxtechnology company in Berwyn, PA.• STC Associate Fellow• STC Community Outreach Committee• Interaction Design Association (IxDA).• Information Architecture Institute (IAI) .• User Experience Professionals Association (UxPA).
  • 3. Technical communicators need tounderstand their customers.
  • 4. You’re here to see your customer’spoint-of-view using your product.
  • 5. You have limited understanding of howyour customer uses your product.
  • 6. You’d like clarity on an engagingcustomer experience.
  • 7. Share your stories about a recentvacation from beginning to end.
  • 8. Lego Customer Journey Map (Hostyn)
  • 9. Travel with me to learn aboutCustomer Journey Maps.
  • 10. Discover CustomerJourney Maps
  • 11. Visualize customerinteractionswith product.
  • 12. Orienteering uses specializedtopographical map.
  • 13. What is customer engagement?Customer engagement is thinking and acting ascustomers do:A series of inter-related interactions (touchpoints) that together, create their ‘customerexperience.’”- Craig McCulloch
  • 14. Customer Journey Maps show how acustomer experiences a product.
  • 15. Review and framecustomer steps.
  • 16. Customer Journey Maps arecustomer–centric.
  • 17. Customer Journey Maps showcustomer touch points and emotions.
  • 18. Review Customer Journey Mapscomponents.
  • 19. Understand theessentials ofCustomer JourneyMaps.
  • 20. When to create aCustomer Journey Map
  • 21. Types of Customer Journey Maps
  • 22. Learn how tocreateCustomer JourneyMaps
  • 23. Lego Customer Journey Map (Hostyn)
  • 24. Customer JourneyMap processoverview (Part 1)
  • 25. 1. Identify customer ecosystem.
  • 26. 2. Identify specific customer journey.
  • 27. 3. Identify customer steps or actions.
  • 28. Customer JourneyMap processoverview (Part 2)
  • 29. 4. Identify touch points beneathcustomer actions.
  • 30. Channels vs. touch points.
  • 31. 5. Identify moments of truth.
  • 32. Customer JourneyMap processoverview (Part 3)
  • 33. 6. Track ebb and flow of emotionaljourney.
  • 34. 7. Blueprint backstage processes
  • 35. 8. Improve and innovate.
  • 36. Uncover thebenefits ofCustomer JourneyMaps
  • 37. Review theBenefits ofCustomer JourneyMaps
  • 38. Identify customer pain pointswith your product.
  • 39. Create an internal customer-focusedcommunication tool.
  • 40. Build empathy with customers.
  • 41. Identify metricsforCustomer JourneyMaps
  • 42. Create shared value for yourcustomers and business.
  • 43. Monitor customer satisfaction.
  • 44. Plan for customer delight.
  • 45. Apply yourlearning.
  • 46. Planning a railroad trip to Europe
  • 47. Who is taking the Rail Europe trip?Assume for this exercise that, based on yourresearch, the persona for this trip is:George, a 21 year-old rising-senior collegestudent studying international relations. Hewill be taking this trip in the summer betweenhis junior and senior year. He is also scoutingpotential employers.
  • 48. What is the product for the RailEurope journey map?George researched and booked his tripthrough the Rail Europe website.The product for this journey map is the RailEurope website and how George interactswith it throughout his journey.
  • 49. Building your own map
  • 50. Share your maps
  • 51. Completed Rail Europe Map
  • 52. Reflections
  • 53. You had a limited understanding ofhow your customer uses your product.
  • 54. You have clarity on an engagingcustomer experience.
  • 55. Thank you. Questions?
  • 56. Connect with me. You are welcome to contact me withquestions and comments. Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @donndeboard
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